Displaying products in an organized and attractive way can help increase sales, with display boxes helping achieve that goal. There are many custom display boxes for different purposes, including promotional materials and retail products. Working out what is needed for the specific product and what display options are available will help ensure a high-quality, versatile display that brings in the customers.

What Are Custom Display Boxes?

Custom display boxes are one of the best packaging solutions that help present your product attractively. They usually feature an open face that makes the product easy to place and take out. The purpose of a display box is to attract attention instantly. Hence, they are decorated with eye-catching custom prints that feature various product and brand aspects. Retailers enjoy lining up their shelves with counter display boxes to attract more customers. Sales personnel also use these custom boxes to emphasize certain aspects of the product to boost sales even further. Before we head into the top 10 things to consider when choosing the right custom display boxes, let’s take our time to study why you need them in the first place.

Why Your Business Needs Custom Display Boxes?

Many companies, big and small, wrestle with this question. “Why should I invest in custom display boxes?” Hopefully, you’ll get your answer by the end of this section. We’ll discuss the following points that will help turn you over:
  • Elevates your brand
  • Provides more information
  • It makes your brand stand out
  • Versatility
  • Increases impulse sales
  • Grabs customers’ attention
  • Fulfill marketing goals
  • Package bundle deals
  • Cost and space-effective
Let’s go over the points in the above list one by one.

Elevates Your Brand

Custom display boxes help elevate your brand image (Expand Your Business by Using Display Packaging). High-quality, well-designed custom retail display boxes help you create a lasting impression that sticks to customers’ minds. Custom display boxes highlight some important product aspects, including the following:
  • Special occasions, such as Halloween
  • Features and In-store offers
  • Price point and brand positioning
Branding elements on the box’s exterior heavily affect sales. For example, many top brands use custom packaging to create a lasting impression about their brand image. Brand recognition happens when customers can notice your product by identifying these aspects on the exterior of your custom retail packaging.

Provides More Information

Custom display boxes are not just used to present a product but also include information about the contents of your package. This information can include product sizing, ingredients, warnings, usage information, etc. Custom retail display boxes are one of the best ways to get more information about your product. Consumers love knowing all they need to know before making a purchase decision. By doing so, you increase the likelihood of offering a better customer experience. Thus, customers can trust your brand more and will be more attracted to buy from you.

Makes Your Brand Stand Out

How do your custom display boxes make your brand stand out? Well, there are a lot of ways in which this happens. But the most important thing is providing a high-quality product at reasonable prices that customers can’t resist (Different Ways to Power Your Life and Business Through Display Packaging). Custom printed counter display boxes help emphasize your brand image and message. They also show off your product’s best features, so customers can see exactly what they’re getting before purchasing it. An essential aspect of making your brand stand out is including logos and colors that represent your brand accurately. Furthermore, you can use a consistent packaging style throughout your product line. That way, customers can identify your products quickly and buy based on their previous experience with your brand.


Custom display boxes offer versatility because you can design them in spectacular ways. Imagine creating jewelry display boxes with a window cut-out. That would help shoppers see the items on display while letting them know what’s inside without opening the box. You can use a clear front while printing all crucial details about your product on the back of the custom display boxes. Custom boxes don’t have to be just simple packaging solutions. You can spice them up by including separate compartments that store complementing items. For example, you can include a separate compartment to store accessories like rings or chains if you sell jewelry. You can create extra space for makeup brushes and sponges if you are selling cosmetics.

Increases Impulse Sales

Custom display boxes increase impulse sales because they hook customers at a unique touchpoint in their customer journey. For example, a counter display box might catch a customer’s attention when they walk into a retail store. That way, you can create a lasting impact by making it easy for them to decide what to buy right then and there. They also work wonders when people are about the leave the store. For example, small display boxes near cash registers help compel customers to buy one more item before leaving. Custom display boxes help create urgency in customers by placing products within touching distance.

Grabs Customers’ Attention

Custom display boxes help ensure that your product gets seen. And because you can customize your packages to reflect your brand, they make it much easier for customers to remember your store or website. Using add-ons like debossed lettering and logos can create a lasting impression on customers. Custom retail display boxes grab customers’ attention by making your products stand out from the crowd (Thinking Out of the “Box”: Improve Customer Retention with Display Boxes). They also keep your brand in front of potential customers by leaving an impactful impression. Furthermore, you can create something unlike anything your customers have seen before by using creative packaging styles. These little things add up to provide a great customer experience. Ultimately, this enhances the likelihood of returning to you for more products.

