Packaging Types – Rigid Boxes (Set-Up Boxes)

Rigid packaging is a well-known choice for definite types of products, primarily due to the support and luxury feel it offers. 

It is also known as the finest packaging due to its weight and expense. This blog will look at what custom rigid box packaging is, how it’s created, its advantages, and discover some successful examples for you to consider.


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What Are Rigid Boxes Or Setup Boxes?


Custom rigid boxes are solid paper-based boxes comprising high-thickness (often 2-3mm) chipboard wrapped by decorative specialty paper. They are also primarily referred to as set-up boxes, gift boxes, and first-class packaging.


Rigid Boxes Are a Premium Packaging Option Usually Use For;

  • Board Games
  • Luxury products – e.g., jewelry
  • Gifts Packaging
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Furthermore, wholesale rigid packaging offers a premium feel that increases your customers’ unboxing experience, allowing more opportunities to establish a durable brand narrative.


Rigid Packaging Boxes Offer Many Branding Capabilities through Printing and Finishing, Including;

  • Hot stamping 
  • Embossing/debossing
  • Coatings
  • Decorative elements

Rigid Box – A Quick Overview


Wholesale rigid boxes generally consist of two parts – a top and base (or top and bottom). The custom shapes and sizes of rigid boxes vary significantly – square, rectangular, circular, triangular, V-shaped, etc. 

And, as with many other things regarding the packaging business, these custom packaging boxes come in all sorts of deviations and hybridization where names become identical depending on the manufacturer.

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How Are Rigid Boxes Made?


Most manufacturing processes are either done by machine or hand or numerous combinations of the two, depending on the manufacturer.

Custom rigid boxes start as sheets of chipboard (or greyboard or plain board) which is like the theme color of newspaper (there is also a selection for colored chipboard that will provide color to the inside of the custom box).

Cutting and slashing dies use to cut the chipboard to its precise shape and size, while the sides of the packaging box slash (not cut all the way through to simplify folding).

The wraps can also either be firmly or loosely wrap around the box. Usually, when rigid boxes were all hand-made, the wraps were always lightly wrapping.

Now the standard is to wrap the box tightly. Moreover, people can still commonly opt to have their rigid boxes with movable wrap; it offers the box an air of being hand-made and, therefore, more luxurious.


Rigid Vs. Flexible Packaging


You can possibly guess how flexible and rigid packaging differ just by their names. Rigid packaging is a trending packaging section involving thick paperboard and refers to hard, firm packaging contrary to its alternative – wholesale flexible packaging.

As the name shows, rigid packaging won’t change its custom shape. It offers sturdy construction and support and is reasonably more luxurious in look and feel.

However, it won’t be as solid or protective as other packaging forms, such as corrugated. But still provides your goods a sturdy construction. 

On the other hand, Wholesale flexible packaging can bend simply, taking whatever shape you want. Its central differentiator in this context is that it is multipurpose. 

Flexible packaging fundamentally overcomes any simply bendable packaging such as folding cartons, and it’s obtainable in many sizes. 

It is imperative to recognize the distinction between rigid packaging and custom rigid boxes. In addition, rigid or set-up boxes are made from heavy and sturdy paperboard to generate elegant packaging solutions. However, the rigid packaging industry overcomes many materials, including metals and glass. 

In this instance, we are concentrating on rigid paperboard boxes. Rigid boxes use for a small but fast-growing segment within the massive rigid packaging market. 


Types of Rigid Packaging


The two distinct rigid box types include fractional and full finish rigid boxes.


Partial Finish


The partial finish is a style of rigid packaging where the packaging and chipboard are only somewhat complete. Moreover, partial finish rigid boxes are made with single-piece chipboard with burst crease lines for folding and covering without the additional exterior layer, leaving the kraft or grey chipboard material visible. 

In addition, partially finished rigid packaging boxes take much less time to produce as less material must be in the construction process.


