Plus Printers provide superb custom printed menus for their customers at affordable rates. We manufacture millions of menu printing designs. You can select some from our customized menu list. We have:

1. Laminated Menu Printing
2. Waterproof Menu Printing
3. Dine in Menu Printing
4. Food Advertisement Menu Printing
5. Restaurant Menu Printing
6. Take Out Menu Printing
7. Electronic Devices Menu Printing
8. And Many More

Choose The Best Printing Menu in the U.S.A:

If you are a businessman and want to make your business grow via digital marketing, then you have come to the right place. Here at Plus Printers, we will produce jaw-dropping custom printed menus for you in various practical methods.

If you own a restaurant then, we welcome you to order your restaurant menus and will make them for you with crystal clear, satisfactory conditions with enormous printing processes. So just grab the offer before it’s too late and enjoy the flawless custom menus for your edible products on the menu.

Talking about the printings. The printing is the main ingredient for your menus. However, Plus Printers have been working on this specific work pad and making its printing processes towards digitality. In spite of that, it is going around today's market place. Our services are aware of them with fruitful printing qualities.

Actually, the menu printing is the product’s and company's "Knight in shining armor." It flourishes your restaurant's marketing bar at a new spectacular functional area.

Talking about our printing processes, we have multiple subjective mechanisms for that. For the sake of our clients, our services are divided into multiple methods. For instance, cheap menu printing, high-fi menu printing, etc. it is all because of our customer's businesses. For this purpose, Plus Printers has divided the printing processes so everyone could be happy.

Laminated Custom Menus For Your Business:

Plus Printers lamination production is top of the funnel. Here we design laminated menu printing for you with a sturdy lamination process. Also, our lamination makes your menu printing cards, brochure, and exclusive printed papers so that your work may display on them with sharpness.

Our laminations services are waterproof menu printing, which protects your products from humidity while shipping and from water accidents. However, if the water fell on these, the lamination will ever be going to make printing ruined.

It will never overlap the logo of your company and the texture of your menu printings.

Custom Menu Printing Shapes and Sizes:

The best thing about custom menus printing that you can change its sizes and shapes. For instance, let us elaborate on some specific sizes and shapes.

4.25" x 11"

5.5" x 15" 8.5" X 11"

8.5" X 14"

11" X 17"

11" X 25.5"

13" X 12" 13" X 17"

8.5" X 17"

These are some common sizes of menu printings. You can select from these sizes and shapes are depends upon you. However, there are plenty of decorative shapes of menus we provide. Why don't you look at our products above? They will definitely be going to make their presence in your eyes as well.

However, we also provide addons on them, which makes an impeccable appearance to your customers. So be sure and makes the top-notch glowing effects of your take out menu printing. You can order wholesale menu printing processes.

Talking about our addons, we are making mind-blasting addons for your menu food printing or anything else. Allow us to explain our addons:

- Hot Stamping
- Foiling
- Embossing
- Debossing
- Spot UV
- Pantone Matching colors
- Metallic Inks
- Synthetic Papers
- Die-Cuts

Our Hot stamping helps in the glowing processes, which also deals with texture, stamps, etc. Besides this addon, we also provide embossing debossing, which makes the raised and recessed phenomena. However, with the exclusive offer, we have to push our most scored addons in this list, which is spot UV.

Spot UV can flourish your menus to the prominence and declaration. However, the enthusiastic approach makes the fundamentals rights many posts proved with a touch of sprinkles in the front face of your custom dine-in menu printing.


The die-cutting is the major strategy that deals with the shapes manufacturing of the custom menus and their printing. For instance, Plus Printers has been creating the menu printing letters for over a decade now with well-experienced potential.

So, you don't need to worry about your custom-printed menus; just take a chill pill and relax the day out.

Why Choose Plus Printers:

The reason for choosing us is quite simple and easy. You can check our feedback from our customers and then judge them on that base. However, the other quantities adapted by our customer service center. So, come and visit our customer services for the betterment of your future orders and vice versa.

In conclusion, we have a strongly based judgment procedure which will flower your products in the market place. Not just will they make your market but also gives a glance at your business in the hearts of your customers.

However, Plus Printers provide free shipping services which impact on the transportation of your products on your doorsteps. We have a trump card that will make your products safe while shipping that is corrugated custom boxes.

Simultaneously, our corrugated is the sturdiest material in the packaging industry. It is flexible and safe, your products in every thick and thin.

Besides, we also provide complimentary for you, which will put a smile on your custom printed menus in your businesses. You can call us on our helpline at +1-818-476-7382 or email us at

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