Unique Candle Packaging Ideas for Your Business!

Thousands Of Candles Can Be Lit From A Single Candle; Happiness Never Decreases By Being Shared! 

That’s why PlusPrinters are here to share the complete guide on unique candle packaging ideas because we know it does wonders for your business and brings smiles!

  unique candle packaging ideas

If Passion Is The Powerful Force Behind Your Candle Business, Then Custom Packaging Should Complement Your Art.  

It’s clear that candles and their aroma have become a central part of our everyday lives. Besides, they are a well-known trend nowadays. Moreover, candles bring joy in all sorts of styles and textures, used on different occasions or gifted to the valued ones.

The overall perception is that if a product looks perfect from the outside, then it must be worthy on the inside. Let’s look at this differently. What if your precious candle not only looked and sensed good in the retail packaging but also had a high-end look that formed brand loyalty?

Its Means More Tremendous Success!

Are You Excited To Know The Exciting Packaging Ideas? 

If your answer is yes, then put your skates on and look below! 

In addition, let’s look at some excellent candle packaging ideas and tips for upgrading your brand to generate a fantastic first impression with your candle boxes.

Candle Packaging Ideas at PlusPrinters!

If you’re looking to wrap, present, and make that aroma stand out, we certainly have the greatest packaging. In addition, nothing creates a sense of peacefulness and calm, quite like a beautiful candle display. However, with so many selections in the candle market, how can you select the best product and candle type for your space? 

Let Us Help! 


Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about what packaging material and style of the box would look flawless for your candle because this piece of writing will give you a detailed guide!

Are You Ready? Hold A Mug Of Tea In Your Hand And Read This Till The End!

Tips for Different Types of Candles!

There’s no single way to do things with so many different types of gorgeous candles and brand personalities. Furthermore, check out our exciting tips for different gorgeous candles below that will surely help you ahead in your business!

  • Votive Candle!

Votive candles are an excessive way to add a decorative touch and comfy ambiance to your home or table setting year-round. In addition, if you’re looking for a useful candle that can be used in several ways around your home, look no further than a votive candle!

When thinking of custom votive candles, labels are the go-to option. But you can stand out on the retail shelf by doing things a bit differently…

If you’re looking for a superb packaging option, you can package your votive candles in a blank custom packaging box. Then, personalize the custom box with a printing label, and you’re already taking a massive leap in front of your competition. In addition, you can also bring your product promotion to another level using a custom printed box.

  • Taper Candle!

If you’re searching for an innovative way to add an elegant ambiance to your life, taper candles are an outstanding choice. Furthermore, these tall, slender candles look charming on a table as a centerpiece or just used as further decoration for holidays.


Whether It’s A Special Event Or The Holiday Season, Taper Candles Will Add A Warm Touch To Your Life.


In addition, when you think of taper candles, you don’t compare them with luxury or quality. Usually, nothing except the theme color or scent makes them stand out. And that’s where you can advance on things for your own taper candles.

  • Aromatherapy Candles!

Scent Is The Strongest Tie To Memory!


Perhaps your central focus is to offer delicate sensory experiences to your candle admirers. Consumers use aromatherapy candles for calming baths, yoga sessions, or stress relief. 

Furthermore, the luxury candle packaging boxes’ ideas include printing elements such as embossing, hot foiling, or inside printing. We’ll cover all these in a bit.

Make sure you make the most of that distinct fragrance by keeping your candles well packed. Moreover, select the box that fits your style, customize it, and let your consumers crave more.

  • Decorative Candles!

Decorative candles are slight pieces of art that embellish homes and workspaces. So your consumers love and desire them for their original design. In addition, they’ll either want to purchase your candles for themselves or offer them to loved ones in candle gift boxes.

Make sure you select suitable packaging that guarantees the integrity of the product. In addition, a durable box with or without an insert to stop the candle from moving can do the job. Plus, remember to modify it to reflect what’s inside, and you’ll upsurge brand perception.

  • Tealight Candles!

Tealights Are A Popular Choice For Accent Lighting And For Heating Scented Oil!

The creativity for tealight candles is boundless. They come in all types of colors, scents, and shapes. Despite this, the most mutual type of wrapping for tealights is that dull shrink-wrap.

Your tealights can make a change on the retail shelf. You can select from a simple white or kraft paperboard box to a customized one with a lovely cutout or display window. Apply a printing label or a suggestive sleeve, and it’s done. 

Your candle pack is already exceptional!

  • Hanna blossom to let her consumers see the flower candles in this botanic printed box.
  • Simple kraft paperboard to keep it modest and clear, with a branded label applied on the sleeve.
  • Pillar Candles!

Pillar candles have a thoughtful note, even if they come in the meekest form. Take this minimalism to the next level. Select an eye-catchy design or cutout for your wholesale boxes. Have a look at the two gorgeous examples below.

