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Custom Gable Boxes

Are you searching for a special way to package your stuff? At Plus Printers, we make top-notch custom gable boxes that you can customize in different styles. You can pick from many different styles of printing and finishing for your gable box packaging, and we even have special coatings like embossing and debossing, as well as matte and gloss laminations to represent your brand. Our team is always here to help you choose from a bunch of different designs, layouts, artwork, and colors to make your gable boxes unique to you. We use durable materials to keep your products safe and protected in gable boxes. So if you want to make your products different, contact Plus Printers today and we'll make custom gable boxes just for you.

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Gable Boxes | Gable Top Boxes | Barn Boxes | Gable Gift Boxes

Gable packaging, known for its distinctive roof-like top, is popular in various industries, particularly for food, beverages, and gift items. Here are the range of gable boxes we provide at Plus Printers:

Standard Gable Top Box

  • Feature a simple, classic design with a handle on top for easy carrying.
  • Often used for takeout food, bakery items, and small gifts.

Window Gable Top Box

  • Include a clear plastic or cellophane window to display the contents inside.
  • Ideal for showcasing bakery items, chocolates, and other products where visual appeal is important.

Eco-Friendly Gable Top Box

  • Made from recycled or biodegradable materials.
  • Popular among environmentally conscious businesses and consumers.

Insulated Gable Top Box

  • Designed with an inner layer of insulation to keep contents hot or cold.
  • Used for food delivery, catering services, and events requiring temperature control.

One-Piece Gable Top Box

  • Constructed from a single piece of paperboard, folded and glued.
  • Provide ease of assembly and strength.

Two-Piece Gable Top Box

  • Consist of a separate top and bottom piece.
  • Allow for easier access to contents and can be more secure.

Locking Gable Top Box

  • Feature interlocking tabs and slots to secure the box closed without additional adhesives.
  • Ensure the contents remain secure during transport.

Foldable Gable Top Box

  • Designed to be flat-packed for efficient storage and shipping, then easily assembled when needed.
  • Suitable for businesses with limited storage space.

Rectangular Gable Top Box

  • Most common shape, offering ample space and a versatile design.
  • Used for a variety of products, from food to retail items.

Square Gable Top Box

  • Provide a symmetrical look and are often used for specialty items or gifts.
  • Suitable for products that need a uniform presentation.

Hexagonal Gable Top Box

  • Offer a unique and eye-catching shape for distinctive product presentation.
  • Often used for premium or specialty items to stand out from standard packaging.

Customized Shapes

  • Tailored shapes to fit specific product dimensions or branding needs.
  • Examples include heart-shaped gable boxes for Valentine’s Day or themed shapes for special events.

Additional Features

Handles: Integrated or separate handles for easy carrying.

Windows: Clear sections for product visibility.

Printing Options: Custom designs, logos, and information printed directly on the box.

Finishes: Glossy, matte, embossed, or foil-stamped finishes for enhanced appearance.


Food Industry: Takeout boxes, bakery packaging, confectionery packaging.

Retail and Gifts: Gift boxes, promotional packaging, branded retail packaging.

Events and Catering: Party favors, event giveaways, catering takeout containers.

By considering your requirements, at Plus Printers you can choose the best options to meet your product requirements, brand identity, and customer needs. Plus-Printers will help you in the design process without any cost and we bet – you will get the best prices. Order your gable boxes today.


Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

What are gable boxes used for?

Gable boxes are versatile and can be used for various purposes, including packaging, promotional materials, and storage.

Why gable packaging is a popular choice of businesses?

Gable boxes are popular due to their convenience, appearance, and eco-friendliness.

How durable your gable boxes are?

Our Gable boxes are made of sturdy materials and are designed to survive during handling and transportation.

Can gable packaging be used for food industry?

Yes, Plus Printers gable boxes are suitable for food packaging and can also use for baked products, candies, and other treats.

Can gable boxes be customized?

Yes, Plus Printers offer customization options for gable boxes and we can add your logos, designs, and colors on gable boxes.

How can I select the Gable Boxes correct size?

Our team can help you to select the right size according to your product shape, size and volume.

Can gable packaging be used for promotional purposes?

Yes, Our gable boxes are very unique and can be used for promotional purposes and can be customized with logos and designs.

How can I make sure on Gable Boxes quality?

Plus Printers use finest materials and latest tools that make our gable boxes meet the highest standards.

Can gable packaging be used for storage?

Yes, our gable boxes can be used for storing small items and are a great alternative of other hard containers.

How do I create an effective gable box design for my brand?

Expert designers at Plus Printers can create an attractive design that attract your customers.


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