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Custom CD, DVD Boxes

When it's time to enclose the seemingly simple yet electrifying objects, that is; CDs and DVDs, you need reliable CD DVD boxes for packaging. Keeping all your requirements and wishes upfront Plus Printers has learnt many different ways to satisfy your packaging needs. We deliver you perfection with affordable rates as our priority. Top-notch quality material usage and a team of experienced workers are set to design your personalized CD DVD boxes. Plus printers bring out the kind of results that your products have never accomplished before. Therefore, without wasting a second, reach out to us and let your bespoke CD DVD boxes make it happen!


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Are you a fan of CDs and DVDs, even in this digital age? CDs have a nostalgic memory that few people can relate to. To keep these CDs in good condition, proper packaging is required. CD DVD boxes are the best way to accomplish this. These boxes are very handy at CD and DVD stores, where a large quantity of these items is kept.

You can buy wholesale boxes with different inserts to deliver and organize your set of CDs or DVDs. High-tech features allow companies to store and organize their CD collection safely and securely in these boxes.

DVD boxes from Plus Printers are of high quality and are a great option to help you store your CDs and DVDs. We offer durable and unique designs for CD DVD boxes at reasonable prices. Many CD businesses like our customizable solutions and trust our packaging solutions.

Amaze customers with striking custom CD DVD packaging design

Plus Printers is a wholesale DVD box manufacturer for customized box designs, prints, materials, and finishes. The box features high-quality designs and shapes that make your DVDs unique.

With our team of packaging and printing experts, we’ll help you bring your packaging idea to life, ensuring that your custom-printed box is exactly how you want it. From assisting you in designing the ideal packaging to ensuring that your package is precisely the proper size to keep your items secure, we have the expertise, experience, and desire to provide bespoke boxes and CD/DVD packaging with branding that will impress you and your clients.

Unrivaled Material Quality for Your Custom CD Boxes

Plus Printers create CD box packaging from the best possible cardstock with a variety of thickness levels. The material is extremely robust and strong, protecting your CDs and DVDs from dust, exploitation, and other external harm. Our CD cardboard cases are very durable. They are brilliantly designed, utilizing interior elements to accommodate many discs in a single box.

Custom CD boxes will also make your CD or DVD collection more visually appealing. Thin cardboard is utilized to make personalized DVD boxes for a limited quantity of CDs and DVDs. If you need to keep a large number of CDs/DVDs, use thick cardboard. We can also use different materials to decorate these boxes.

With us, you can select sustainable box package designs for your CDs and DVDs. As a company, we are constantly innovating to create more sustainable packaging options. We can help your company contribute to the sustainable economy by offering corrugated and sustainable Kraft boxes to help locate the appropriate DVD box.

Enjoy Limitless Creativity While Designing your Custom DVD Boxes

Custom CD DVD boxes with high-quality printing offer an excellent first impression. This is why it is very important to pay attention to box printing. If your design is outstanding but your printing is poor, you will not achieve satisfactory results. You can trust us for one-of-a-kind printing. We utilize cutting-edge printing processes.

With no color restrictions, the packaging can be entirely personalized to your personal preferences. We offer free full-color digital CMYK printing to ensure that your CD storage boxes are vivid and attractive. For a more personalized look, you must include album colors, graphics, and logos on these boxes. Or you can choose to have finishings like matte/gloss, heat stamping, foiling, embossing/debossing and more!

We ensure that we will provide our clients with the best printing possible using the newest printing techniques. Your CDs and DVDs will be more appealing and stand out if you use our services. Furthermore, our printing professionals help our customers choose the best printing styles.

Why Choose Us?

A CD DVD box is the ideal way to keep your CDs and DVDs protected from scratches and dust. These boxes are moisture-resistant, so humid air will not harm your CDs. Plus Printers boxes are made of high-quality materials. Cardboard and kraft are common materials used in manufacturing. Quality color techniques guarantee that the design is visually appealing. These boxes are both affordable and eco-friendly.

Our focus is on providing excellent service to our customers. Once you’ve placed your order, our team will be available 24/7 to answer your questions, keep you updated on the manufacturing process, and ensure you’re satisfied with your custom CD DVD packaging.

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Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

Can I use your CD and DVD packaging for secure storage?

Yes, our packaging is designed to protect your discs from damage and scratches.

Do you offer packaging for other media formats, such as Blu-ray?

Yes, Plus Printers offer packaging options for other media formats, including Blu-ray and vinyl records.

Can you give me quotation for custom CD and DVD packaging?

Yes, contact us or fill the form available on our website for quotations.

What materials do you use for CD and DVD packaging?

Plus Printers use high-quality cardboard with choices of thickness, to provide durability and protection.

Can I customize the size and shape of my CD and DVD packaging?

Yes, Plus Printers offer customization options for size and shape.

Can I use your CD and DVD packaging for promotional purposes?

Yes, our packaging can be used for promotional purposes, such as giveaways and marketing campaigns.

Do you offer design services for CD and DVD packaging?

Yes, our design team can help create a visually interesting and effective packaging design.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders of CD and DVD packaging?

Yes, Plus Printers offer discounts for large orders; contact us for a quote.

Can I have sample of your CD and DVD packaging?

Yes, Plus Printers offer free samples on customer demand for review.

Can I customize my DVD and CD packaging?

Yes, you can customize CD and DVD packaging, such as printing and labeling.


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