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Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success! If you love what you are doing, you will be successful!

So if you want to shift your business towards candle boxes, it’s the best idea to step up through success.


Why do you need tea light candle boxes for your product’s beautiful packaging? What is their significance? How efficiently can these help your products?

What precisely are the reasons companies look up these cardboard candle packaging options? These are many questions that can spring up in the minds of newbies. Well, they want to know there is a need for these custom boxes; there is a reason, and we think it’s correct that you pack them up nicely for the customers to purchase. Many would think candles, just like many goods, are simply to be used. So why go through all that struggle?  

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle; Happiness never decreases by being shared!

That’s why we are here to provide you with the complete guide on tea light candle boxes because we know it does wonders for your business and brings smiles!

Let us explain why this struggle and hard work are required. Many out there will purchase candles as gifts. They personally think the candles make for an excellent gift that shows love and affection. 

While these are purchasing candles for gifting, others go for them because of the packaging boxes’ professional look. Custom packaging can make this much of a difference.


The Safety of the Tea Light Candle Boxes!


Now that we have covered this whole part, the other primary reasons include the protection of the candles and their beauty, among the many purposes. 

When the candles are packed flawless in exceptional tea light candle boxes beautifully designed, they are easily distributed, transported, and stored wherever needed.


A Bright Idea for a Bright Future!


Moreover, they are safe from all sorts of scratches and dips. Just think for a second, would you purchase a candle that doesn’t give a feeling of being brand new. 

If it has a mark or some scratch, you will consider some other tea light candle boxes wholesale over the rough one, though it’s brand new and untouched. Owing to this reason, custom packaging boxes are essential. Let’s look at it from another angle. In addition, when you wish to purchase something as a gift, you would absolutely go for pillow-style candle boxes that helps you take your brand to new heights.

You would certainly go for a flawlessly packed candle in exceptional window candle boxes displaying the product in the best possible manner. It looks sophisticated enough to be gifted. 

Moreover, a consumer will always go for a product that packs high-quality material, yet it’s economical enough not to load the pocket.

The Size, Shape, and Design of Window Candle Boxes

There are several ways to do it when it comes to the wholesale packaging of candles. But chiefly, it depends on the size, shape, and candle brand. For instance, if you want to get a pillar candle pack, they won’t be demanding any specific packaging. You can simply cover the candle and put a cute little ribbon on it to make it more presentable and stylish. On the other hand, however, gifting a tea light candle box or votive that doesn’t have any filling to hold it together will look simply unpleasant and unattractive. It looks like you gifted them the candles just for its sake. Therefore, packaging significantly matters. In addition to just being custom packaging, the Kraft candle boxes can come in a lot of handy. You can make use of these wholesale boxes in many other ways.   

Easy and Safe To Use Candles!


Brands use the luxury candle boxes wholesale to promote their product, advertise them, put them up for display, and more. Moreover, it’s a significant move from a business point of view. 

It’s an age of severe competition. To be able to put up against this harsh competition, brands want to step up on their game and be more imaginative and unique. 

Remember, every little attention to detail will count and benefit your brand, and the product will make its way to the top with perfect ease. Therefore, you have to step it up a notch and make the best of these tea light candle boxes for your products.


Decorate Your Luxury Candle Boxes Wholesale!

Next, don’t overlook decorating your packaging! You can use tissue paper, die-cut stickers, custom roll stickers, or even stamps to add a special touch to your packages. This is a flawless opportunity to show off your brand and make a worthy impression on your customers.

Remember that you need to convey the professionalism and quality of your goods, so keep it simple and sophisticated. In addition, a few stickers here and there, clear labels, and your custom logo can go a long way.

You can also add a card or custom hang tags, which will benefit build brand awareness and connect with your customers.


Ample Range Of Materials


Custom tea light candle boxes are necessary to protect the candles from environmental damage. Considering that, PlusPrinters USA uses the material, keeping in mind the warmth of these candles. 

