Kraft paper boxes with lids California users need to get excited and fast. Plus Printers is here to make all your custom kraft presentation boxes’ dreams come true. Before we head into the various customization options we offer, let’s get right to the basics.

What Is Kraft Paper Boxes?

Kraft paper boxes are printed, stamped, stained, or dyed on the outside. Kraft paper is a material made of brown paper that has been chemically processed to make it more durable and water-resistant.

Why Kraft Paper Boxes?

Kraft paper boxes are used to transport, protect, and display products. They are used in various industries, like food and beverage, printing, packaging… They make for cost-effective yet high-quality boxes at Plus Printers.

Why Use Lids with Kraft Boxes?

Lids help protect the contents from dust, dirt, and debris and prevent moisture from entering. Furthermore, lids elevate the simple brown kraft gifts boxes to another level. Kraft presentation boxes with lids look more elegant and more appealing to customers. Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time. Check out our customization options below:

Customization Options for Kraft Boxes with Lids

If you want kraft paper boxes with lids California, check out all customization options.

Kraft Boxes with Clear Lids

Kraft boxes with clear lids allow you to showcase your product. That is one of the most popular box types because it gives an open view of what’s inside without letting anything fall out.

Customize Clear Lids for Kraft Boxes Using Color

  • The most economical option is to print your logo or message/text on the kraft boxes with clear lids.
  • Make it elegant and classy by adding a blind embossed logo, which means that your logo will be debossed against the surface of the clear kraft boxes.
  • You can also choose to have a spot UV. Spot UV is a process where a particular area of the kraft boxes with clear lids is coated in varnish, which will give it a glossy look.
  • You can also add a gold or silver hot stamp to the kraft paper boxes, making the lid look even more classy.

Kraft Boxes with Customized Printed Lids

Customization options for printed lids include printing a design, logo, pattern, word, number, custom shape on the boxes.
  • Have your brand’s logo printed on the top of the lid. That is one of our most popular options because it allows you to advertise your brand and attract more clients.
  • You can add a picture on the lid of your brown kraft gift boxes if you want to give them a more personal touch.
  • You can also add your text to the lid. It will look great whether it’s a quote, word, slogan, or number.
  • Can have a light background printed to the kraft presentation boxes with custom lids that will allow your product to stand out.
  • You can also stick stickers on your kraft gift boxes for lids like USA flags, motivational messages, and state map cutouts.
  • You can even choose to have a ribbon attached to the lid of the kraft boxes, which is a great way to add some colour and personality.

Kraft Boxes with Custom Lids in Different Thicknesses

If you want kraft paper boxes with lids in California, you have many options to choose from. There are different thicknesses available for the unique and kraft paper boxes.

To Sum It Up

Plus Printers serves as a one-stop-shop for all of your kraft paper boxes with lids California. So stop searching for ‘kraft boxes near me’ and reach out to us today! Our high-quality printing techniques ensure brilliant results that will last for years! Contact Plus Printers today to get started! Explore more at: Custom Mug Boxes | Custom Packaging Boxes Wholesale Tissue Packaging Boxes | Custom Packaging Boxes Custom Essential Oil Boxes | Custom Boxes With Free Shipping

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