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Custom Display Boxes

Check out our custom display boxes that make your brand look amazing. You can design these boxes any way you want to show off your products. The designs will grab people's attention and make them want to buy your items. We make the boxes very carefully so they look great and protect your merchandise. These display boxes are sturdy, useful, and you can customize every part of them. With our Custom Display Boxes, your products will be the stars of the show. Choose Plus Printers and let your products shine in an excellent display.

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Display Boxes & Display Packaging by Plus Printers

At Plus Printers, we understand the importance of high-quality display packaging to enhance your product’s visibility and attract customers. Our range of paperboard display boxes is designed to meet your unique needs, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Here are the display packaging options we offer at Plus Printers:

Counter Display Box:

  • Description: Compact boxes designed for placement on countertops.
  • Features: Often feature an open front for easy access to products, making them ideal for impulse purchases.
  • Use: Ideal for smaller items like candies, cosmetics, or promotional products.

Floor Display Box:

  • Description: Larger, free-standing units designed for placement on the floor.
  • Features: Sturdy construction to support heavier items, often with multiple shelves or compartments.
  • Use: Perfect for showcasing bulkier products or a variety of items in retail environments.

Power Wings (Sidekick Displays):

  • Description: Narrow, vertical displays that attach to the sides of store fixtures.
  • Features: Maximize visibility without taking up floor space.
  • Use: Great for small, lightweight products like snacks or cosmetics.

End Cap Display Box:

  • Description: Positioned at the end of aisles to capture customer attention.
  • Features: Can be customized with various compartments and shelving options.
  • Use: Ideal for promotional items, seasonal products, or high-traffic goods.

Shelf Display Box:

  • Description: Designed to fit on retail shelves, often with tiered levels.
  • Features: Provide easy access and enhanced visibility on store shelves.
  • Use: Suitable for smaller packaged goods, electronics, or beauty products.

Pop-Up Display Box:

  • Description: Boxes that can be easily assembled on-site to create a three-dimensional display.
  • Features: Fold-flat design for shipping, pops up into shape for immediate use.
  • Use: Convenient for temporary displays, trade shows, or special promotions.

Tray and Sleeve Display Box:

  • Description: Consist of a tray holding the product and a sleeve that covers the tray.
  • Features: Allows for attractive branding on the sleeve while keeping products secure in the tray.
  • Use: Ideal for products like confectioneries, small electronics, or cosmetics.

Peg Hook Display Box:

  • Description: Boxes designed with perforations to hang on peg hooks.
  • Features: Easy to display on pegboard walls or slatwalls.
  • Use: Perfect for small, hanging items like accessories or small tools.

Dump Bin Display Box:

  • Description: Open-top bins that allow customers to browse through the products.
  • Features: Large opening for easy access, often used for bulk items.
  • Use: Suitable for items like DVDs, clearance products, or packaged snacks.

Gravity Feed Display Box:

  • Description: Boxes designed to dispense products as they are taken by customers.
  • Features: Slanted design ensures that products slide forward.
  • Use: Ideal for items like beverages, cans, or boxed goods.

Rectangular Display Box:

  • Description: Classic shape that fits easily on shelves or counters.
  • Features: Versatile and customizable for various products.
  • Use: Suitable for a wide range of retail items.

Square Display Box:

  • Description: Compact shape for smaller spaces.
  • Features: Offers a uniform, balanced look.
  • Use: Perfect for individual products or small sets.

Tiered Display Box:

  • Description: Multi-level boxes that showcase products at different heights.
  • Features: Maximizes product visibility and accessibility.
  • Use: Great for beauty products, confectioneries, or small gadgets.

Hexagonal Display Box:

  • Description: Unique, eye-catching shape for standout displays.
  • Features: Attracts customer attention with an unconventional design.
  • Use: Ideal for specialty items or promotional products.

Circular Display Box:

  • Description: Round shape that adds a distinctive look to your display.
  • Features: Provides 360-degree visibility.
  • Use: Suitable for unique or luxury items.

At Plus Printers, we offer a wide range of customization options to ensure your display packaging not only meets your practical needs but also aligns with your brand’s identity. Whether you need eco-friendly materials, quality printing, or special finishes, our team is here to help you create the perfect display packaging solution. Order your custom display boxes today.


Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

Can display packaging be used for any product?

You can utilize our display packaging for many kinds of products, including electronics and food.

What are the benefits of your display packaging?

Plus Printers Display packaging attracts customers and increases your brand visibility in a crowded market.

What materials are used for display packaging?

A range of materials, such as paper, cardboard, and flexible packaging materials, we use to create our display packaging.

How does display packaging help with product promotion?

Display packaging helps promote products by making them more noticeable and attractive to customers.

Are display packaging samples available?

Plus Printers do provide free samples for your analysis.

What are the different types of display packaging?

Plus Printers offers many types of display packaging including 4 corner display lid, double wall display lid, tincture display box, shoe display box, jewelry display box, retail display box, counter top display box and many other packaging.

Can I order personalized dividers for my display packaging?

Yes, Plus Printers designers team creates unique dividers to meet the demands of your product.

How does your display packaging increase sales?

Display packaging attracts customers, making them more likely to purchase the product.

How does display packaging improve customer experience?

Our display packaging increases the overall customer experience by increasing product accessibility.

Can display packaging be used for e-commerce products?

Yes, our display packaging is suitable for e-commerce products, especially for unboxing experiences.


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