Custom cosmetic boxes provide your beauty products with the looks and impression that attract the customers. At Plus Printers, you get hassle-free access to remarkable cosmetic packaging boxes. Along with that, you can avail yourself of endless customization options in regards to cosmetic boxes. The box styles we offer range from tuck end, sleeve, two-piece boxes to small mailer boxes and auto-lock bottom boxes.

The other customizations allow you to personalize the box design, size and quantity. Our designing team is here to provide you with incredible designs. You can get your own design modified at our platform. Our add-ons, coatings and printing technologies make your cosmetic packaging boxes exceptional in the market as compared to your competitors' products.

We offer you affordable rates and free delivery all over the USA. Thus, feel free to get the quote and place the order to enjoy the facilities.

Meet the Increasing Need for Cosmetic Boxes with Plus Printers

After the revolution and transformation of the fashion industry worldwide, the demand for cosmetics increased dramatically. More and more people started focused on getting more beautiful and younger with alluring cosmetic products. This epic increase in the usage of cosmetic products has made the demand for custom printed cosmetic packaging boxes massive.

Hence, Plus Printers is here to help you to meet this indelibly increasing packaging need of your cosmetic products. On our platform, you get expandable customization options for your cosmetic boxes. Under the umbrella of customization, you can personalize the design, style, size, material, and quantity of the cosmetic packaging boxes.

Use Accurate and Suitable Box Style for Cosmetic Boxes and Packaging

At Plus Printers, we offer you versatile box styles for cosmetic products. These boxes range from huge to tiny, which means that you can pack your small beauty items and massive size cosmetic articles. But how do you know which Customized Cosmetic Box style is accurate for your product? For instance, you want packaging for your lipsticks, either you will go for tuck end boxes or sleeve boxes?

Don't worry. We are here to guide you about this. The following are the detailed explanations of the box styles that are suitable for your products.

Tuck End

Tuck end boxes are the most used type of custom cosmetic boxes in the industry. Different types of cosmetic products can be packed in them. Like you can use them as the packaging of serums, creams, lotions, lipsticks, mascaras, and many more. Furthermore, you can utilize them as blank cosmetic boxes or gift boxes for cosmetics too.

In addition to that tuck end box has three different kinds:

● Straight tuck end
● Reverse tuck end
● Auto-lock bottom tuck end

Sleeve Boxes

The other precise type of box for cosmetic articles packaging is sleeve boxes. Comprising two parts; A tray and a sleeve cover, this box provides a premium look to product packaging. Thus, you can use them as cosmetic gift boxes.

Mailer Boxes

If you want to pack a bundle of beauty products or are looking for subscription boxes, the mailer box is the solution. This box provides complete protection to your products, along with giving a stunning impression of packaging. Moreover, you can use these boxes as shipping boxes, using them in corrugated material.

The cosmetics are fragile items that cannot be shipped or delivered to distant areas in such safety without breaking. Thus, that is where the Custom Cosmetic Boxes with logo come into play.

Especially the premium custom mailer boxes provide various benefits such as protection from heat and pressure, a beautiful exterior look to the alluring products inside, and much more.

Make your Cosmetic Boxes Packaging Enchanting with Our Exciting Add-Ons

Cosmetic products are used to polish your beauty and make you more attractive. Thus, it would be an injustice if the packaging of cosmetic items is not enamoring. Therefore, to make your custom printed cosmetic boxes eye-catching and alluring, we offer you different exciting add-ons. Following are there details:

Embossing & Debossing

Make your Cosmetics Boxes Printing stand out in the competitive market by using our embossing and debossing. You can use both these add-ons on the text on your custom boxes, image, or any other graphic on the chest. For example, the name of the brand, name of the product, line of the campaign; thus, anything can be embossed.


To add a glare in your, for instance, custom cream boxes, you can use foiling. There was a time when you could have foiling in golden or silver colours. But now you can get any colour of your choice. Just select the colour and get your box foiled.

Custom Windows

The more you help your customer know your product, the more they will buy it. Custom windows play a vital role in making this happen. We offer you two types of custom windows for your cosmetic custom packaging:

● PVC Window
● Die-Cut Window

In the PVC window, you get a sheet posted on the window, and your customer can see the product. Whereas in the Die-Cut window, you allow your customer to touch the product and view it.

Plus Printers Endeavors Hard to Give its Customers the Best

We offer you some things that make us different and unique from other printing service providers in the USA. These are the things that will answer your question: Why Choose Us? Here are them!

1. Premium Printing Technologies: Our best in class mechanical and balance presses alongside the most recent printing procedures guarantee astounding and flawless printing.
2. Turnaround Time: Plus Printers ensure that the due dates are met before time. Hence, we provide that our customers get their orders in time as customer satisfaction is our reward.
3. Free Shipment: No matter where the corner of the world, we provide you door to door delivery. Moreover, this remarkable facility is wholly accessible all over the USA.
4. Green Printing: We make utilization of 100 % biodegradable substances for custom packaging boxes printing. We prefer to use recyclable materials to play our role in shaping the environment healthy even though our cardboard custom packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.

Customer Service Facility:

Plus Printers has every minute of every day for the service of their clients to encourage its adored customers. Our refined Call Sales Representatives are accessible all day and all night to engage your questions and concerns with respect to custom corrective boxes. No matter what queries you have regarding packaging, we are here to help you at any time.

Eco-friendly Nature

We all know how plastic is affecting the world, and there is no doubt that we need to take a step towards it. Brands are now being more concerned about the use of plastic, and they are trying to reduce it. This leads them to use the cardboard material and eco-friendly kraft in order to stop or at least reduce the use.

Likewise, you can do the same and contribute to the earth by reducing the use of plastic. Again, this can make people see your efforts and inspire more brands to do the same. Of course, this does not end here, but you can expect the most reasonable rates compared to plastic and achieve two aims with