The convenience of Custom Pillow Boxes in the Modern Package Industry

When reflecting on the current packaging industry, Pillow boxes frequently come to the hearing. Do you think why? They have made their space as becoming one of the most reliable and customer-friendly packaging solutions.   Above all, they cover all the product niches and genres and can be used as packaging for them. But first things first. What are custom pillow boxes?   Boxes that are pillow-shaped and have two sides to insert the product. Moreover, both sides are protected with sleeve covers to keep the product secure in the box.   So, I hope now you have little idea of what are pillow packaging boxes. Without further ado let’s dig into its convenience in the packaging industry.

Why are companies diverting to pillow boxes as primary packaging?

  According to the Packaging World report of 2020, pillow boxes are taking place of all other packaging boxes due to their convenience. Companies prefer to package their product safely and attractively, so the customer gets what they want. Almost 57% of the packaging boxes are pillow boxes in the market as stated by the Packaging Digest survey.   It is evident that the customer wants that the product he or she ordered will be delivered securely and exactly what they or wants. Brands use cardboard pillow boxes to package the product.   Here, I can guess that you are thinking that cardboard boxes are used as shipping boxes, but the truth is that brands use cardboard pillow-shaped boxes as primary boxes for their product. No doubt it is also used as shipping boxes in the industry.   The second most important element is the appearance or presentation of packaging. Custom pillow boxes take lead here too. Packaging companies offer unlimited customization options to create pillow packaging as the brands require. Hence, the issue of appearance becomes resolved as whatever design someone has will be printed on the boxes.   Leading brands use pillow boxes printing facilities of packaging solution providers to create their own designed pillow packaging boxes to make their statement in the competitive market.

Pillow Boxes cover almost every niche in the market!

  Since E-commerce came to its boom, the packaging market face a revolutionary change. The brands are looking for sustainable packaging solutions for their products. They prefer the packaging box style that caters to their needs. If the box has those qualities which are required, it will go with the flow, otherwise, it is useless. So, the basic need of brands is to give a friendly experience to their customers. Here comes the custom-designed pillow boxes. Almost every niche of the market uses these boxes nowadays. Let me paint you a broader picture of all those industries in which it is used.

Cosmetic Industry:

  One of the most expensive and luxurious products is in the cosmetic industry. Therefore, its packaging must be up to the mark. A massive number of cosmetic brands are turning towards pillow-shaped boxes. Nivea, Garnier, Clinique, Christian Dior, and many other brands use these packaging boxes.   Hair extensions, lip glosses, and balms, eyelashes are the topmost products that these brands package in pillow packaging. in addition to that the most packaged product in this packaging is soap as it has the exact shape as the package. An example is imperial and royal lather soaps. Also, one of the most important reasons to utilize these boxes in the cosmetic industry is their attractive designs and lavish appearance.

Used for Food Items:

  A huge number of food items are packaged in pillow packaging boxes on a massive scale. Items like candy sticks, marshmallows, cupcakes, chocolate cereals, nuts, nutrition bars, and many other items like that are packaged in pillow packaging.   You are thinking about why this packaging is useful for food items? It is beneficial because they are sturdy and long-lasting and can survive on the shelf for more time. Also, it is according to the need of the product.   Taking it further many brands also pack their liquified products in pillow-shaped packaging. You are thinking about how liquid can sustain in this package. The answer is simple it has layers that keep the liquid in it. Moreover, it is airtight and has a laminated surface therefore, the product remains safe in it.

Apparel Packaging:

  Another niche in which pillow boxes are used is the apparel industry. The boom of this packaging is again the result of E-commerce as the most thing that is ordered online since 2018 to date in the COVID-19 era are apparel. Therefore, the need for apparel brands of packaging is at its peak and pillow packaging attracts them a lot.   Apparels like T-shirts, vests, underwear and activewear are almost all packaged in pillow custom boxes as they are compact and smart. Hence, they do not become any hurdle while shipping and also do not add any weight to the package which will eventually cost less. So, pillow boxes have made their space here with their remarkable utility and reliability.

Packaging of Tech items:

  Since the COVID came the usage of tech items saw an enormous boost. Their usage creates demand for its packaging and that must be reliable as no risk can be taken regarding tech items due to their cost.   Cardboard pillow boxes are the solution, and they made their place in the market by beating all other styles of boxes. All because of their ergonomics.  The shape of these boxes is compact takes little space and keeps the product safe in it. Eventually, it makes them the most used packaging box on the market.   Yes, there is no doubt that these boxes are not compatible use for large tech items like workstations or screens, however, for little products for instance headphones, earphones, Data travel devices, chargers, mics, and many other things like them, they are perfect solutions.

A little explanation of pillow boxes as gift boxes:

  One of the most amazing usages of customized pillow boxes is gift packaging. Sounds interesting? Yes, it is interesting! According to a survey, conducted by packaging digest, almost 47% of gift boxes are like pillow boxes. They are sued as gift boxes for weddings, birthdays, treat parties, promotion gifts, thank you gifts, etc. The corporate sector is adding to its fame by using it as business gift boxes. On promotions, bonuses, and appreciation, they give gifts packaged in pillow boxes.   As it is easy to get them in bulk and keep them ready for the event. If you are a corporate business or any local business and want to get any pillow boxes at wholesale rates even that is of the kraft material, you can get them. Plus Printers will be your showstopper in this regard.   So, going to conclusion, you now have an idea that why custom pillow boxes are more convenient to use as product packaging as compared to other packaging styles.   Guess what, I should leave it to you to give your verdict about it.

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