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Custom Perfume Boxes

Just like the scent of your high-quality perfumes, we wish to offer packaging that attracts customers to your shop. Our custom perfume boxes are the best match for your perfumes. Whether it is a fruity fragrance or a musk and leathery perfume, we have the right packaging for every type. Plus Printers ensures high-quality printing using digital, offset, screen, and color printing machinery. Our high-quality box finishes include debossing, embossing, UV coating, spot UV, matte lamination, gloss UV, and more. We go the extra mile to ensure that you can customize your perfume boxes as much as you need. To us, the sky is the limit for customization. Make sure you check out our add-ons like self-adhesive strips, die-cut windows, and custom inserts. Get in touch today for a low-MOQ order with a fast turnaround.


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Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

Do you make personalized perfume packaging on request?

Yes, our team can create custom perfume packaging on requested shape, design and size.

How do you make sure that customer will be satisfied with perfume packaging?

Plus Printers satisfy customers by providing high-quality packaging and product safety.

Can you design perfume packaging for specific industries or markets?

Yes, our team can create custom made perfume packaging for different industries or markets.

Can you provide perfume packaging for e-commerce?

Yes, our perfume packaging is perfect for e-commerce. It will give a memorable perfume unboxing experience to you customers.

How do you manage perfume safety with perfume packaging?

Plus Printers design perfume packaging to protect your perfume from damage and contamination.

Can you design perfume packaging for specific fragrance types?

Yes, our team creates custom perfume packaging solutions for various fragrance types, including niche and luxury scents.

How do you support branding with perfume packaging?

Our perfume packaging can be designed with your logo and messaging to reflect your brand.

How do you stay update with perfume packaging latest trends?

Plus Printers continuously research and find new packaging skills and materials our packaging remain effective.

What types of perfume packaging do you offer?

Plus Printers provide a range of perfume packaging, including Tray and Sleeve perfume Box, Perfume reed diffuser box, Rigid perfume box, Perfume gift box, Perfume paper tube box, and any custom perfume box of your choice.

Can you design perfume packaging for gifts and promotional products?

Yes, our team creates perfume packaging for promotional products, including branded fragrances and gift sets.


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