  • Minimal design and excellent package cutout – clean, clear, and fashionable in tone with the candle.
  • Another modest and bright solution for the natural and eco-friendly products made by Queen B.

Now let’s see why you should worry about the packaging in the initial place.

You don’t need to miss the next part…

Packaging Ideas for Candles- How to Add Value

You’re selling a great product, and your consumers are loyal. But you need more sales, right? The candle business is your desire. You put your emotion into it every day, so you want to build a family of loyal consumers – your people!

How about generating a link that builds and binds this relationship? This link is the packaging you select for your products. It’s your image. It conveys that you think highly of your products and value your consumers.


You Create A Brand Image.

You Get Customer Loyalty. Lastly, you boost Your Sales.


Simple, correct? Let’s take a faster look into why packaging adds worth to your business.

 1#: Packaging Provides Information


Your packaging must be solid and simple. Besides packaging material, colors, or any finishes you might need to add, your goal is to make people purchase your goods. In order to do that, you want a strong message about your brand and product. 

A memorable design is definitely a great benefit. At the same time, the product information they read on the packaging can influence their decision to set it in their basket or back on the shelf.


Let’s see what sort of information is usually included!

  • Brand and logo

It’s significant to let your customers know who made the product and benefit them remember it. Furthermore, make it cool for them to spot your candles among your competitors.

  • Product Name

You can select to give your candles an impressive name (like Black Orchid) or just write “beeswax candle” on the box. Both options are and will help your consumers classify the product easily.

  • Have a look at this classy gift package 

Aquiesse made sure to apply a grey logo on the candle jar, while it’s also clearly visible on the package box sleeve. 

It Is Attractively Done!

  • Type of the product

Perhaps you trade soy, usual beeswax, scented, or gel candles. Mention the type on the custom box. Some consumers prefer 100% natural products, or some might desire scented ones. It’s significant for the buyer to identify the preferred product to choose.

  • The Benefits

List a few benefits that your candle has. If it burns 24 hours, highlight that on the packaging box. If it smells marvelous, write a blurb about it. Furthermore, people purchase things for the benefits that a product has to offer.

  • Story or mission

Your brand’s story lets consumers know about the people behind the product. Share how your business took shape. Or tell them about your standards or mission. Let them feel they are paying to the well-being of the communities you support. Whatever makes you distinct – let them know.

  • Ingredients

The ingredients of your gorgeous candles can be an essential decision factor for a purchaser. Let’s suppose she’s observing for eco-friendly or toxic-free candles. Or she has an allergy to definite substances. Make sure always to list the materials and be in line with the applicable regulations.

  • Warnings

No matter how charming they are, candles are a potential security hazard if not used correctly. So make sure you contain cautionary labels and signs. In addition, most of them also have extra manufacturer guidelines on burning the candle properly.

  • Quantity

Some businesses also wish to have the quantity of the product (e.g., 7.9oz/185g). If that’s significant to you, but that on the label or the packaging box.

In addition, sometimes a few seconds are sufficient for the consumer to make a decision. Moreover, from our experience, you should never undervalue the importance of your brand message.


2#: The Packaging Impacts Brand Perception


Why would someone choose your candles from the shelf when there are numerous brands and varieties? And how does your style stand out from the competition?

In addition, pleasantly labeled tins or jars, witty tags, and ribbons on the candles can do a great job of grabbing eyeballs. But there’s the next level. In addition, excellent packaging and labeling matter for your brand image because it shows a message. 

The message is that you show worth and respect for both your goods and your customers. Moreover, it means that their experience is imperative to you.


Be a Reason behind a Smile:


A Warm Smile Is The Universal Language Of Kindness, So Be The Reason!


Imagine this… A husband may desire to offer a gift to his wife at a special event. Or a daughter may desire to bring some joy to her mother on her birthday. Through your goods, you can directly contribute to an unforgettable moment.

Think about the desire of that person when they see and touch the smooth and attractively colored paper box wrapped with a classy ribbon. Imagine the eagerness of opening it and seeing what’s inside. Moreover, the shape, color, smell, and emotion are all related to your brand.

In addition, the way your packages look can turn love at first sight for your goods into a long-lasting one. Without a doubt, this adds worth to your business, builds brand loyalty, and upsurges your sales.


Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But there’s even more!


3#: The Packaging Provides Protection

Let’s be authentic; you invested blood, sweat, and tears into your goods. But now they have to reach your consumers safely and in one piece. Furthermore, you absolutely wouldn’t want to see all your efforts melting away.

Besides trying to make a lasting impression and selling, you’re also dealing with fewer fun things as a candle creator. Furthermore, shipping, handling, and storage can rapidly become a nightmare. And the last thing you need is for your candles to be damaged during shipping or on the shelves.

