Top 5 Inspiring Design Ideas for Rigid Boxes

Every Company’s Greatest Assets Are Its Customers Because There Is No Company Without Customers. So It’s Essential To Make Them Happy? But How To? Use Our Top 5 Inspiring Design Ideas For Rigid Boxes! We Guarantee You Can’t Be Disappointed Rigid boxes are your most fantastic choice for the luxury appearance and feel. These paper-based boxes provide rigidity, protection, and a classy feel to your products. Whether you are packaging jewelry, perfumes, or even heavy items, the top 5 inspiring design ideas for rigid boxes are your best bet. Additionally, you can modify them to your liking – from printing on the inside and outside the box to going for enhancements. Such as embossing your logo, using foil-stamped designs, and more!

What Are Rigid Boxes?

The top 5 inspiring design ideas for rigid boxes, also called rigid setup boxes, are made mostly of sturdy and thick cardboard. These wholesale boxes are typically rigid and come pre-assembled. However, they can also fold, making them informal to store and transport. These custom printed rigid boxes are a great alternative to plastic packaging. Our rigid boxes are made of highly durable material, making them 100% recyclable. Opt-out of the use of classy lamination, and these boxes end up becoming biodegradable.
Say No To Plastic. And Opt Our Rigid Boxes. Because Without Plastic, All Are Fantastic, And You Ae Majestic!

The Tops 5 Inspiring Designs of Rigid Boxes

A well-thought-out and designed bulk rigid box can enhance your consumers’ unboxing experience and put your brand or product top of mind. In addition, it also styles it more likely that they will share photos of your packaging if they find it interesting, thereby increasing your company awareness online. In detail, according to Dotcom distribution, 61% of customers say that they would repeat the purchase of a luxury product if it came in exceptional packaging. If, for you, this means emerging your existing rigid box designs or starting from scratch, worry not! We have compiled a list of worthy ideas that could be included in your packaging design and get your imaginative juices flowing.

1 – Rigid Box with Inserts:

Custom-designed box inserts are an excessive way to secure your product in place while also ensuring your consumers can see all the custom products the way you intend when they open the printing box. To give your customized packaging that comfy touch, consider printing on the insert itself. Also read: Explore the printing Range of Rigid Boxes For Top Luxury Brands In addition, you can even deboss your brand logo onto the insert to give it that extra comfy touch of branding. This also allows you to show the packaging in stores to see the products and the branding material. Custom rigid packaging boxes with a separate base and lid are usually easy to work with. You can print on the box lid and base in contrasting brand colors and develop it further with foil stamping, spot UV, and even custom stickers.

2 – Rigid Magnetic Boxes with Additional Closures:

Magnetic rigid boxes guarantee your products are safely enclosed in the box during shipment. Additionally, this adds to the appeal of the rigid packagingand the brand. In turn, the consumers attract to the custom box’s look and look forward to unboxing the product, given that there is more to do than simply popping open the packaging box.

4 – Rigid Stackable Box:

If you have multiple goods to package or have two parts to the same product, consider custom stackable rigid boxes with a magnetic lid. In addition, this type of no minimum box allows you to separate your products into two groups and package them in two stackable trays. The magnetic lid attached to the lowest tray holds the entire structure exactly. When transporting the product, it is essential that it would be perfect to package this premium box.

5 – Rigid Box with Window:

The window on the lid of the custom rigid box gives consumers a sneak peek into the products packaged inside. The ribbon allows consumers to open the high-quality box, given the magnetic lid easily. Windows can also show the product type if you offer different diversities of the same product. Moreover, it can effortlessly display on store shelves and retail counters for consumers to view. In addition, with these new and trendy ideas, you can now grow your existing rigid box packaging or start working on new designs. In addition, if you want to have them, contact PlusPrinters, the top packaging company in the market.

Make Your Luxury Packaging Thrilling For Your Consumers:

Rigidbranded packaging boxes come with so many distinct options. These custom packaging boxes are attractive and protective at the same time. In addition, these custom-made boxes can easily be used for various purposes. One of the best noticeable things is the packaging material of these boxes. Yeah, it is evident by the name that rigid packaging material uses to manufacture these custom boxesThis is one of the firmest materials in all the available materials. Furthermore, this exceptional feature makes it more outstanding. With this material, you can assure the safety of your products.

Customers Interact With and Purchase More Products:

The packaging of a product is the initial thing a potential buyer touches. It’s no wonder that premium businesses prefer rigid boxes wholesale for their package printing needs. Brands understand that consumers expect a well-rounded experience from the moment they purchase a product to the moment they carry it home and use it. Furthermore, when customers see a product’s luxurious packaging, they will want to pick it up for a closer look. Well-made top 5 inspiring design ideas for rigid boxes often contribute to a gratifying solid feeling for the buyer, making them appealing packaging synonymous with the high-quality goods. I Think You Want to Know More About: How To Make A Distinctive Impression On Your Customers With The Use Of Custom Rigid Boxes? Read This!

Get What You Want:

When looking for rigid boxes supplier and other similar products online, you must consider the standing status of the wholesaler you are dealing with. Significantly, you identify a trustworthy dealer who can give you the best quality packaging supplies at competitive charges. This is something you cannot concession on, and hence, it is essential to find a reputed and high-quality wholesale supplier for rigid boxes and other such products. By thorough the web and identifying the same top 5 inspiring design ideas for rigid boxes. Then you can speedily get hold of the best products at wholesale rates and dramatically increase your industry profits.

Where to Buy the Best Quality Custom Rigid Boxes?

Contact us if you find it difficult searching for high-quality custom rigid packaging boxes. PlusPrintersUSA offers you the best quality rigid boxes that will help you make your name high in the marketplace. In addition, you don’t have to worry about its quality because our manufacturer’s team uses durable packaging material and adds more charm to your packaging boxes. PlusPrintersUSA offers our customers free shipping on every order of custom packaging boxes. So what better than this? Book your orders now before it’s late!  

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