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Custom Flower Boxes

Are you looking for unique packaging that matches the color of your flowers? Custom flower boxes are an excellent method to make flowers and bouquets appear more elegant. Pack the enticing flowers in environmentally friendly packaging material. Enhance the beauty of the flowers by using your preferred packaging material, such as cardboard, kraft, or rigid. These boxes come in a variety of matte or metallic colors, embossed or debossed textures, and patterns, as well as sizes and shapes. You get the lowest rates by ordering at Plus Printers since we believe in charging no hidden fees, including die-cutting, plates, and test templates. Place your order now and get hassle-free service!


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Enchanting Floral Packaging Presentation with Custom Flower Boxes

Reinvent the way you showcase your flowers using our dynamic collection of custom flower boxes. Specifically designed to reinforce your floral arrangements’ aesthetics, our packaging optimization combines the best of both worlds beauty and functionality as each time you display flowers, they make a lasting impression on every occasion.

Our custom flower boxes add classiness to any celebration of life like weddings or birthdays, making your floral gifts distinguished and memorable. Let us help you take your floral arrangements to a higher level of perfection.

Blooms & Blossoms: Crafting Unique Styles and Designs for Flower Boxes

Discover an array of possibilities with our customized flower boxes. Whether you seek sleek and modern designs or retro vintage styles, our flower aesthetic will find a perfect match. In our beautifully embellished boxes with minimalist chic or decadent opulence, the very best flowers’ natural beauty is set in elegant contrast.

Let your creativity spread as you take a look through our personalized offers that help to transform beauty and chic into your flower arrangement. All bouquets become true artworks with our individualized flower boxes.

Nature’s Embrace: Selecting Packaging Materials for Flower Packaging

Our custom flower packaging is based on quality and sustainability as our main selling point. Employing eco-friendly materials such as cardboard and Kraft paper, our boxes not only safeguard your flowers but also help you to present the environmental conscientiousness of your brand.

Choose packaging that not only assists in showcasing your floral arrangement but also aligns with the principles you represent. Using our eco-friendly method, you can show your beautiful flowers with dignity in the knowledge that the choice of packaging does not only highlight beauty but also a greener world for generations to come. Our custom flower packaging is the perfect choice for enhancing your brand’s image and saving one planet at a time.

Petals in Print: Exploring Printing Techniques for Flower Boxes

With the best digital, offset, and screen printing technologies among others, we guarantee quick high-quality printouts for your designs of custom flower boxes with superb clarity in color percentage. We have CMYK and full-colour printing options where all petals of leaves are as lifelike as possible, thus capturing the senses for a long time.

The precision of detail ensures that the character of your floral design is captured exactly, with an absorbing timeless beauty provided by each flower infused in our creations appearing as a beautiful backdrop to your designs.

Scented Splendour: Enhancing with Add-Ons and Finishing Techniques for Custom Flower Packaging

Accessorize your flower arrangement using our variety of add-ons and finishing touches. We offer embellishment options from extravagant foil stamping and lush yet intricate delicate hand-embossing’s. Introduce a tactile dimension through textured finishes, or give an appearance of elegance with spot UV coating. Raise your custom flower boxes from the pedestal of beauty and elegance. With a wide range of personalization possibilities, you can customize your packaging to the beauty of flowers and make recipients remember this forever. Your custom-made flower boxes using our attention to detail and dedication will not only improve the appearance of your flowers but also take care of enjoyment for customers.

Blossoming Brands: Showcasing Company Qualities Through Custom Flower Packaging

However, Plus Printers’ customized flower packaging solutions are specially tailored to exceed your expectations. Customization, fast turnaround speeds, and premium-quality printing from concept to delivery are not taken lightly. Beyond the protection of the flowers, our packaging also enhances your brand image and customer satisfaction. Let our packaging be your long-term memory of the flowers. We want to be involved in your packaging, not just a package that cradles the glamor of flowers but one that captures you and safeguards what makes it special.

Make your flowers more noticeable and attractive through our custom flower boxes. By combining form and function with style, sustainability, and world-class production quality our packaging solutions achieve a perfect symbiosis. Call now to get more information about our bespoke packaging services and how we can help your floral business prosper. Trust Plus Printers, your roadmap to turn the elevated floral presentation into a gracious and honourable industry.

Our dedication to excellence and detail ensures that your personalized Custom Flower Boxes reflect the display of flowers as a present, providing an unforgettable experience for all branches. Let us then offer you products with packaging that embodies the true nature of your brand and makes it unique from its competition.





Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

How can quality of flower packaging be ensured?

Plus Printers maintain high standards through quality control, and careful packaging.

What types of flower packaging do you offer?

Plus Printers offer a variety of flower packaging options, including Luxury Flower Box, Flower Shipping box, Flower Box with handle, flower gift box and single stem wraps.

Can you make flower packaging for me with a specific design or color of my choice?

Yes, Plus Printers offer various color options and free design services.

How do I store and handle flower packaging to prevent damage?

Flower packaging should be kept out of the sun and humidity and kept in a dry place.

Can I use flower packaging for other products like plants or gifts?

Yes, our packaging options is suitable and can be used for many products like plants, gifts, and more.

How can I decide the correct shape and size for my flower packaging?

Depending on the packing needs for your flowers, our staff will assist you in choosing the ideal size and shape.

Do you offer eco-friendly flower packaging options?

Yes, Plus Printers offer eco-friendly packaging options that are recyclable and easy to decompose.

What materials do you use for flower packaging?

Plus Printers use high-quality materials like paper, cardboard, and luxury rigid to create long-lasting packaging solutions.

How can the quality and freshness of the flowers be ensured while they are being transported?

Plus Printers use special packaging materials and techniques to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity level, so that the flowers arrive fresh and beautiful.

Can you add my brand’s logo to flower packaging?

Yes, Plus Printers can add your logo to flower packaging that will help you to attract your customers.


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