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Custom Product Boxes

With a commitment to excellence, at Plus Printers we always deliver top-notch custom product boxes for your brands. Our affordable rates and fast delivery time make us the prime choice for valued customers. We excel in the innovation of design, printing, and finishing. Our material is carefully selected and is always environmentally friendly and durable to secure your product in transit and on display. An array of add-ons like silver/gold foiling, spot UV, custom window, embossing/debossing, gloss/matte lamination, custom inserts, ribbons, etc. are available for an added extra advantage for bespoke product boxes. Upgrade to boss level with our boxes. Place your order now.


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Distinct packaging is essential for showing your products in style. Product packaging may influence a customer’s decision to buy your product. Thus, regardless of the type of products you sell or the business you work in, packing is always crucial.

Choose our unique product packaging to make sure that your goods become an immediate success. Our unique boxes help you promote your products in the best possible way. When you work with us, you always get the best product boxes that are efficient and entirely personalized to your business.

Target Customers of Every Age Strategically with Our Custom Product Packaging

Custom product boxes provide an infinite number of customization choices. You can get creative with the design layout to create something unique. You have complete control over the kind of box you want and may design unique product packaging that perfectly captures the essence of your business.

When creating perfectly designed boxes, it is important to consider your target market and product. If your target market is girls or women, use pastel or girlish colors such as pink. Similarly, if your target market is children, you can create sturdy boxes with windows that showcase their toys (or any other product of yours).

We also offer you the option to design your boxes in any shape or size. The design of the package is also very important. For small items such as jewelry, you can consider boxes that are small and intricate, such as pillow boxes. Our window boxes are also in great demand and are used for many products as they allow businesses to be proud of their offerings.

Custom Product Boxes Made From the Highest-quality Materials:

We only use high-quality materials to create unique packaging. So, regardless of your product, we have materials ideal for your custom product boxes. Kraft paper, cardboard, corrugated, and rigid paperboard are some common material options. All of these materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable, so you will not have any problems.

We only utilize high-quality materials for your customized product packaging. Kraft boxes are a popular choice for product boxes. We can provide you with high-quality kraft boxes. Our rigid paperboard is also the best option for quality gift packaging.

All the materials we use make sure that the boxes not only keep your products safe but also prevent any dirt and moisture. As a result, you can always count on us to provide you with appropriate material options.

Infuse Life into Your Custom Product Packaging

Your products deserve unique packaging boxes with high print quality. Plus Printers delivers exceptional printing services that help your brand generate sales. We deliver perfect printed product boxes that are ideal for presenting the genuine features of the products contained within.

Print your logo, brand slogan, and other key features on your product boxes to make it a true representation of your brand. You can also add images; for example, if you want to create cookie boxes, add pictures of cookies.

To produce the best results that will undoubtedly leave an impact, we carefully print your product boxes with the utmost precision and perfection. Just inform us which printing process you want us to use, whether offset, screen, CMYK, PMS, or digital.

Achieve Refined Perfection with Finishes, Laminations and Other Add-ons:

Elevate your product’s first impression with Plus Printers’ custom finishing and add-on options, designed to add a touch of uniqueness and sophistication. Our finishing techniques, including matte, gloss, and soft-touch lamination, not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide a protective layer to your packaging. For a more personalized touch, we offer die-cut windows that give a sneak peek of your product, creating an engaging visual connection with customers.

Custom inserts are available to cradle your product securely, adding a layer of elegance and surprise upon unboxing. To further distinguish your packaging, we provide options for embossed or debossed logos and patterns, creating a memorable tactile experience. These add-ons are meticulously tailored, transforming your packaging into an evidence of your commitment to quality and care.

Let Us be Your Partner in Creating Innovative Packaging Solutions!

Plus Printers provides the most diverse selection of packaging options for all kinds of products. These boxes are ideal for storing, delivering, and showcasing both small and large products. The boxes are loved by brands because of their high-quality materials, printing techniques, and add-ons.

With all of these fantastic custom options, Plus Printers is the best place to get custom product boxes. We are the top custom packaging manufacturer because of our reasonable rates and amazing services like free shipping and quick turnaround.

Contact us today and get all kinds of product boxes with no additional charges at all!

Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

Can I use product packaging for pharmaceutical products?

Yes, our product packaging follow all relevant regulations for pharmaceutical products.

Can I use product packaging for breakable products?

Yes, our product packaging is designed to protect breakable products during shipping and storage.

Can I use product packaging for worldwide shipping?

Yes, our product packaging is made according to all relevant rules for worldwide shipping.

Do you provide design services for product packaging?

Yes, Plus Printers provide free design support for creating product packaging.

How product packaging should be stored?

To maintain quality of product packaging, keep it in dry area away from sunlight.

Do you offer eco-friendly product packaging options?

Yes, Plus Printers use sustainable material for product packaging to reduce waste.

Can I use product packaging for food products?

Yes, our product packaging materials are safe for food products.

Can I use product packaging for e-commerce sales?

Yes, our product packaging is perfect for e-commerce sales and protect your products during shipping.

Can I customize my product packaging?

Yes, Plus Printers offer customization service. We can create any product packaging that you require.

What types of product packaging materials do you offer?

Plus Printers offer a range of product packaging materials, including boxes, inserts, dispenser boxes, display boxes and many more.


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