Packaging your CBD oil in custom boxes adds value to your brand. A fully customized product box can be the cornerstone of any well-thought-out packaging strategy (see our article on designing a killer package below). Consider this: when customers look at the product, it is the FIRST, and sometimes the ONLY thing they will see. Don’t you want it to make an impression?

Here are some points to consider when thinking about your CBD hemp oil packaging design:

● Who is the target market for this product?

This will enable you to create messaging that resonates with your consumer base. For example, would your target customer feel more educated purchasing “CBD Hemp Oil” or “Cannabis products”? Both phrases mean basically the same thing, but one may resonate more than the other, depending on your target market.

● What is your optimal brand style?

Would you like to use a cool, hip, and fresh approach or a more sophisticated beauty and sophistication approach? There are lots of different options available to you.

● Budget:

Generally speaking, there are two pricing models for packaging:
  • The first model includes creating custom box designs that can then be duplicated by an outside vendor (like Shrink Wrap). This price would include our design fees as well as setup costs for printing plates needed for production.
  • The second model is to create short-run boxes, which take just a few days but also cost significantly less than long-run boxes. Each product style typically requires a new design (and set up costs).

● Who is your printer?

This can make a big difference in the cost of production. Some companies don’t specialize in high-quality custom printed boxes with logo while others do, so let us know who you are considering, and we will get back to you with information on comparable boxes. CBD Display Boxes Wholesale packaging company usa Based on our research, it appears that most people have not found a solution that meets their needs over the long run without going too far into public relations land(which they won’t go). So if you want to be upfront and transparent, this may be for you, but maybe not. Have fun exploring all of your options!  So, what has been happening in the world of CBD over the last couple of months?

1.  Material selection

Before you start designing your CBD display packaging boxes, select the material that will be used for them. There are lots of different materials to choose from, but the most popular options are cardboard, paperboard, or corrugated cardboard. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Each one has a lightweight and is low-cost. However, it’s not very sturdy. Paperboards are easy on the environment because they are recyclable, but they come with a high price tag. Corrugated cardboard is made out of recycled paper fibres, making it eco-friendly. They also offer good protection during shipping and storage but can be easily bent if not handled properly by yourself or carriers. The best material for your custom printed box design will be the one that fits the type of products you want to sell and meets your budget.

2.  Size selection

Before you draw a preliminary sketch of the CBD boxes, measure the dimensions of all items being placed inside them. Also, be sure to check if there are any limitations on space. Some of them might have limits depending on their shape or size, e.g., Some CBD companies don’t allow CBD product boxes to be over 100mm in length. This is important because these measurements will define the sizes for your final design. You can find out what size is suitable by checking online resources.

3.  Design selection

When you have the dimensions of your CBD Packaging in mind, start sketching a preliminary design with your graphic of choice. Look for images and templates online to get inspired by other companies. They will give you an idea of how big or small to make your box. Also, check if there are any restrictions on the size and shape of the display boxes. CBD Display Packaging Wholesale packaging company usa Keep in mind that the most common shapes for these items are square, rectangular, and round. Once you’re done with this step, take one last look at the final sketches before proceeding to the next step. If something looks strange or unbalanced, then change it accordingly until everything looks good.

4. Printing or manufacturing

Once all aspects are finalized in your model, it’s time to either send it away for printing to the packaging company or try custom printed CBD display boxes manually. If you’re perfectionist type, we would suggest cutting it out manually first to see if everything is perfect before committing time and money to manufacture.

5. Assembly

This step is important because sometimes, an error can occur during printing or manufacturing that can ruin your design. After receiving your item(s), check if there are any defects on them (dents, dings, etc.) This should always be done before assembly. Also, make sure you read all instructions given by your manufacturer/shipping company to avoid any unnecessary expenses incurred due to improper handling. Once you have checked for minor errors, it’s time to assemble everything together. This will involve placing CBD vape cartridges inside of their boxes, fixing display ends (ids), and even labeling them if needed. That’s it! We hope this article has been helpful in understanding how to make custom CBD display boxes wholesale, and good luck with your new business venture!

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