What Is UV Coating in Packaging?

When it comes to packaging and custom printing, you’ve possibly come across the phrases UV coating or Spot UV Printing. The finishing touch on your custom packaging project can make a real difference in its success and whole aesthetics. Coatings protect your finishing product and give it a higher-end and sophisticated appearance. But what is spot UV, precisely? Should UV coating be considered for your printing? How can you print UV coating on the packaging? Let’s take a quick look at UV coating and why you need to consider this as part of your printed packaging to make your products shine.

What Is UV Coating?

UV coating starts with applying a wet compound on top of the paper that is then dehydrated using ultraviolet light. Usually, any paperboard can have a UV coating applied to it! However, frequently this technique works best with thicker paper. That’s what makes it perfect for packaging, particularly in folding carton applications. You can even take it up a mark and customize the extent of reflectivity of your final packaging. UV coating your advertising packaging initiatives can be very beneficial. As before mentioned, the main reason for opting for this packaging method is the aesthetics it brings to the table. It enriches your design and improves the theme of colors. This leads to increased client satisfaction as the packaging will have a high-end look. Moreover, UV coating also protects your packaging and allows it to last longer. Now that’s the proper return on investment!

The UV Coating Process!

UV coating is a well-known finishing process for packaging applications. The most generally used UV coating styles are high-gloss and matte, which can deliver the most pleasing feel to your packaging. In addition, UV coating can be applied to the entire product, one side, or even in a remarkable area known as spot UV coating. This is where the coating applies to definite points on your packaging, bringing attention to your design structures. It is a solid, liquid compound and includes the following ingredients to guarantee it is firmly bonded to the surface of the packaging.
  • Calcium
  • Carbonate
  • Kaolinite
  • Polyethylene
It can also highlight both the look and feel of custom packaging. The UV coating can apply to all bulk box surfaces or only to specified surfaces; the choice is yours!

What Is Spot UV?

Spot UV and spot gloss are techniques used in print finishing that involve putting a high-gloss UV coating on a definite area of the final printed product. The main reason for using spot UV is to make your printed material’s CMYK or PMS colors shine and seem more vibrant so that you can lure more attention to that targeted area. If a spot UV finish is applied to the brand or company logo, your custom logo will have a nice, glossy sheen. This benefits your brand to stand out with a more exceptional packaging design with an eye-catching appeal. It’s A Great Way to Work towards Creating Iconic Packaging! This printing method involves using ultraviolet (UV) light to help “cure” the coating that applies to defend the packaging (gloss or varnish). Not only does this benefit seal in the vividness of the color. But it also adds an extra layer of protection to the finished product. UV coatings can vary from a sleek look to a highly reflective shine. As the name suggests, this defensive coating only adds to specific areas with spot UV coating. When this posh area is exposed to UV light, the coating dries rapidly, letting designers get imaginative (and precise) with the covered area. Spot UV is an excessive way to lock in the shine and add a defensive touch over the areas of your custom packaging that are most significant to you.

What Are The Common Uses Of UV Coating?

UV coatings are a multipurpose technique utilized for all types of paper goods. However, it works great for thicker and heftier weights, such as rigid set-up boxes and custom corrugated packaging. UV coatings do a delightful job enhancing artwork designs and bringing them to life. You’ll most likely see this fine finish applied to classy packaging for a high-quality feel.

What Is The Type Of UV Coating? Let’s Explore!


Don’t Be Afraid To Be Great! As the name implies, gloss UV is all about the sheen and gloss. If you are looking for packaging with a lot of gloss, this would be the option. However, a word of caution: make sure everything is still evident on the package and avoid over-glossing. This overthrows the purpose of the process.

Matte UV:

On the other hand, the matte coating is a satin texture that allows colors to look more exciting and doesn’t leave fingerprints. Synonymous with stylishness and luxury, this type of finish can be used in final design areas to make them stand out. No problem which type you use; if you are looking for a high-end look to your wholesale packaging, you can’t go wrong with UV coating. At PlusPrintersUS, we have a diversity of printing options for your custom packaging. It makes every project stand out more than you imagine.

Pearlescent UV:

This form of coating offers a lustrous pearlescent glow. It combines Gloss UV coatings with metallic flecks in distinct colors to achieve this effect. In addition, it gives off a shimmering finish commonly used for cosmetics packaging.

Orange Peel UV:

Orange peel UV generates visual interest and exceptional tactile experience by combining a higher design with a textured finish. The textured finish adds a sensual element to your packaging that is eye-catching and exciting to handle.

The Advantages of UV Coating!

UV coating offers several benefits over other types of coating, including: High-Gloss, High-Shine Finish: Profound, dark colors appear more affluent and can almost look wet with the exact type of finish. This vivid look makes UV coating a popular choice for people who need its packaging design to stand out. High-Clarity: Logos and photographs are preferably suited for UV coating because of their ability to make them richer and brighter. Resistant to Scuffs: If your packaging moves a lot, you’ll be glad to know that UV coating offers an added layer of security, as it’s slightly thicker. It also fights accidental smudging and marking while still looking specialized and polished. Dries Immediately: The minute the coating hits the UV light, it dries rapidly, so there’s no waiting. Less waiting means less manufacturing time, which means you can ship out and bring your product into the hands of eager consumers faster. This is specifically true for e-commerce packaging since your packaging and product are often your only physical touchpoint with your consumers. Environmentally Friendly: UV-coated packaging material can reuse with your other materials, so it’s not hazardous to our environment.

Add A Little Shine To Your UV-Coated Packaging!

Different types of coating make your good’s packaging design stand out in different ways. It’s significant to know the kind of results you want to attain before beginning. Along with UV coating, there are definite additional options that you can include to generate a remarkably different effect. Believe In Yourself And Create The Best That Do Wonders For You!

Have Questions About UV Coating?

If you desire to know more about UV coating, contact us at PlusPrinters. We will provide you with a complete guide from the beginning to the last. In addition, if you want to print these coatings on your custom packaging boxes, then this is the right time for you. We will provide you with the best coating that will help make your package more shine and glossy. So what’s better than this? Could you hurry up and contact us now?  

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