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Custom Cardboard Boxes

Including our custom designed cardboard boxes, Plus Printers provides packaging solutions for your products that are recyclable and environmentally friendly. Fully customizable, our boxes are manufactured from premium quality brands. Be it packaging for retail, transport, or warehousing we are the ideal solution to your needs. Compare different sizing options based on your brand and products’ needs; there are several shapes and designs that you could select. With green alternatives accessible, utilizing premium-quality packaging does not need to compromise environmental consciousness. Enjoy shorter turnaround weeks, a better pricing policy, and unbeatable customer service. Take your brand to the level with custom cardboard boxes that stick in people’s minds. Our packaging is customizable, contact us today for inquiries about the same!

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Custom Cardboard Boxes

Are you looking for packaging that perfectly fits all types of products while staying light on your pocket? We have you covered! Cardboard packaging is used in almost every place today where packaging is required. That is because of its numerous uses and endless comfort and options it provides you. You can have an amazing variety of products packaged in the wholesale cardboard boxes. They come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Top-Notch Quality Materials for The Production of Your Custom Cardboard Packaging

At Plus Printers, we have chosen materials after professional research and analysis so that the products inside remain safe and untouched by the outside world. They come in every shape and size and can be designed into every theme you have in mind. We have chosen the finest and supreme quality raw materials to manufacture these boxes, these include; eco-friendly sustainable materials : cardboard ,kraft, corrugated cardboard.

Innovative Styles And Sizes for Your Bespoke Cardboard Boxes

As the cardboard boxes have the flexibility to be shaped into every shape you wish us to make and a variety of styles, therefore our flawlessly creative team can help you design the most appropriate kinds suitable for your items. They can be made into flip-open cardboard boxes, storage boxes, mailer boxes, pizza boxes, top lid boxes, cosmetic or candle boxes, printed display boxes, and multiple more.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Irreproachable Printing for Your Personalized Cardboard Boxes

At Plus Printers, we make sure that we meet the needs and wishes of our clients. We have collected a set of the most updated methods of printing over the surface of your custom cardboard boxes or inside. It is for a fact that packaging carries half of your reputation and to make the most of it we use the following techniques to help you achieve the most of it;

  • Screen printing
  • CMYK
  • Full color printing
  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing

This can help you bring all the creativity you wish to display out on the surface or inside. You can also mention any information you want to and our team of creative mindsets can make it be arranged without over stuffing the space. Hence plus printers take the load off your shoulders.

Enhance The Prints on Your Cardboard Boxes with Outclass Finishing Techniques

Plus printers have mastered the art of making your boxes look as eye-catching as possible. However, not to make it too much in any manner is the key. Therefore, there are numerous ways available at our site which you can give the greatest finish by, to your prints. Some of which include;

UV Coating, Heat Stamping, Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Spot UV Embossing, Foiling, Gold Foiling, Silver Foiling, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV. This step not only improves the appearance of the boxes but also gives an added protection to your innovative prints and secures them from getting any sort of scratches or damage.

Make your Cardboard Boxes Extra Useful

In case you wish to include extra features such as inserts and window cuts, we have got you covered. In addition to this in case you require additional functional features to your personalized cardboard boxes, Plus Printers saw it coming! you can have features added such as, die cut windows, custom inserts and perforation lines.

Security and Sealing Mastership for Cardboard Boxes

Proper closure and sealing are a significant step in custom cardboard packaging, especially if something packed inside is supposed to be stored and shipped in a span of days. Therefore, supreme quality self-adhesive strips are used for this purpose .

Experience Sustainability with Cardboard Boxes

We are a platform where eco-friendly materials are preferred and recommended therefore, you can switch to sustainable options such as recycled materials for production and water or soy based inks for printings! What could be better than having to display a step taken for nature and use it for your branding?

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Plus Printers have gained experience over the years and wish to serve you with all the qualities that make us differ from the rest. These include service availability around the clock, fastest turnaround time, no compromise on quality and long lasting relationships based on pocket friendly prices for your orders, so don’t waste any more time and let’s get started right now!

Consumer Questions

If you have questions about packaging, we're here to help! Our FAQ section has all the answers you need. Simply take a look at the most common questions consumers usually ask.

How durable is cardboard packaging

Cardboard packaging is tough and can resist normal management and transportation.

Can I use cardboard packaging for heavy products?

Yes, Plus Printers have more protected and strong cardboard packaging options for heavy products.

Can I reuse cardboard packaging?

Yes, cardboard packaging can be reused multiple times if handled carefully.

Can I order sample of cardboard packaging?

Yes, Plus Printers you can order free sample for testing.

Can I use cardboard packaging for food products?

Yes, Plus Printers offer food-grade cardboard packaging options.

How do I label cardboard packaging?

Plus Printers can print and design the labels of your brand that clearly show content and handling instructions.

Can I use cardboard packaging for breakable products?

Yes, Plus Printers offer strengthened cardboard packaging options for breakable products.

Can I use cardboard packaging for pharmaceutical products?

Yes, Plus Printers offer pharmaceutical-grade cardboard packaging options.

What are the benefits of cardboard packaging?

Cardboard packaging is a popular option for businesses since it is affordable, environmentally friendly, and customizable.

Is it possible for me to add my brand's logo and design on cardboard packaging?

Yes, our expert team can customize packaging including your brand's logo and theme.


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