Moreover, worthy packaging stops candle deformation, braking, or melting. 

  • Keep Your Candles Safe:

Suppose your customer desires to purchase her favorite pumpkin jar candle, but she’s in for wonder at the store.  The box is nowhere to be found, the candle is broken, and she can hardly feel the fragrance. It’s not what she was looking for. Proper packaging would have prevented this.

In addition, the same is used for low temperatures (freezing included) and moisture. It harms the candle and the wick, which are very vulnerable to such problems.

Whether you’re delivering your candles in jars, tins, or a paperboard box – always go for excellence. It will support their fragility and preserve their feature & scent. 

In addition, your job is to ensure they are harmless within the box to arrive undamaged on the retail shelves and finally in your buyers’ hands.


4#: Exceptional Candle Packaging Ideas – Create Multiple Designs

Probabilities are you may have numerous types of scented candles. How can purchasers differentiate between them or receive the message you’re trying to convey? 

In addition, if you’re marketing candles with various fragrances, it’s good to generate a visual distinction for each product. This way, the clients will associate the color with the scent or theme.

  • We love how Wiff select bright and playful colors to define their candles with different fragrances and witty names. 

Now that’s something very imaginative!


Candle Packaging Ideas for Boxes, Finishes, and Materials:

Candles come in all sorts of custom shapes and sizes. They vary from having a shrink wrap with a printing label to candles that are in an association of their own. Beautiful, lavish, and distinct.


What Type Of Custom Packaging Do You Think Fits Your Brand Best?

Remember, packaging describes you and your product. In addition, it generates a connection between you and your customer. When deciding what kind of candle packaging suits your product best, keep in mind the experience you want your consumers to have.

Furthermore, make it exceptional and captivating. In addition, adopt an innovative design that will show your brand’s logo and name and benefit you stand out. 1#: Type of Boxes:

Here are some of the custom packaging box types that we offer and are appropriate for candles. You can select the best one for your candles and modify it as you wish.

  • Lock bottom box!

 Sturdy and robust – the lowest locking tabs close together into a secure fit that works well with heavier products.

  • Crash Bottom Box!

 The crash bottom box has folds glued together, making it flawless for the heavy stuff. Your candle vessels won’t slip out of the custom box.

  • Sleeve Packaging!

 Open at both ends; a sleeve effortlessly slides over the product or a blank and custom-made box.


2#: Candle Packaging Ideas- Choose The Suitable Material:


A Way to Light Your World!


A quality product wants high-quality custom material. It can say a lot about you and your product. Furthermore, it’s part of your brand image. For instance, kraft paperboard made out of 100% post-customer recycled material often proposes that you care about the atmosphere.


Have You thought About The Custom Material You Want To Use For Your Candle Boxes?

Always keep in mind that it must not only suit your design necessities, but it must be a perfect match for your candle type, too. 

In addition, a jar candle, for instance, desires a box made of durable material, and it must have a sturdy and robust bottom. Otherwise, you risk your goods slipping out and breaking.

A crash bottom box provides extra bottom support for jar candles. Select a thick white paperboard printed with your design and typography. Moreover, this is also a perfect solution for scented candles as it stops the scent from fading away.


Make The Suitable Material That Really Matters!

Combine any design with a robust paperboard, and your candles will be harmless. 


In addition, let’s have a Rapid Look at the Material Options…

  • Premium SSB Paperboard
  • Brown kraft Paperboard
  • Metallic Paperboard
  • Premium SSB Paperboard:

Our Premium SSB Paperboard (Solid Bleached Sulphate) is 55% recycled, 30% of which is post-customer waste material. To create the paper white, the pulp is bleached. 

In addition, our 17.2pt and 19.2pt paperboard have a covered top surface in one layer (C1S), while our 24pt paperboard has both surfaces coated (C2S).

  • Brown Kraft Paperboard:

Kraft Paperboard is an eco-friendly substitute for packaging materials. First, it describes your image as a producer committed to environmental sustainability and natural goods. 

Second, it can also be a superb choice if you want to provide your collection with a vintage look. Besides, third, it offers a sensory experience as kraft paper has a minor texture, mostly pleasant to touch. However, all these can differentiate your brand from other competitors.


Be the Change That You Wish To See In the World by Opting For Eco-Friendly Packaging Products!

  • Metallic Paperboard

Metalized paperboard has a well silver film substrate that makes any color look metallic without perishes or hot foil stamping. Also, you can select if you want the glossy effect to cover the complete box or just some parts of it. 

Read more about custom printing on metallic paper and get in touch if you’ve got some specific requirements for your candles.


