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Custom Die Cut Boxes

Selling premium fragrances or other high-quality luxury products that stand out? Then, it is time to spice up your packaging game with the best custom die-cut boxes in the market. Plus Printers has produced packaging products for years. We offer digital, offset, screen, and full-color printing options for die-cut boxes. Moreover, our services offer you full control over the customization of our packages. Want a die-cut sleeve box or cube box, we can help! Our finishes are stunning and captivating. With die-cut windows, silver and gold foiling, and an embossed brand logo, our bespoke die-cut boxes will be a game-changer for your business. Contact our team of creative experts today to get the best variety of end-to-end customized die-cut boxes.

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Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

How does die cut packaging benefit my product?

Our Die cut packaging improves your product's presentation, provides protection, and makes it unique in the market.

Can die cut packaging be used for food products?

Yes, our die cut packaging solutions can use for food products as Plus Printers follow food industry standards and rules.

Can I customize die cut packaging for my brand?

Yes, we assist you to design special shapes and styles that reflect the style of your company.

How does die cut packaging reduce packaging waste?

Our special cutting tools and efficient production methods minimize packaging waste.

What materials can be used for die cut packaging?

Plus Printers offers various materials like paper, cardboard, and paperboard that can be used for die cut packaging.

Can I get custom pullouts for die cut packaging?

Yes, our team designs and produces custom pull-outs to complete your product's specific needs.

Can die cut packaging be used for all product sizes?

Yes, Plus Printers offer our die cut packaging for all products sizes and shapes.

Can die cut packaging be used for e-commerce products?

Yes, our die cut packaging is a popular choice for e-commerce products due to its protective and visually appealing qualities.

How does die cut packaging help with product protection?

Plus Printer’s Die cut packaging provides protection to your product from damage during shipping and storage.

Can die cut packaging be used for retail products?

Yes, die cut packaging is a great choice for retail products due to its appearance and protective qualities.


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