Besides, we give consumers the choice of choosing the material as per their product. The packaging materials mostly in use are as follows:

  • Cardboard
  • Cardstock
  • Rigid
  • Kraft

Firstly, cardstock and cardboard are generally in demand by retailers. It gives an elegant look while placed on the seller’s shelve. Consumers can make cardstock packaging colorful with diverse embellishments to give it a more appealing look.


A Symbol of Brightness and Hope!


Rigid is perfect if it comes to gift purposes. Moreover, rigid packaging boxes contain both cardboard and cardstock material which guarantees the safety of your product. Also, tea light candle boxes have always been the ideal option for gifts. 

Rigid material gives a first-class look to the packaging. By using add-ons, consumers can give a fancier look to the packaging. Lastly, Kraft is an eco-friendly packaging material. It benefits in controlling global warming from the environment. 


Besides, Kraft material has its exact brown color, which cannot fade away by any technique.


Variety in Styles


Besides, if you desire to get customers’ attention from far off, we offer diverse styles for your packaging that give a distinctive look to the custom boxes. Besides, consumers have their idea; we are here to adapt them into reality. If not, there is nothing to worry about. 

Our highly expert professionals help you in selecting styles. Following are the most common custom styles for tea light candle packaging:

  • Tuck end boxes
  • Straight tuck-end
  • Reverse tuck-end
  • Double-wall tuck end
  • Two-piece boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Cylindered shape boxes

Printing Techniques


We at PlusPrinters use high-quality offset printing techniques to give fine finishing to the wholesale packaging. Clients can print their logo on the packaging, which aids in establishing a brand name. Consumers can also add any graphics, images, or text related to the product. 


“Sales Is Not About Selling Anymore, But About Building Trust And Educating.”


Moreover, you can add a short description of the product. Besides, consumers can add quotations if they give candle boxes no minimum as a gift to someone on special occasions.


We use two color schemes to give a colorful effect to the branded packaging.

  1. CMYK
  2. PMS

CMYK is less expensive, but it does not have much variability in colors. Whereas PMS is expensive, it has an assortment of colors.


Additional Selections for Giving a Captivating Look 


To add more charisma to the packaging, we offer unique add Ons, which support giving a glamorous look to the packaging. Diverse types of coating help in giving a flawless finishing to the packaging.

  1. Matte coating
  2. Gloss coating
  3. Spot UV

Matte coating gives a solid look to the display packaging boxes and it does wonders for your business. 

In contrast, gloss coating adds luster to the boxes. On the other hand, spot UV gives shine to the demanding part of the packaging. 

Gold and Silver foiling helps in generating a royal look of the packaging. Moreover, the text is written in embossing, and debossing adds more attraction to the packaging.


Exclusive Discounts on Wholesale Tea Light Candle Boxes


If you are looking for the best suppliers to purchase bulk custom tealight candle boxes, you are in the proper place. We are offering low prices without negotiating the durability of the boxes. 

We have an idea of how a single penny can affect your overall budget; that is why we are providing massive discounts on already low rates. Not just this, but some most amazing offers are also waiting for you. 

You can have a free quote and print any message on the packaging box on behalf of your brand and make loyal consumers. We also offer free samples on clients’ demand. We also do not charge even a single penny for the transport.

For additional details or to see the more customizing variety, you can visit our website or call us now.


It’s Time To Purchase!


Candles not just offer light but also have many more functions. These beautiful candles have now become a part of our life. 

Without them, many functions are imperfect, like birthdays and weddings. These attractively scented candles are used to decorate and make the atmosphere peaceful. 

The packaging of this delicate product is essential and wants more concentration. Custom printed tealight candle boxes are best to fulfill all desires of packaging. You can present your product securely and exceptionally in eco-friendly cardboard candle boxes. 

These custom boxes with insertion inside them make you deliver harmless sound. Your consumers will be happy after getting their favorite item in tip-top form. Our add-on feature will get beauty and glamour to your packaging and increase the beauty of your shelve. 

Furthermore, we are offering each size and innovative style with astonishing printing that can make your simple product flawless for presentation in the market. So, feel free and contact us to purchase bulk candle boxes and take your brand to the top.


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