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Custom CD Covers

In case you are looking for the most sustainable and price-friendly custom CD covers, you have come to the right place. Plus Printers have mastered the act of displaying your records and streaming most appropriately. With the highest quality materials and a diverse variety of sizes and styles, we offer you the most excruciatingly exciting bespoke CD covers. The top quality procedures will without doubt make an optimistic difference in your sales. So, without wasting any time avail of our 24-hour service. Reach out to us, and let your CDs take over the market!

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CD Covers & CD Jackets Printing

CD covers are an exclusive retail packaging solution designed for storing CDs or other disc products while visually describing the content on the CD. Most CD covers have many panels and storage pockets, as well as a window that clearly displays the CD design. CD cover boxes provide extra protection for your CD items during transportation. Use unique covers to promote your brand values and distinguish your business from other businesses and CDs.

We at Plus Printers work with you to bring your artistic concept to life, ensuring that your custom-designed CD covers are unique. Our team of experts will help you design the ideal packaging and ensure the safety of your items. We have the expertise to provide custom boxes that wow both you and your consumers.

Design Options That’ll Give an to Your Custom CD Covers

When it comes to showcasing your CDs in style, Plus Printers offers an array of design options tailored to meet your needs. Our design options for CD covers include:

Bookend CD Case: A sleek and sturdy solution for storing your CDs that provides easy access and protection.

Six-Panel CD Jacket: With ample space for artwork and information, our six-panel CD jackets offer a canvas to creatively display your brand or album theme.

Four-Panel CD Jacket: Compact yet flexible, our four-panel CD jackets provide a balanced blend of space efficiency and design flexibility.

Two-Panel CD Jacket: Simple yet impactful, our two-panel CD jackets are perfect for minimalist designs or essential information.

Custom CD Booklets: Elevate your CD packaging with custom booklets, offering additional space for lyrics, liner notes, or promotional content.

Custom CD Folders: Organize your CDs in style with custom folders, providing a sleek and professional presentation while keeping your discs safe and secure.

Each design option is meticulously crafted to ensure your CDs stand out on shelves and resonate with your audience. Work with us to bring your creative ideas to life and make a lasting impression with personalized CD covers.

Professional-quality Materials That Are Built to Last

To create trust in your brand’s image, ensure that your clientele receives high-quality packaging on a regular basis. The design and materials used for your bespoke CD covers are critical to ensure that they arrive securely. It must extend your item’s shelf life. We create CD covers made with premium corrugated, cardboard, and kraft material.

On request, we may give you a box sample of the material you like so you can see if it fulfills your specifications. Rest assured, Plus Printers has a professional quality assurance staff that works closely with you to ensure that your custom printed box order is checked at every stage of the packaging process prior to shipment.

Get CD Cover Printing and Finishing Personalized for Your Selection

Packaging cannot be overlooked nowadays; in order to stand out from the crowd, fully-featured, customized, and unique packaging solutions are essential. These unique packaging ideas not only help brands and companies sell more, but they also attract customers.

Custom-printed CD covers not only secure CDs but also connect with customers and help in aisle management. Modern digital graphics on packaging provide an innovation. Customers, retailers, and distributors can discover CDs more easily when they are organized in printed covers.

Your design can include as many colors as you like when using full digital CMYK CD cover printing! Choose as many colors as you need for your bespoke boxes; the customizing possibilities are limitless. To highlight your CD cover, print the outside of the box in full color and print on the inside as well. Color coding your CV covers with your brand, artist, or album is also a great way for you and your customers to sort CDs.

To increase the visual impact of your packaging, consider using gold foil, embossing, or other distinctive embellishments on the covers. Our designers are available to assist you in achieving the finest possible results at no additional expense or fee.

Why choose Plus Printers?

Plus, Printers provides high-quality, fully bespoke CD covers. We are a leading brand that offers extremely fast production and a six-day turnaround time with full-color printing on all types of CD and DVD covers. We provide quality material production at your doorstep at competitive pricing. Our covers include inserts that make sure to keep your CDs safe in place.

Order CD covers from us today and enjoy free delivery!

Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

What is the purpose of CD covers?

During storage and transportation, CD covers prevent CDs from dust, scratches, and other damage.

What types of CD covers do you offer?

Plus Printers offer a range of CD covers, including standard, slim, and deluxe options, as well as custom sizes and shapes.

Can I customize CD covers with my artwork?

Yes, Plus Printers provide full-color printing to include your artwork, logo, or text on the CD cover.

Are CD covers durable?

Yes, our CD covers are made from high-quality materials to withstand regular use and handling.

Can I use CD covers for promotional purposes?

Yes, customized CD covers make great promotional items for events, marketing campaigns, and more.

Can I use CD covers for music distribution?

Yes, our CD covers are perfect for music distribution, protecting your discs during shipping and storage.

How do I prevent CD covers from getting damaged?

Handle CD covers with care, avoiding bending, scratching, keep them away from high temperatures.

Can I use CD covers for gifts?

Yes, customized CD covers make great gifts for music lovers, friends, and family.

Can you give me discount if I orders of CD covers in large quantity?

Yes, Plus Printers give discounts for large orders; Talk to us about your needs and to receive a quote.

Are CD covers eco-friendly?

Plus Printers use environmentally friendly materials and production methods to minimize.


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