Fulfill Marketing Goals

One of the best things custom display boxes can do for your brand is work as a marketing tool (How to Use Retail Or Wholesale Display Packaging Boxes to Market Your Brand). For example, you can use custom printed counter display boxes to do things like:
  • Provide product information and images
  • Highlight logos and colors that represent your brand
  • Include details about an offer to get customers’ attention
  • Create a buzz in customers about upcoming products and deals
  • Enhance brand and product reach out by displaying them on the packaging
You can use custom display boxes to help fulfill your marketing goals. In business, branding is critical since it gives a company a competitive edge. Custom retail packaging provides you that advantage by helping you catch customers’ attention towards the end of their customer journey.

Package Bundle Deals

Speaking of creating a buzz in customers about products, you can use your display boxes for packaging bundles. Custom display boxes help you bundle products in creative ways while also making them more appealing to customers. After all, who can say no to a bargain? Custom display boxes for packs and sets let people know that they’re getting a great deal by including multiple items in one package. People will be more likely to buy it if they know that they’re getting a good deal. You can include samples of upcoming products or even show appreciation to customers by giving them something extra. Customers’ attention will already be on your product due to the attractive display boxes. That’ll be a perfect time to impress them with a bundle deal or other promotional offer.

Cost And Space-Effective

One of the best things about small display boxes is that you don’t need to spend a fortune in manufacturing them. Furthermore, they won’t take up much real estate on your countertops. That means you can incorporate them into your business without re-arranging your store layout. They are low-cost, but they can also be made in a way that requires little to no assembly. That allows you to get them ready for customers quickly. Let’s face it, when it comes to retail, time is money. The fact that custom display boxes are easy to assemble means that you can quickly put the product on display without wasting too much time. By now, you should have a solid idea of why you need custom display boxes (Benefits of Display Packaging to Prevent You from Packaging Disaster). Now, let’s move towards the top 10 essential considerations you should make when choosing custom display boxes.

10 Things To Remember When Choosing Custom Display Boxes

This section will cover all you need to remember when looking for custom retail display boxes. We are going to look at the following points: 1 Choose a display box type that fits your product 2 Find the suitable material for your boxes 3 Consider custom colors and graphics 4 Add ease of use to your product packaging 5 Consider the target audience 6 Prefer unique designs 7 Use high-quality printing 8 Use Finishing Coats 9 Adding the brand logo 10 Remember to check for safety Refer to the above points and see how they apply to your product.

1 Choose A Display Box Type That Fits Your Product

When choosing custom retail display boxes, you need to consider how they’ll be used. It’s best to choose a box design that will meet most of your needs. For example, if you consider selling jewelry to your clients, it’s best to choose a box with an open front and clear plastic. You can use this display box type to showcase the items and allow customers to check out their features and design before purchasing quickly. Likewise, if you are selling candies, it’ll be helpful to have a box type with a transparent lid and paperboard. That will allow you to protect the candy from any damage during transit. Since your customers are most likely to buy candies based on their appearance, this type of box will let them see the product clearly without opening it up first. Final note: The display box type depends on your product and its storage.

2 Find The Suitable Material For Your Boxes

Materials play a significant role in determining the quality of custom display boxes. Furthermore, the growing trend of using eco-friendly packaging materials should also be kept in mind for the benefit of your business. For example, using paper packaging materials made using recycled paper is a great way to make a positive environmental impact. Additionally, it can save you money because these materials are cheaper than non-recycled paper and offer the same level of durability. Final note: The right packaging material choice will depend on your usage. The corrugated cardboard will be ideal for long-distance shipping and storage as a quick guide. At the same time, cardstock and rigid paperboard will help carry custom prints impressively.

