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Custom Mylar Bags

At Plus Printers, we help brands get noticed by creating one-of-a-kind custom Mylar bags. You can design every detail of your bag to be totally unique like the size, shape, colors, and printed designs. We use special eco-friendly materials so your bags are better for the environment too. Our expert designers will work with you to make the perfect look for your branded Mylar bags. Choose shapes like die-cut Mylar bags or stand-up pouches. Choose your favorite colors and designs to print in eye-catching detail. You can even add premium finishing touches like embossed logos or shimmery coatings. Order your custom Mylar bags now.

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Custom Mylar Bags & Pouches Packaging by Plus Printers

Here are the different types of Mylar pouches & bags we offer at Plus Printers:

1. Standard Mylar Bag

This is our basic, everyday Mylar bag. These pouches are made from food-grade Mylar plastic that blocks out air, moisture and light. Standard bags come in many sizes from small pouches to 6 gallon bags.

3. Zippered Mylar Bag

This Mylar pouch has a special zippered closure instead of being heat sealed. The zipper lets you easily reseal the bag after opening it. Zippered bags are great for storing small items you need to access frequently.

4. Mylar Bag Variety Packs

Can’t decide what size Mylar bag you need? Try our variety packs. These include several different size Mylar pouches, from small to large, all in one box.

5. Gusseted Mylar Bag

Gusseted bags have rectangular-shaped sides that allow them to expand for storing more cubic contents. They’re great for odd-shaped or bulky items.

6. Treated Mylar Bag

We treat some Mylar pouches to provide additional protective qualities like being food-safe, insect-repellent or EMP/radiation shielding.

7. Ziplock Mylar Pouches

These Mylar pouches have a special ziplock-style closure instead of being heat sealed. The ziplock allows you to easily open and reseal the bag as needed to access the contents inside. Ziplock Mylar bag is convenient for storing items you need to get into frequently.

8. Stand-Up Mylar Pouches

Stand-up Mylar pouches are designed with a flat, rectangular base that allows the bag to stand upright on a shelf or surface. This makes them great for storing and displaying items. The stand-up style gives easy access to the contents.

09. Vacuum-Sealed Mylar Pouches

With vacuum-sealed Mylar bag, we remove all the air from inside the bag before sealing it shut. This creates a tight vacuum seal that prevents oxygen from getting in and helps preserve food and items for much longer storage times.

10. Aluminum Foil Mylar Pouches

These heavy-duty bags have an outer layer of aluminum foil laminated onto the Mylar plastic. The foil acts as an extra barrier against light, air, and moisture penetrating the bag. Aluminum foil Mylar offers superior long-term protection.

11. Heat Sealable Mylar Pouches

Most of our Mylar pouches are heat sealable. This means the open end has a special sealant coating. After filling the bag, you use a heat sealer or ordinary iron to melt the sealant closed, creating an airtight seal that locks out air and moisture.

For businesses and organizations, we can custom print your logo, graphics or instructions directly onto Custom Mylar bags. Minimum order quantities apply. Order Now

Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

What are Mylar Bags?

Mylar bags are special bags made from a material called Mylar. Mylar is a very tough plastic that doesn't let air, moisture or light get through. This makes Mylar bags great for storing food and other items long-term.

Why use Custom Mylar Bags?

The main reasons to use Mylar bags are to keep food fresh for a very long time and to protect things from getting damaged by air, moisture or sunlight. They are popular with campers, preppers, and for long-term food storage.

How to get price estimate for Mylar packaging?

Get in touch with our representatives through live chat or fill a quote form on our website. Once we have all the necessary information, You will receive the estimation within 24 hrs.

How do you use mylar bags?

First, you put the food or items inside the Mylar bag. Next, you must remove all the air from inside using a vacuum sealer or iron. Finally, you seal the bag shut. This prevents air and moisture from getting in and spoiling the contents.

What can I store in Mylar Bags?

You can store all kinds of dry foods like rice, beans, flour, sugar, oats, pasta and more. You can also store non-food items like medication, batteries, matches and important documents.

How long do Mylar Bags keep food fresh?

When stored properly in a cool, dry place, Mylar bags can keep many dry foods fresh and edible for 20-30 years! The food will gradually lose some nutrients over that time though.

Are Mylar Bags reusable?

No, Mylar bags should not be reused once opened. The seal is broken and air will get inside. For long-term storage, you need to use a new Mylar bag each time.

How big are Mylar Bags?

Mylar bags come in many different sizes, from small pouches to large bags that can hold 5-6 gallons of food. You can choose whatever size fits the amount you want to store.

Can Mylar Bags be recycled?

Yes, both the plastic Mylar material and any metal lids used can potentially be recycled after use, as long as your local recycling program accepts those materials.

What's the difference between Mylar and Ziplock bags?

Ziplock bags are made of a thinner, less sturdy plastic. Mylar is much tougher and better at blocking air and moisture over many years of storage, so it keeps food fresher longer.


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