Custom boxes do not catch people’s attention if they’re not printed with the brand’s logo. Packaging is the first thing that captures the customer’s attention instantly, and therefore, printing your brand’s logo, or symbol is essential as it gives identity to your company. Either you own a small business or a famous one, logos are equally important for everyone. It is the best marketing tool and works magically to boost sales. Personalized custom boxes have changed the concept of wholesale packaging. Previously, there was no such concept and had minimal options for packaging. Most of the brands have grown just because of remarkable custom packaging boxes. The word custom means customization, as these boxes are popular for their flexible customization. Are you finding for a cost-effective way to buy custom boxes? Don’t look somewhere! We at plus printers provide you with high-quality custom boxes. We specialize in packaging and boxes. Our company has a team of highly skilled professionals working round the clock. We have a variety of designs and colors that you can choose according to your product requirement. And even offer different design services to our clients who are unsure of what they want and what suits their product. Our manufacturing team uses durable and robust materials while manufacturing custom-printed boxes. Consumers can choose a wide variety of printing options, and even they choose to get add-ons like bows and ribbons on their boxes. We offer high-quality printing with 100% free shipping.

Our Different Types Of Custom Boxes:

There are many types of custom boxes that are mainly used for the packaging of products. We use several boxes, including paperboard boxes, folding boxes, corrugated boxes, Kraft boxes, and many more. Our packaging helps to make an instant connection with the buyers at first glance. Quality is what wins over quantity. So, we are sure to use good-quality material in the packaging of wholesale custom boxes. Here’s a list of materials that we use while manufacturing boxes:

1#: Custom Paperboard Boxes:

These boxes are lighter in weight, easy to handle, and simple to customize. They can be folded easily and used for retail packaging products. It can help you increase brand sales, and you can quickly grab the attention of the target customers. Examples of these boxes include candy boxes, cereal boxes, and cookie boxes, etc.

2#: Custom Corrugated Boxes:

These boxes are used for shipping and mailing purposes. It is best for the packaging of different products and is made up of three layers. The central layer is what adds sturdiness to the box and makes it highly protective during shipping.

3#: Custom Kraft Boxes:

Kraft boxes are very famous because of their high-quality material. Our Kraft boxes are very cost-effective and use to serve many purposes. They are the perfect solution for custom boxes.

4#: Custom Cardboard Boxes:

Our cardboard boxes are a good source of handling a variety of products. These can be personalized according to the requirement of customers. They provide extra protection and safety while shipping. We have a variety of shapes and sizes that you can choose according to your product requirement.

How We Target A Huge Market?

From all big business companies to new market entrants who have already made their way into the market, they need to pack their products in high-quality packaging boxes. All this is done for product safety, starting with its shelf life until the time item gets dispatched at the customer’s doorstep. We at plusPrinterS manufacture the custom boxes to perform the core responsibilities and perform additional roles. We customize it with beautiful colour prints and stylish templates for a heartfelt look. A Simple Guide On How To Design Custom Boxes!

Use High-End And Colorful Printing Techniques For Logos:

Every brand tries to grow in the competitive market; therefore, they invest in good-quality boxes. However, wholesale custom printed boxes work greatly in this regard. You can add eye-catching designs, titles, images, and logos to the product boxes to enhance their visibility. There are several printing techniques, such as digital printing, screen printing, and flexography. Printing the logo in different and exclusive styles gives a superb outlook to your packaging. Printing logos, titles, captions, or details can increase the beauty of boxes and attract more buyers. You can use these printing options to advertise your brand’s name in the market. Custom Printed Boxes Moreover, logos printing without vibrant colors would look dull; therefore, it is necessary to use color models to give a colorful and refreshing touch to your logos and grab potential buyers’ attention from far. You can choose the CMYK and the PMS color schemes for printing logos on the boxes.

Design The Custom Boxes In Unique Styles To Make Them Prettier!

The designing and styling of custom shipping boxes are also essential for manufacturers and consumers. Products that are packed and presented in elegantly designed boxes are the first choice of buyers. Various shapes are attainable to grab the attention of potential consumers, such as two-piece boxes, sleeve boxes, and tuck end boxes. Moreover, you can add die-cut windows to enhance the look of packaging boxes. These stunning windows show your products elegantly to customers and upsurge their visual appeal. Furthermore, these windows can also be covered with a transparent sheet so that buyers can have perfect sight of the product inside. For more information, you visit our website!

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