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Custom Hang Tab Boxes

Custom hang tab boxes allow you to hang items on cash registers and display aisles while also making your products stand out and providing a sturdy holding hook. Large window cutouts on these boxes allow you to show off your products with pride and draw in clients even from a distance. Add a variety of artworks and colors, as well as embossed, debossed, or spot UV, to make these boxes visually appealing in even the most crowded sections of the store. You can also choose other add-on options to leave a lasting impression on the minds of viewers at first glance. Order custom hang tab boxes from Plus Printers and get wholesale rates!

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Hang Tab Boxes

Make your products easy to spot with custom hang tab packaging. Plus Printers offers hang tabs as a timeless addition to top personalized packaging solutions. We use robust packaging materials for customized hang tabs to elevate your product presentation.

Have you seen pencil cases, cosmetics, and makeup products dangling on retail store aisles and cash counters? It’s the perfect place to display your products. When customers are strolling aisles with products stacked on top of others, yours appear hanging in open spaces making them easy to spot.

Switch to a packaging solution that combines practicality and aesthetics to get your brand into the spotlight. Team up with Plus Printers to get creative packing solutions with quality guarantees.

Custom Hang Tab Boxes With Unique Shapes and Sizes

Our custom hang tab boxes come in every shape and size. Have a unique requirement? Well, that’s what Plus Printers specializes in! We cater to unique requirements to make sure you have the upper hand when it comes to customizing packages that represent your brand.

With the best quality materials, we take your specifications to craft the ultimate packing solution. It not only serves as an ideal way to protect and keep your products safe but also highlights your brand on store shelves.

Customized shapes and sizes also mean that you are no longer bound by generic printing and finishing techniques. At our facility, we create packages that are neither too big nor too small, but rather a seamless fit for your goods.

Environmentally-Friendly Materials for Sustainable Hang Tab Packaging

Plus Printers goes an extra step to ensure you ace the packaging aspect at your company, with the help of sustainable materials. We offer high-quality paper-based material packages, ranging from boxes and die-cut packs to hinge-lid cases and luxury rigid boxes.

For years, we have provided biodegradable packaging that keeps the environment clean and helps brands achieve their dream of becoming green. It is an initiative that we took, to steer away and shift our reliance on plastic and synthetic materials.

Today, our custom hang tab packages made with kraft paper, cardboard, and layered cardboard are nearly as durable and lasting as their plastic counterparts. A custom hang tab box is priceless when your target audience shares the global concern for environmental protection.

Top-Notch Custom Printing Ideas

On top of custom shapes and sizes, Plus Printers ensures greater personalization by offering the best of the printing world. Our printing options range from screen, offset, ink, and digital printing. Every custom-printed package is a testament to our quality commitment.

Plus Printers utilize expensive printing machinery to deliver spotless designs and appearances. Our custom packages stand out from the rest because we understand the true value behind a unique brand image.

We do that with the help of sophisticated, yet captivating, printing ideas and finishing techniques. Let us help you become a creative leader and show customers that you pay attention to every detail.

Appealing Custom Hang Tab Box Package Add-Ons

We offer some of the best-customized packaging services in the industry, from eco-friendly materials to high-end printing and everything in between. Plus Printers offers custom add-ons to add a touch of complexity and practicality that also boosts the aesthetics of your bespoke packages.

Don’t let your personalized hang tab boxes look dull and generic. Choose a die-cut window, gloss coating, debossing, and corrugated custom inserts to make them more appealing. Here are our top add-ons:

  • Self-adhesive strips
  • Die-cut windows
  • Gloss coating
  • Perforation lines
  • Debossing
  • Embossing
  • Protective layering
  • Kraft paper layer
  • Foil stamping

We have spent years honing our finishing techniques and that enables us to give you a competitive edge through bespoke packaging. Tell us your requirements, and we will craft a package that strikes a flawless balance between functionality and visual appeal.

Increase Brand Visibility with Plus Printers Custom Packaging

Our packaging specialists have provided years of excellence in delivering quality solutions and lasting brand impressions for our customers. We take great satisfaction in helping our clients reshape their brand identity and get ahead of the competition with professional packaging solutions.

Custom packaging ensures your brand is unique in appearance and portrays brand image just the way you need to. Without further delay, let’s get you started in the personalized packaging space to earn higher brand visibility.

Get in touch today and get fast turnarounds and premium-quality packaging solutions at affordable rates!

Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

Can I reorder hang tab packaging if I need more?

Yes, Reordering is very easy because Plus Printers save your design file. You can reorder it anytime.

Can I add labeling on my hang tab packaging?

Yes, You can add your labeling that will reflect your brand.

What is the standard size for hang tab packaging?

Plus Printers can make any sizes according to your product requirements.

What if I have issue in our packaging?

Rarely, if any manufacturing defects happen we offer reprint within seven days.

What materials are used for hang tab packaging?

Plus Printers use finest material like paper, cardboard and eco-friendly in our packaging.

Can I make changes or withdraw my order?

Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss changes or cancellations, and we'll work with you to find a solution.

Could you please provide me with an estimate for my hang tab packing order?

Yes, Please contact us by email or phone with your needs, and we will provide you quote with an accurate price based on your requirements.

Can you help me to customize the hang tab packaging's design?

Yes, we can make a unique design that reflect your brand theme.

What types of products are suitable for hang tab packaging?

Hang tab packaging is ideal for products such as bags, pouches, packets, and other small items that need to be displayed and sold in retail stores.

What is the hang tab packaging minimum order quantity?

Plus Printers is best choice for all size of business because we no minimum quantity limit you can order as your desire.


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