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Custom Hair Extension Boxes

Order custom designed hair extension boxes with Plus Printers. We ensure superior and sturdy quality materials like cardboard and corrugated cardboard for extra durability of your packed hair extensions. Our professionals incorporate designing with options such as style, colors, graphics and finishes to add an extra charm to your brand identity. Plus-Printers make these boxes with dividers to organize different lengths of hair extensions. These custom hair extension boxes are designed to classify styles that protect your hair extension and look appealing to customers. Contact us today to stand out in the beauty industry and create magical hair extension boxes.


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Hair Extension Boxes & Hair Extension Packaging by Plus Printers

Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

What type of packaging materials do you use to ensure hair extensions arrive undamaged?

To safeguard hair extensions during transit, we use strong cardboard materials.

Can you create custom hair extension packaging that reflects our brand's image and identity?

Yes, we offer custom printing options for boxes, bags, and labels to showcase your brand's unique style.

How do you prevent hair extensions from becoming tangled or knotted during shipping?

To keep hair extensions neat and untangled, we employ specialty inserts and dividers.

What is the optimal packaging size for our hair extension products?

We recommend a box size that fits your products snugly, preventing movement and damage.

Can you provide separate packaging for different hair extension lengths, colors, and styles?

Yes, we offer custom packaging options to separate and organize hair extensions by length, color, and style.

Do you use environmentally friendly packaging materials for hair extension boxes?

Yes, in order to lessen our influence on the environment, we provide recyclable and biodegradable packing solutions.

Can you guarantee timely delivery of hair extension boxes?

Yes, we prioritize timely delivery and work closely with clients to ensure our products arrive on schedule.

Minimum order quantities to Order hair extension packaging?

You can start with just 100 boxes but you can get cost effective pricing on higher quantities.

Do you offer samples for hair extension packaging?

Yes, we offer physically samples to see and test our packaging.

Do you offer premium hair packaging?

Yes we provide premium packaging and high end boxes for your hair extension.


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