3 Consider Custom Colors And Graphics

The right color and design will help your products stand out more than they already do. Customers like packaging with vibrant colors and graphics. That’s because it makes them more curious about the product. The first impression of your products is critical, so you need to make sure that they are eye-catching enough to attract the right kind of audience. Let’s not forget that custom graphics can help communicate specific messages for your target audience. Plus, it adds personality and improves the overall look of your products. Final note: Custom printing and colors can help instantly impact customers. However, beware that going overboard might make your brand seem more tacky than classy.

4 Add Ease Of Use To Your Product Packaging

Custom display boxes shouldn’t be a hassle, especially for customers who want a quick and easy shopping experience. For example, you don’t want your customers to struggle with opening the box during checkout. Instead, it should be easy for them to open and inspect your products hassle-free without damaging them. Adding magnetic closures and sticky tape openings helps speed up the buying process. Furthermore, it’s also wise to consider adding retractable handles and casters to some of your custom display boxes. That way, you can help customers easily transport or move the boxes while checking out at the store. Final note: Your customers don’t want a hard time carrying your products around. Therefore, it’s best to add ease of use and portability to your product packaging

5 Consider The Target Audience

There is no point in using extravagant custom display boxes if they aren’t suitable for the type of audience you are targeting. For example, suppose your target audience consists primarily of women. In that case, it’s best to go with designs that feature elegant colors and shapes. Likewise, if you’re working in a specific industry like healthcare or education, it would be better to choose professional boxes that fit nicely with the industry you’re working in. Final note: Consider the type of audience you target and tailor your packaging to them.

6 Prefer Unique Designs

Custom display boxes allow you to let your creative juices flow (Keys to Designing Eye-Popping Display Packaging). They are the perfect medium to showcase your creativity, especially when you think of unique packaging designs different from everyone else. So, it’s best to create unique custom display boxes with interesting shapes or designs that help impress potential customers. Final note: Be creative! Designing unusual custom display boxes help generate more attention from consumers. Sometimes these types of designs become the talking point because they are exciting.

7 Use High-Quality Printing

One of the worst things you can do when choosing display boxes is to go for cheap printing. The reason is that the poor quality will be evident to customers, which naturally results in making them lose their trust. Many customers associate print quality with product quality. Hence, it’s best to work with reputed brands that offer high-quality printing at affordable prices. That way, you can ensure your brand is always associated with premium products and services. Final note: Using high-resolution printing helps improve the overall appearance of your custom display boxes. It also makes them more efficient at communicating messages and information to customers.

8 Use Finishing Coats

Custom prints are sometimes not enough to make the packaging appealing. Therefore, it’s best to use finishing coats that enhance the overall appearance of your custom display boxes. For example, you can choose between satin and matte finishes. Both of these coatings help improve the look of your product packaging considerably. Additionally, these finishes also prevent the ink from scratching off or smudging. As a result, it’s best to choose finishing coats that offer you weather resistance and durability at an affordable price. Final note: Using finishing coats enhances the appearance of custom display boxes and helps protect them from damage or weathering from time to time.

9 Adding The Brand Logo

One of the most important aspects of custom display boxes is having your brand logo featured on them. After all, you worked hard to build a brand with a reputation for quality and excellence. It would be short-sighted not to highlight your name or logo when presenting your products through custom display boxes. However, it’s best to avoid adding the logo in a way that overpowers other elements on the box. Also, it’s best to add logos at hidden places to avoid cluttering up your product packaging. Final note: Brand awareness is vital when marketing products, and displaying your brand name or logo prominently should be prominent. However, it shouldn’t overpower the overall design of your custom display boxes.

10 Remember To Check For Safety

One of the final things to consider when choosing custom display boxes is whether they are safe to use or not. For example, ensure the container doesn’t have sharp edges that may injure customers while unpacking your product. At the same time, it’s best to avoid using custom display boxes that are prone to leaks and spillage. As such, it’s best to check various samples before finalizing the design and size of the custom display boxes. Final note: Avoid using custom display boxes that can harm customers. Look for safe ones and ensure they meet all safety requirements set by federal or state regulatory agencies.

To Sum It All Up

This blog has covered everything you need to know about display boxes. We have covered why you need them and what to look for when choosing the right ones. Whether you want to buy ready-made custom display boxes or design them yourself, Plus Printers can help you. Contact us today and take your product presentation to the next level! Further Reading: Go Forth All Past Disasters and Conquer the Business with Display Boxes!  

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