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Custom Embossed Boxes

If you’re trying to increase your product’s perceived value, embossing is your best friend. Custom embossed boxes give a luxurious and intricate feel to your packaging while keeping it minimal. We can enhance your logo, your brand name or artwork by using embossing which instantly gives a high end look. Whether you’re looking to market your product or create beautiful giveaways, our custom embossed boxes are made of premium quality material and can be printed with digital or offset printing to elevate your design. Let us help you make the most out of your packaging and impress your customers, contact us today.


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Embossed Boxes & Embossed Packaging by Plus Printers

At Plus Printers, we use special embossing techniques to make your packaging that helps your brand stand out. Here are the different types of embossed boxes we offer:

Blind Embossed Box: Blind embossing makes a raised design on your box without any color or foil. It looks subtle and fancy. It’s great for adding a touch of sophistication to your packaging.

Registered Embossed Box: Registered embossing lines up embossed parts on boxes perfectly with printed graphics, like your logo or text. It makes those parts pop out in a striking way. Ask our experts to show you an example of this embossing type.

Combination Embossed Box: This embossing is combination of embossing with foil stamping. It creates a multi-dimensional look with shiny metallic parts that grab your customer attention. It creates a luxurious look for your brand. Ask our agents for previous samples of combined embossed boxes, so you can check how this will make your brand a luxurious brand.

Sculptured Embossed Box: The sculptured embossing is an advanced technique that makes a super detailed, 3D embossed image. It’s perfect for high-end packaging. If you are looking for a packaging solution for your high end brand this is your way to go. Want to know more? Contact our agents through live chat or call us at +1-917-310-3156.

Multi-Level Embossed Box: Multi-level embossing has multiple raised levels on the same box surface instead of just one raised level. It adds complexity and makes your design look interesting. Still need more information? Email us your concerns at

Single-Level Embossed Box: This is the most common embossing. The design is raised to one uniform height. It’s a classic way to make logos, text, and other elements stand out.

Textured Embossed Box: This adds a textured finish to the raised area, making your packaging fun to touch and look at.

At Plus Printers, we are experts at making high-quality embossed boxes that protect your products and make your brand look amazing. Contact us to find the perfect embossing for your packaging.

Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

What is embossed packaging?

Embossed packaging is a raised design or image, adding texture and visual interest to your product's packaging.

Why choose embossed packaging?

Embossed packaging uplifts your brand's image, quality, and attention to detail.

What materials can be used for embossed packaging?

Plus Printers use high-quality paper, cardboard, or luxury rigid material, depending on your product's needs and design preferences.

Can I customize the embossed design?

Yes, our team works with you to create a custom design as per your requirement.

Can your embossed packaging be used for any product?

Yes, our embossed packaging suits various products, from cosmetics to electronics, and even food packaging.

How do I ensure the embossed design lasts?

Plus Printers use durable materials and techniques to ensure the embossed design remains the same during transportation and storage.

Can embossed packaging be recycled?

Yes, our materials are recyclable, and Plus Printers encourage sustainable practices in our packaging solutions.

Can I see a sample before ordering?

Absolutely! Plus Printers provide samples for your approval before carrying out the entire order.

Is it possible to use embossed packaging for marketing and branding?

Yes, embossed packaging serves as a marketing tool that promotes your brand's image and messaging.

Can I use embossed packaging for e-commerce products?

Yes, embossed packaging provides a luxury unboxing experience, making it perfect for e-commerce products.


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