Custom Vape Oil Packaging Boxes

Custom Vape Oil Packaging Boxes
Custom Vape Oil Packaging Boxes
Custom Vape Oil Packaging Boxes
Custom Vape Oil Packaging Boxes
Custom Vape Oil Packaging Boxes

Vape oil bottles are very delicate and require special handling and care. If you want to make your vape range sellable and customer friendly, you have to take care of the packaging. The packaging is the first thing a customer notices about any product.

Therefore, you must be very precise about the packaging of your brand’s products to make them noticeable and prominent among the rest. Once you gain the trust of your consumers, they will never compromise on anything less than your brand offers them.

Custom vape oil packaging boxes are designed to help securely transport and ship small vials and glass bottles. Moreover, they ensure protective packaging to prevent any damage or breakage, thus providing hassle-free delivery to the customers. In addition, you can customize these boxes using various style options to enhance the outlook of the product and make it look aesthetically pleasing to the customers.

Above all, we provide all customization options according to the product requirement and that too remaining in the budget.

Wholesale Custom Vape Oil Packaging Boxes

We offer a wide variety of materials for your Custom Vape Oil Packaging Boxes. We make sure to enhance the outlook of your product in the most appealing way to ensure maximum sales. Let’s have a look at the customization options you have for your custom vape boxes.

  1. Packaging Material: We are providing three types of packaging materials solely for wholesale vape packaging boxes. It includes kraft paper, cardboard, and cardstock packaging.
  2. Kraft Paper: Kraft paper is 100% biodegradable and the most sustainable packaging material. It keeps your product safe and enables longer use. It lacks at only one point that it does not support shipping.
  3. Cardboard: Cardboard packaging for vape cartridges offers the sturdiest way to handle your delicate vape bottles. These boxes keep them protected for a longer time period, and you can reopen the box as many times as you want without distorting the packaging. You can keep your product packed in the box as such on your shelf, and due to its customized design, it will beautify your shelf.
  4. Card Stock: Card stock vape cartridge packaging offers durable, lightweight, and easily transportable packaging solutions. It is also called pasteboard and cover stock. It is thicker as compared to a normal paper. This material is best for cosmetics as it keeps them safe and dustproof. The only drawback of this material is it does not support shipping. You can have it only for locally delivered products.

Styles Of Vape Packaging Boxes We Are Offering

  1. Two-Piece Boxes: Two-piece boxes come with a detachable lid. It ensures easy boxing and unboxing, thus preventing damage while handling.
  2. Sleeve Boxes: Sleeve boxes, as the name defines; come with sliding sleeves in the form of the tray. It makes your product easily accessible, and you don’t have to spend much time packing it.
  3. Tuck End Boxes: Vape cartridge packaging wholesale in this category comes in straight, and reverse tuck ends. This type of design makes the opening and closing of the box easier. Moreover, they add to the beauty of the product and look chic and stylish.
  4. Reverse Tuck End Boxes: We have a huge range of tuck end boxes, including reverse tuck end boxes. These boxes have closure panels at the top and bottom that provide the simplest put-in position for your boxes, making them more customer-friendly.
  5. Straight Tuck End Boxes: Straight tuck end boxes have closures on both ends that require to be opened simultaneously in order to unbox. These are really simple to assemble and save time plus effort. You can also have to die-cut window on the front side of the box to enhance the visibility of CBD boxes.
  6. Two-Piece Boxes: Custom vape packaging boxes in Two-Piece style are ideal to sell your vape cartridges in medical nurseries, retail stores, and pharmacies. These types of boxes come with a hanger that makes it easier to display the product in the retail shops.
  7. Boxes With Inserts: Blister boxes with inserts and perforations also present one of the most ideal custom vape oil packagings. These customized inserts keep the delicate vape glass bottles in place, avoiding any damage or breakage. This type of packaging offers one of the most budget-friendly and affordable solutions for vape oil packaging.

How Can You Design Your Custom Vape Oil Packaging Boxes?

We offer a vast range of design options in the form of add-ons. Our custom packaging services enable you to use your creativity to design vape oil boxes. For instance, you can emboss or deboss your company’s logo on the front panel of the box.

Moreover, you can use foiling gold/silver) and Coatings (matte/Glossy) to enhance the finishing look of your boxes. Other than these, you can add prints and colors to these boxes to enhance their overall appearance.

In addition, you can opt for die-cut and PVC windows to enhance the visibility of your boxes.

Color models

  • CMYK Model: This model consists of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black colors. This model offers relatively cheap printing. You just have to pick colors of your choice and leave the rest to our designers and manufacturers.
  • Pms Model: It stands for Pantone Matching System. It involves a wide range of color choices. This model contains thousands of colors. It leads to little expensive printing.


  1. Flat View (2D die-cut)
  2. Physical Sampling(complete box)
  3. 3D Inspection

Excellent Customer Care Service

We offer sustainable vape cartridge boxes wholesale packaging at the most economical rates. Moreover, you can also get discounts if you order in bulk. We offer free delivery all over the US.


In conclusion, you can choose any of the customization mentioned above options for your vape cartridges to present them in the most appealing way to your customers. We, at Plus Printers, make sure to provide you with the best quality vape oil custom wholesale boxes at affordable prices.

Personalized Vape Oil Packaging Boxes Specification

Dimensions All Custom Sizes & Shapes
Material Cardboard, Card Stock, Kraft paper
Coating Matte & gloss
Color options CMYK & PMS
Delivery time Rush, 4-6 working days

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