Next, Let’s Go Deeper And See How You Can Make Your Candle Packaging Look Exceptional!

3#: Cutouts, Lamination, or Coating

In addition, coatings, cutouts, and laminates create your packaging stronger and provide extra defense against scratches or abrasion.


Gloss UV Coating:

  • Default coating
  • UV liquid coating
  • Safety against sun rays

Gloss Laminate:

  • Slick and glossy finish
  • Charming surface
  • Adds thickness and power to the box

Spot Gloss Coating:

  • Gloss coating on firm areas
  • In contrast styles, the glossy area “pops up.”

Foil Stamping:

  • Shine-free
  • Smooth surface
  • Adds thickness and power to the box

Scuff-Proof Laminate:

  • Very smooth sheen, not a full true matte finish
  • Adds extra thickness, strength to the custom box

Soft-Touch Laminate:

  • Ideal for generating a sensory appeal
  • Hints to luxury
  • Adds strength to the box

4#: Hot Foil Stamping, Embossing, Or Debossing

In addition, these coatings take your packaging efforts to the resulting level. Plus, they won’t break your budget!


Matte Laminate:

  • Metallic foil effect
  • Highlights a logo or a printing design element
  • Combined with embossing produces a striking 3D image


  • Tridimensional raised design on the box
  • Highlights logos or precise elements of the brand
  • Lavish touch sensation


  • The tridimensional depressed (lowered) pattern on the bulk box
  • Combined with other post-printing methods, it offers a fully tactile experience

Inside Printing:

  • Adds worth to the packaging
  • Inside space continues the brand story
  • Flawless for instructions or inspiring messages


  • Cuts of any custom shape and size that allow seeing the candles inside
  • It can be smeared on any paper white, kraft, or metallic


Inserts are an excellent way to add additional protection to your candles. They stop the candle from moving inside the box.

We can style your box inserts to fit your item size to excellence. And you can also design them so the complete box looks more attractive.



Cutouts of all custom shapes and sizes make boxes more attractive, and customers can get a sneak peek of the product. If they can get it, smell it, experience it – chances are much higher they’ll buy it.


Candle Packaging- A Symbol of Brightness and Hope!

Candle labels are a profitable packaging solution. In addition, they can be smeared on a blank box, wrapping, or straight on the candle. Furthermore, the candle labels enable you to:

  • Provide simple and strong information
  • Make your product stand out through theme color and typography
  • Keep reliability with the rest of the packaging

Eye-Catching Candle Packaging with Labels from PlusPrintersUSA!

Are you considering giving your custom candle boxes an eye-catching look? But you don’t know which packaging company provides you with the best labels? Here are the PlusPrinters, for all your packaging needs. 


Yes, We Are Great At It!

In addition, below are the custom printing label types we produce. Any selection you make will look amazing on your candles.


Type of Labels:

White label:
  • It is printed on white or simple film. Any color can be printed on the topmost of the white ink. Labels:  
  • Printed on see-through background film. The illusion of an “invisible label.” Labels:
  • It is printed on a grey substrate. It makes all printed colors appear metallic.

In addition, our labels are waterproof, and informal to peel and apply. What’s more, you can also enhance hot foil stamping to their surface, making your candle labels seem classier. 


Here below is the list of our lamination!

  • Gloss Laminated Labels: 

Adds a sparkly finish and a very reflective surface to the label area.

  • Matte Laminated Labels:

In addition, adds a subtle, non-glossy finish for a distinct effect.

  • Soft-Touch Laminated Labels:

Generates a shine-free surface, offering a smooth feel and elegant look.


Wherever your imagination leads you, we are here to make it happen!

Candle Warning Labels:  

Safety And Warning Labels Are A Necessity For Keeping Consumers And Employees Aware Of Any Dangerous Situations That May Arise!


Candles are charming objects that captivate our senses. Nevertheless, they are burning with a visible flame and are a possible health and safety hazard.

You must fully understand the government laws before printing your labels or tags as a candle manufacturer. Furthermore, the National Candle Association approves that most warning labels have the following three critical rules for candle fire safety:

In addition, burn within Sight, Preserve Away from Combustibles, and Keep Away from Children.


Let Sine Your Packaging With Us!

We understand the desire and effort you’ve put into your business. Supporting limited businesses and entrepreneurs is one of our core values. We’re here for you all step of the way. In addition, we have numerous designs and sizes that you can select according to your desire. 

You don’t have to worry about its quality because we use durable quality material that will surely benefit you and your brand. Furthermore, it helps you make your name high in the marketplace.

In addition, if you’re looking for an excellent packaging solution that is reasonable and made in the US, get in touch with us. Moreover, we take the discomfort out of the procedure while keeping you in the loop. So you can care about what you do best. We can’t delay serving you!


Have A Good Day!

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