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Door Hangers

Presenting our Custom Door Hangers, which offer the ideal balance of personalization and usefulness! Tailor these hangers to suit your unique message, crafted with durable materials for long-lasting impact. Elevate visibility with eye-catching printing, whether vibrant colors or elegant designs. Choose from finishing touches like matte or glossy coatings to enhance both look and feel. Our precisely designed door hangers leave a lasting impression on the buyers. Fully customizable and versatile, they serve as the ideal tool for promotions or communication. Choose Plus Printers, where your message hangs beautifully, leaving a door-wide impression!

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Door Hangers By Plus Printers

Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

What are door hangers?

Door hangers are a type of packaging that attaches to a door, used for marketing, promotions, or notifications.

Can door hangers be used for residential or commercial purposes?

Yes, our door hangers can be used for both residential and commercial purposes, making them a flexible marketing tool.

How do door hangers help with marketing?

Door hangers are an effective marketing tool, allowing you to reach a targeted audience and promote your brand, product, or service.

What materials are used for door hangers?

Plus Printers use paper and cardboard material to make Door hangers.

Can door hangers be customized?

Yes, Plus Printers can customize door hangers according to your brand's style and message, with options for custom designs, colors, and text.

How do door hangers work?

Our Door hangers are designed to be easily attachable to doors, providing a visible and accessible marketing platform.

Can door hangers be used for events or promotions?

Yes, our door hangers are a great way to promote events, sales, or limited-time offers.

How do door hangers compare to other marketing materials?

Our Door hangers offer a unique marketing opportunity, providing a physical presence that cannot be easily ignored or deleted.

What sets your door hangers apart from others?

Our door hangers are made with high-quality materials, designed for durability and weather resistance, and offer a range of customization options to fit your brand's needs.

What type of finishing you offers?

Plus Printers offer many types of finishing including glossy and matte finishing.


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