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Custom Paper Tubes

Are you ready to dump ordinary packaging and bring yourself on top? Plus Printers is the right choice. From luxury rigid raw materials to supreme quality printing and finishing processes, we have always stood by our claims to manufacture paper tube packaging that will make you stand out. The tubes are widely used in the food industry, cosmetic, aesthetics and other endless mediums for their sleek look and low storage space occupying shape. Our decades of experience have led our workers to learn ways that highlight your product’s reputation excruciatingly well. Therefore, you can customize them into every size and style that you wish. Therefore, reach out to us and let’s take you higher on the charts!

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Custom Paper tubes

What’s a popular food item that comes in paper tubes? Many of you must have thought of Pringles. It’s a popular example for sure. Custom paper tubes are a perfect match for dry food packaging like chips, coffee, cosmetics, perfumes, and self-care items like candles. Since they are cylindrical, they already look different from the other products on the store shelves. With good printing and finishing, your business can promote its products and gain recognition. Making your place in the market has become increasingly difficult. So, you need a reliable packaging partner to give you support and drive your sales.

Personalize custom paper tubes to perfection

For successful packaging, it must have a beautiful visual, functional structure and an unboxing experience that adds value to the product. Plus Printers offer customization in shape, size, color, and style. You already have a unique shape and style figured out. All your focus must be on designs and how to make it pop.

But first things first, have you thought about what material you want your custom paper tubes to be made of? We have Cardboard, Kraft, Corrugated, and Luxury rigid. These materials are eco-friendly and made of recycled waste. Thinking to make sustainable choices for your brand goes a long way. For this style, we mostly use Luxury Rigid because it gives support to the structure. Besides, items like perfumes and candles are valuable so their packaging should reflect that.

Printing techniques and finishing options for a refined brand

When you see a poorly designed product box, you instantly develop a negative image of it. So to shape a pleasant first impression, brands must put in maximum effort to ensure premium printing and designs. We prioritize diversity and give a pool of options to our clients. For the printing of custom paper tubes, you can choose between digital printing, offset printing, screen printing, CMYK, and Full-color printing.

Rest assured; our procedures are administered by our skilled engineers hence there won’t be any errors. We are well aware of the impact of packaging on the environment; hence we also provide the option of soy-based ink which is reusable. Thinking of the environment shouldn’t come at a cost. Incorporate it in your business and your customers will appreciate it.

How about product finishing?

We have in-house finishing options that will blow your mind. The list is endless. Some of them include UV Coating, Heat Stamping, Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV and various others. Don’t shy away from protecting your surfaces. Your customers will value your efforts and make it worth your while.

Unleash your packaging’s ‘WOW’ factor with custom-designed paper tubes

Forget boring boxes! Our unique custom paper tubes are more than just protection – they’re a blank canvas for your imagination. Elevate your brand with our range of protective options like cushy corrugated inserts and silky tissue paper, ensuring your products arrive safe and sound. Dazzle your customers with eye-catching print enhancements like shimmering foil stamping, classy UV coating, and intricate embossing. These opulent accents go beyond aesthetics – they elevate your brand image and boost perceived value.

Imagine your customers’ delight as they unveil their purchase, wrapped in a package that exudes elegance and reflects your brand’s true essence. At Plus Printers, we transform the packaging into powerful brand ambassadors, leaving a lasting impression that resonates long after the box is opened.

Build your brand’s success with Plus Printers

We don’t just offer boxes – we craft powerful branding tools disguised as premium packaging. From tailored shapes and sizes to fast turnaround times, we design solutions that perfectly fit your business needs, even with small order quantities.

Our unwavering commitment to exceptional printing guarantees your custom paper tubes will stun customers and outshine the competition, remaining vibrant and beautiful for years to come. We work with you every step of the way, from conceptualizing your dream package to delivering a final product that elevates your brand.

Ready to turn your packaging into a masterpiece? Explore our selection of customization and brainstorm your designs to make compelling boxes. Once you have an idea of what your packaging looks like, consult with our onboard expert packaging engineers for an action plan. Contact us to get started.

Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

What are paper tubes?

Paper tubes are cylindrical containers, used for packaging and storing various products.

How you make paper tubes?

Our Paper tubes are made from paperboard giving it a round stretch to form a cylindrical shape.

For what purpose paper tubes are used?

Paper tubes are used for packaging, shipping and storing different products, such as paper products, food items, and artwork.

What are the benefits of paper tubes?

Paper tubes are eco-friendly, cost-effective, lightweight, protective, and adaptable.

Can you customize paper tubes for my product?

Yes, Plus Printer offer customization service for paper tubes in various sizes, shapes, and coatings as per your need.

Are your paper tubes recyclable?

Yes, our paper tubes are biodegradable and recyclable.

Can your paper tubes be used for food packaging?

Yes, Plus Printers provide paper tubes that can be used for packing food products like crackers, cookies, and snacks.

How should I keep paper tubes?

To prevent Paper tubes from damage, Plus Printers recommend to keep them in dry place and away from direct sunlight.

What types of paper tubes do you offer?

Plus Printers offer many types of Paper tubes including Paper deodorant tubes, Food Grade Paper Tube, Pre Roll Paper Tubes, End Closures Paper tubes and any custom Paper tube you want.

Can your paper tubes be shipped using e-commerce?

Yes, our paper tubes are perfect for selling products online because they keep products safe both in storage as well as in delivery.


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