Reason to Get the E-Liquid Boxes for Your Product

What Is The Packaging?

Packaging is the essential requirement of any product that you are willing to sell. It is the savior of your products as it is the only thing that goes with your product in transportation and on the retail stores’ shelves.

Packaging boxes protect your product from all kinds of physical harm, such as collisions or getting wet. Packaging provides the best possible way for your product to reach its end destination in its original form, and it is the most economical way.

Moreover, the packaging is the thing that carries all the valuable information such as the essential details, date of manufacturing, how to use, price, ingredients, and most of all your company name and logo that represents you.

E-Liquid Packaging Boxes

Today, with the vapes in the market, several smokers have left conventional cigarettes and have switched to e-cigarettes. It has been a revolutionary change, and people are getting rid of traditional cigarettes. 

custom e-liquid boxes


E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than the researchers claim. With such a profound change, the vape and e-liquid market is rapidly growing. Hence the e-liquid boxes are making their place in the market.

It’s the custom e-liquid boxes that are the only thing going to secure, market, and attract clients for your product. 

Why E-Liquid Packaging?

While your product is in the market or the consumer’s hands, it’s the packaging that speaks for the product. The packaging is the preference as it says everything about the product, and less human interaction is required to explain the details about the product.




  • Packaging protects the product.

Packaging of the e-liquid boxes is extremely important as the bottles containing the e-liquid are not strong enough to handle collision pressure. While in transportation, the products are loaded to everyone and others and have to bear a lot of pressure; the e-liquid packaging boxes have edges that withstand the pressure on them and save your precious and extensive product from getting any damage.

It might be possible that the bottles might not leak, but even the smallest dent on the bottle will change the consumer’s mind, and they will have a doubt about the product. It will further lead to no sales. Moreover, this might even contribute to a bad brand image. 

  • Packaging keeps the product from going bad.

These liquids have to travel thousands of miles and face all kinds of climate conditions. The e-liquid boxes you get in wholesale will keep your e-liquid safe and protected from weather conditions. 

The direct contact of the liquid with the sunlight might bring chemical changes, which will change its taste. The boxes are the most suitable way to keep your product away from any such interaction from direct contacts.

  • Packaging decreases costs

The e-liquid packaging saves the products from any damage, which means that you will not have to face any loss. During transportation, many products get damaged, and the manufacturer has to bear the costs if the shipment is not insured. If you are new to the market and are low on budget, then getting insurance is not an option. 

The shipping boxes for e liquids ensure to protect the product. If you get the packaging at wholesale, you will be giving yourself a gift. 

We, the plus printers, provide the wholesale packaging at significantly much lesser rates. Buying lower quantities might save you space but will cost you much higher.

We provide a packaging solution that is specially made for you and according to your needs. So let us take care of your packaging needs, and we will be doing for your brand to reach new heights.

  • Printing is the key

Printing the e-Liquid packaging is one of the highly recommended things that you can do with your packaging. The printing on the packing boxes makes them look attractive and are loved by the consumer too.

It’s the printing on the packaging that catches the eyes of the client. With your specific brand and the after-effects such as spot UV, you can create packaging that will attract clients even from far away.

We provide high-quality printing services in the USA and print you with the best. It’s the printing that talks to the client and works as your salesmen. Just regular packaging with no printing will mean nothing to the customer.

So the custom printed e-liquid boxes are the new trend, and you have to get them to make an impact. Companies such as VGOD and NAKED are some of the top-notch e-liquid providers. They, too, have been able to succeed with the use of the e-liquid product packaging.

  • Packaging informs

The vape and e-liquid products have age restrictions and some regulations to follow by the authorities. Some liquids are available with hemp and nicotine, so the manufacturers must provide the product details. 

The custom packaging provides the best space for you as a manufacturer to provide the mandatory details and caution on the packaging boxes for the e-liquid. The printing of the informatory details will also enhance your brand value as the clients will know that you are a responsible entity.

  • Packaging provides hygiene

The current situation of the covid-19 has made things touch-sensitive. Cardboard boxes for packaging help keep the bottle inside secure from any contamination, and consumers can easily discard the packaging after taking it home. This, in turn, provides a sense of satisfaction, and the clients will purchase from you often.

  • The packaging is a preventive measure

The packaging with the ability to get clients and save the product from any harm also works as a preventive measure. It helps keep the product safe from the ones who don’t know about it and might misuse you. Packaging as it provides the necessary details will stop anyone from using it who does not know about it. 

Moreover, if it’s at home, and the consumer has children, the packaging will protect the child from getting it into his mouth and protect with the preventive skill inside it.

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