In Summary;

  1. Wrapped only to varnish the inner edge of the packaging boxes
  2. The rigid chipboard inside is unfinished and noticeable
  3. The inner chipboard is in one piece with pierced crease lines and folded
  4. Tape may use to safe chipboard before wrapping
  5. The chipboard texture can come coated on one side using White or Kraft.
  • Full Finish

No chipboard is left exposed with a complete finish as the rigid box is enfolded entirely. Thicker chipboard also use for this purpose, with about 2-3 mm thickness. 

The internal chipboard separates into pieces for each side of the packaging box, and it can be laminate with numerous finishing options depending on your desire. Full finish rigid boxes also have an extra layer of wrapping, which can be white (default) or printed.


In Summary;

  1. The internal chipboard is in separate pieces for each face of the box
  2. No adhesive tape use before wrapping boxes
  3. Heavier chipboard (or greyboard) at 2 – 3 mm thicknesses
  4. Laminated with dissimilar finishing options

Rigid Box Styles

  • Tube Packaging

Also raised as rolled-edge tube packaging, rigid tubes are an excellent eco-friendly paper packaging option for those looking to stand out and be distinctive.

Rigid tube packaging is a form of a rigid box that is cylindrical in shape, has no curves, and is usually made in a telescopic or shoulder-neck type of opening. The most well-known example of a rigid tube is a Pringles container.

Rigid tubes are famous for packaging smaller goods such as drinks, cosmetics, stationery, and accessories with an appropriate opening method.

  • Magnetic Closures

The satisfying ‘snap’ of a custom magnetic closure rigid box can be mysteriously addicting as the two magnets in the rigid packaging boxes lock together to a strong close. Magnetic closure boxes have two magnets placed in the rigid printing boxes that lock together to cover the box firmly.

Because of its durable and solid construction, consumers will be very hesitant to throw these boxes out, making it a secure option since rigid boxes can make outstanding storage units for jewelry, makeup, and anything else (depending on the size of the wholesale box).

Plus, its structural engineering permits for a unique and high-end feel. The magnetic closure provides a sleek, unboxing experience that your consumers will remember! Magnetic closure rigid can come in ordinary and collapsible styles.

While the standard style is sturdier and more durable, the collapsible magnetic closure rigid box ships flat, significantly reducing shipping and handling costs.

Collapsible rigid boxes usually come with double-sided tape that follows the collapsible faces of the box, making it no longer collapsible for your consumers. Without examination, your consumers won’t even know they were collapsible, to begin with. Genius!

  • Telescopic Rigid Boxes

Telescopic or rigid telescope boxes can also raise as top load, 2-piece rigid boxes, or lid and tray rigid packaging with the lid coming off the base upright.

This is your customary Monopoly game box or iPhone box type of opening, though the two boxes look and feel highly different.

Higher-end telescope rigid boxes (like smartphone boxes) are made with exact measurements to allow friction and a slow-opening hustle, so the base can gradually slide out from under the lid.

Telescopic boxes are more substantial than most rigid box styles since there are four faces of both the top and base overlapping when closed. This makes it a perfect choice for products that expect to use several times, making it a strong packaging option.

Partial cover rigid boxes are a style of the telescopic rigid box in which the top only covers part of the top base, making it more remarkable to open and close.

  • Drawer Style Rigid Boxes

Something is rewarding about pulling a drawer open, particularly a tiny, box-sized drawer with a new product inside of it.

Drawer-style boxes are also known as slipcase, slide, or match rigid packaging boxes since they open likewise to match-boxes. Moreover, with an attached ribbon pull or a semi-circle thumb hole, drawer-style boxes are similar to rigid telescopic boxes but on a diverse angle – literally.

Telescope boxes are excessive for products you desire to keep straight and level for when a consumer opens the box up.  Opening parallel instead of vertically can be extreme to prevent an accident or even ruin.

Drawer-style boxes can also be made with combine mechanisms for child safety to prevent young children from opening possibly harmful products.

  • Book Style Rigid Boxes

The book-style rigid box is an imaginative and innovative rigid box packaging option because it opens like a hardcover book. It can make with a traditional or round spine to make it feel like a book, and magnetic additions can also add to this rigid packaging style.

