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Custom Pen Boxes

Pen is a symbol of communication, so this time, choose custom pen boxes to communicate your best wishes to your loved one. Gift a classic pen to your friend or family member with personalized pen boxes. We share your love and enthusiasm when it comes to crafting the best pen boxes. Whether you want to display the writing tool elegantly at your fine art shop or send it over as a birthday present, we have you covered. Plus Printers offers versatile printing options, ranging from digital and screen printing to full-color printing. Our pen boxes come in different varieties as well, including sleeve boxes, top-lid, mailer boxes, and more. opt for the classiest finish for a fine look and take the other person’s breath away with a heartwarming custom greeting card as well. Choose the ultimate shop, Plus Printers, for personalized pen box packaging.


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Pen boxes

Pens are used by students and professionals for writing in their daily lives. Most people make important decisions about which pens to buy, and 90% of those decisions are influenced by the package. If your pen package does not reflect the same high-end appearance and premium quality as your pen, there will be no sales. To make sales, use custom pen boxes and highlight the finest quality of your pens without spending a lot of money.

For an elegant display of your pens, our personalized pen boxes are the most dependable, reasonably priced, and fashionable accessory available. We provide pen packaging made from quality materials and prints that are appealing, strong, and durable. The customization options not only make sure to persuade your customers to buy your pens but also increase their unboxing satisfaction. Make sure that customers buy from you again.

Use custom pen packaging to sky-rocket your sales

Every business has individual needs, and we work closely with them to create packaging designs that represent the core values. Our design team can create custom packaging in a variety of sizes and styles, from modern and sleek to classic and elegant. Uniquely shaped packaging can create an impact due to its distinctive nature.

With our extensive collection of creative packaging options for all types of pens, you’ll be able to showcase your high-quality pens with a competitive advantage. Our pen boxes with sleeves feature an attractive opening/closing technique, making them the most fashionable way to pack and present pens while also adding the elegance of an amazing unpacking experience.

To make your box more useful and easier to use, you may include extra features like handles and inserts. Inserts are a great option to keep the pen in place while giving it a premium look. Our window pen boxes are designed to showcase the creative appearance of your pens to buyers at a glance. When you buy from us, you can be confident that your pen packaging will protect your pens while also appealing to customers.

Instant attention grabbers: High-quality pen custom boxes

A quality not only secures but makes a perception that your pens and brand are. Premium. We offer a variety of premium materials, including kraft paper, corrugated board, and cardboard. Materials can also be adjusted to match the size and shape of your pens to reduce damage during movement or transit.

These boxes are made from sturdy, premium cardboard that matches the finest level of construction of your pens. Our chosen material offers the best deformation durability and value, guaranteeing long-term protection for your valuable pens against harm.

Pen boxes with attractive prints and artwork:

At Plus Printers, we make pen packing boxes with prints designed to match the pens and create an eye-catching presentation. When these prints reflect the tone and need of your pens, the package becomes a great method of increasing sales and customer experience.

With CMYK, digital, and offset printing, you can create packaging with your brand logo, graphics, and text and boost the impact of your pens. Premium printing is also an important factor in creating functional and stylish packaging that is vibrant and chic.

Luxurious finishing for a premium look and feel

Do you sell premium pens, and are you looking for ways to create a package that gives the same impression? We design custom packaging that safeguards your pens and exhibits their true aesthetic and luxury with limitless finish options. Choose finishes such as spot UV, embossing, and debossing to highlight the printed graphics and text on your pen box.

We also offer additional coating options such as glossy, matte, foil stamping, and aqueous coating. These coatings make your pen packaging free of moisture, water, and any oil stains and smudges.

Why choose us for custom pen packaging?

We work hard to make every order an amazing one by offering the best possible combination of top-notch printing, quick shipping, and excellent customer care. With us, you may order an endless amount of packaging and save money while receiving amazing value on personalized pen boxes.

Our boxes are shipped flat, which makes assembly simple. In addition to free delivery, there are no extra charges for die-cut windows.

Order custom pen boxes from us and increase your sales today!

Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

What are the different sizes you offer for pen packaging?

Plus Printers offer pen packaging in different sizes to accommodate different pen sizes and shapes.

How do you ensure product safety in your pen packaging?

Our pen packaging is made from finest and strong material that provides safety of your product from any damage.

Can your pen packaging be used for other writing products?

Yes, Plus Printers offer packaging for other writing products like pencils and markers.

Can your pen packaging be used for packaging sets of pens?

Yes, Plus Printers offer pen packaging that can hold multiple pens, making it suitable for packaging sets.

How does your pen packaging support sustainability?

Plus Printers offer pen packaging that is made from recyclable materials that helps to minimize waste.

Can I use you pen packaging for advertisement and promotions?

Yes, you can advertise and promote your products perfectly using our pen package.

Do you offer logo and branding option in pen packaging?

Yes, Plus Printers can add your brand’s logo, colors, and designs, supporting brand identity and messaging.

What materials do you use for pen packaging?

Plus Printers use premium material include paper, cardboard, rigid, and other eco-friendly materials.

Can you provide customization service in pen packaging?

Yes, our expert team can customize pen packaging in desire size, shape, and design.

How can I protect pen packaging?

Plus Printers recommend storing pen packaging in humidity free place and away from direct sunlight


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