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No matter how much we talk about custom packaging and innovation in the packaging industry, the topic seems never-ending; we can easily write a book on it. So much has changed, and the world is blessed with packaging. Companies and individuals enjoy the packaging of their products that are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and marketing and promoting products like never before. Custom sleeve boxes  are one of the innovations in packaging and are gaining popularity with each day passing. These boxes are in use by several industries and are a hot favourite for many newcomers. Read further to see why these boxes are so special.

The Secret that Packaging Holds

As you know, when we go out shopping, we go through a lot of things while we are in a mall. The shopping store has so much to offer that choosing one thing over another is very difficult. So, some people opt for the brands they know about. When someone reaches the shelves of the product they want to buy in a hyper store, they see other brands offering the same products and get things from the other brand many times. What do you think makes it happen, and a person changes his mind towards buying the product from the alternate brand? It’s the product packaging and its appealing look. Packaging can make your product look valuable and devalue it at the same. If the packaging is good enough, it can make the product feel better than others available in the market. The sleeve packaging is one such packaging option that changes the minds of the buyers instantaneously.

What’s Different About the Sleeve Boxes

Cardboard sleeve packaging is not just like the normal boxes that open up conventional ways and have a lid. These boxes come in two different parts, with one sliding over the other. The sliding effect makes them superior then the others as they provide an exceptional unboxing experience. One of the great examples of sleeve boxes is the Samsung phone boxes. Samsung cares about the customer’s unboxing experience and has been using the sleeve box packaging for years now. The effort is very little, but the outcome is great in terms of the investment made.

Custom sleeve boxes

Sleeve boxes are stylish and spacious, both at the same time. No compromise has to be made on putting things in the sleeve box as the tray is visible when it slides out. sleeve boxes   The custom sleeve packaging boxes come in several sizes. We make the packaging boxes just according to the requirement of your product. Just let us know the dimensions of your product, and we will take care of the rest for you. The product that does not fit into the packaging tends to face greater damage than any product that fits in and does not move.

Get The Attention with Printing

Printing today is one of the most important parts of packaging. Without printing, the packaging seems like a nobody. Printing is like the foundation of the packaging but comes in later. Plus, printers offer printing that screams quality. Printing the packaging is the only way through which you can tell the customers about your product. sleeve boxes Now you can print your unique new idea on your sleeve boxes and get the results immediately. The product description is very important as many clients want to know what they are buying and how they are to be used. The printing services that we offer in the USA enable you to get all the necessary information required on your sleeve boxes and increase their value.

Types of printing

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Litho-lamination
  • Flexo Printing
  • UV Printing
  • Silk Screen Printing

Finish Options

With the custom printed sleeve boxes, you can also get the amazing finish option that we provide. We specialize in making one of the best packing boxes in the USA. The finish options will make your product packaging boxes one of a kind and make it one of the best markets. Below are the finish options that you can get to make an impact.
  • Laminating
  • Varnishing
  • UV Varnishing
  • Spot UV
  • Perforation
  • Embossing
  • Foil Stamping
  • AQ Coating

Eco-friendly sleeve boxes

Everyone is concerned about nature, and so are we. We offer recyclable cardboard boxes. Even if you discard them, they will not harm the environment, contributing to a greener earth. Several well-known brands as using eco-friendly packaging, and they also mention it on the packaging. This, in the long run, enhances the image of the brand as a whole. Plus, printers know what is trending and what’s better for you. We have a talented team here to help you through all the product packaging and its making process. At each stage, you will be InTouch with us so that we can make things according to your expectations.

Gift sleeve boxes

As we know by now that the sleeve custom packaging provides a great unboxing experience, so why not get the better out of it. In fact, people are getting the most out of it. People use custom sleeve boxes as gift boxes. These boxes are made so that they are ready to present, and no further modifications are required. If you are a company and make products such as clothes, you should start considering presenting clothes in sleeve packing boxes, which will surely increase your sales Instead of buying products and then getting them wrapped, people prefer packaging such as sleeve boxes.

Wholesale Sleeve Boxes

There is no better deal than the sleeve boxes at wholesale. It is nothing new when you say that you get these boxes at the lowest possible rates when buying in bulk.

Subscription Boxes by Plus Printers

For Plus printers, client satisfaction is everything. We provide the packaging solutions that suit you and do not burden you. If you are short on space and do not have the place to keep the boxes in bulk, you can get a weekly or monthly subscription. It will do that you will get the boxes on a weekly or monthly basis, and you will be able to fulfill your requirement and save a lot of money at the same time.

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