Eco-friendly boxes have a good advantage of keeping the business and household in hand. As a retail business owner, you are probably aware of the role that packaging plays in your overall brand. It represents about 8 percent of the total cost of items sold, meaning that it accounts for more than $100 billion annually within the global economy. Packaging also plays an important role in protecting goods during shipment and on store shelves. Consumers use packaging to protect belongings from accidents, dust, water damage, or wear-and-tear by their pets or small children at home. Good containment is critical throughout points along the supply chain for businesses with hazardous raw materials or foods that can easily spoil. In this article, we dive into some interesting facts about sustainable packaging, plus examples from leading brands on how to do it right.

How Eco-Friendly Boxes Are Environment Saver As Well:

However, packaging comes at a significant environmental cost as well. One study estimated that some 40 percent of household trash is just empty containers. Other studies have found that it takes nearly 3,000 years for plastic bottles to decompose in a landfill. That’s why the recycling movement has become so important. This is not just because it conserves natural resources. But also because it helps reduce the amount of material being disposed of each year. While most consumers are familiar with recycling glass, metal and paper products, fewer are aware of how they can recycle packaging. As awareness about environmental concerns continues to grow, more people will want access to such venues – particularly if businesses continue moving Custom eco-friendly boxes initiatives. In fact, the growing popularity of saving the environment now gives you more options than ever before to help customers to use recycled packaging.

The History Of Packaging In Business Dates Back To Hundreds Of Years, But What About Eco-Friendly Boxes:

Packaging has been an integral part of business for hundreds of years. In fact, the earliest packaging dates back to the times of early merchants and traders who used preserved fruits and vegetables as a way to extend shelf life and transport goods more efficiently. Fast forward a few centuries to now. This time it’s said that “packaging is an advertisement for your Custom Boxes wholesale product.” If you have a green product or sell green products, should it stand to reason that your packaging should be eco-friendly? Not only do environmentally conscious companies offer sustainable packaging for their products, but today’s consumers demand it almost.  They desire safe ingredients in green beauty goods.

Introduction to Eco-Friendly Packaging through the prism of brands, What, Why and How?

Before we go into the details of what makes up eco-friendly boxes. And how you can incorporate them into your brand’s shipping products. First, it is important for brands to offer such packaging options. According to future market insights, global sales of all types of personal care products are expected to reach $373 billion by 2022 (at a CAGR of 5% from 2017-2022). The main benefit consumers seek in these products is their functional aspect. They want beauty products that give them a vibrant look. However, there is also a growing trend of consumers wanting to look good while doing good. This is evidenced by the growth in demand for organic or green beauty product packaging that is free of chemicals and pesticides. They are not tested on animals and packaged without harmful ingredients like plastic. A smaller-sized company might not need to jump on the eco-friendly boxes bandwagon. But it is still a great way to get more customers. Examples of this would be Subway and McDonald’s who made their boxes more environmentally friendly by adding recyclable wrapping around their burgers. Even though they may not care about being green, they want more customers. Since people like saving the world while getting lunch at the same time. These companies will get extra business because of it. This can be brought down to an individual level also.

Sustainable Packaging is Good for Customers:

If a company does not offer eco-friendly product packaging, then it may lose potential customers. This would be especially devastating if it was a small business trying to make a name for itself. Many of these companies add more recycled materials in their boxes and print on post-consumer paper. Which one would get the most business if one store did this while the other didn’t? The same thing applies on an individual level as well. You want people to respect your packaging versus just throwing it away with all the rest of them.

There are Examples of Companies Doing It Right:

Many companies have added recycled materials into their products or even used Krafts or cardboard material with eco-friendly printing. Even though McDonald’s can be a bad example. They are doing it right in the sense that they are trying to make their packaging more sustainable. Again this could be brought down to an individual level. You don’t need to use custom eco-friendly boxes wholesale for everything. But when you go grocery shopping with your family. You could suggest bringing reusable bags instead of using plastic ones for one trip. Even if it is just one box at a time.

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