While this is quite an exceptional packaging style, it can be precious to add to your brand identity, depending on your niche. A worthy example would be pairing your candle brand with books to generate an optimal unboxing experience.

  • Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes

This rigid packaging box has multiple layers, including a different nick or shoulder inner layer that a lid can place on top of.

This is a unique type of packaging if you want to generate a unique unboxing experience since it can modify further to match your brand colors and styles! 

Once you have final the type of rigid box packaging you wish, the following step is to think about what custom inserts will go inside.

Designers often select to leave the neck portion of the shoulder-neck rigid box somewhat exposed to give a multi-layer or multi-packaging impression that can produce a sense of mystery for customers as they upon a high-end product.

  • Additional Packaging Materials

Additional packaging materials like custom box inserts are standard when designing rigid packaging. In addition, packaging inserts greatly recommend when you’re looking to acquire the ultimate unboxing experience with a rigid packaging box.

Custom packaging inserts make precisely for your product, assisting it to stay in place. It provides a higher presentation while offering a high degree of surprise protection, even beside drops and rough handling.

There are cases where goods are either round or rectangular and can fit within a custom rigid box flawlessly; however, these are rarer.


Custom Inserts Most Normally Come In;

  • Paperboard
  • Corrugated
  • Molded pulp
  • Foam
  • Plastic

The Benefits of Rigid Boxes


Besides its firm and protective construction, rigid packaging offers an indefinable, luxurious and robust look and feel that is matchless to most other packaging types.

Often paired with a traditional insert, rigid packaging keeps goods well-protected to withstand harsh handling. Rigid box printing packaging is made to be reusable and kept by consumers, rather than just thrown away after unboxing their product.

After the fact, they often use to supply jewelry, accessories, or any household items. With these assistances in mind, custom rigid boxes build an embedded component to accompany your product, adding considerable value to your brand.

Consumers will longer view your product as just a particular item. But rather view the package and goods as a set when your product encase in a rigid printing box. 

It is human nature to adore gifts, and rigid gift boxes are presently the gold standard of gift-type packaging boxes. The worth of a branded rigid gift box can hold its own in refining your product’s ROI.

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Tips for Designing Custom Rigid Boxes:

  • Truly Understand Your Ideal Customers


Getting to know your target customers is highly imperative. Focusing on this feature will benefit you see maximum conversions.

That’s why imperative businesses invest billions of dollars in learning more about their ideal consumers. Sending a first-rate service in terms of excellence and packaging is one way to make your customers happy.

That said, sellers have to analyze and comprehend their customers’ wishes and wants before designing custom rigid boxes for their products.

It needs you to conduct a complete analysis of purchaser preferences, buying patterns, wish-listed items, browsing history, etc. The start-to-end examination will empower you to meet your consumers’ expectations with adequate packaging.

  • Keep Tabs On Your Competition


Competitor analysis has the muscle to lift your advertising strategy.

Every day a new item pops up out of nowhere. Each new good has to face some competition in the market. Analyzing allows businesses to stay ahead of the game and make their recently launched products successful.

Of course, it takes time to conduct challenger analysis, but capitalizing on this research can allow you to gain great rewards in the long run.

  • Start-to-end competitor examination includes information such as:
  • Do competitors place goods in different packages with different price tags?
  • Where do they print their company name on the product box?
  • What style of packaging material are they using?
  • How are they presenting a series of products?
  • How do they keep their goods from getting damage?
  • A Modern Touch Can Give More Benefits to Your Company


If you add a contemporary touch to your packaging, it will help attract more consumers. You can add different things to the packaging, such as smearing finishing to make it look sparkling.

Embossing and debossing of the test also benefit you. Unique things commonly attract people and need them to spend more time on them. That can make sales.

Explore The printing Range of Rigid Boxes For Top Luxury Brands
  • Custom Rigid Boxes Must Have Your Professional Logo


The logo should benefit the product of your brand. The brand logo design will matter, so spend your time creating the best logo and placing it on the Rigid Packaging Boxes. Do not overlook that other factors such as theme color contrast, logo, and finishing are necessary.

Your logo and brand name support the customer’s understanding of your brand’s uniqueness, which can benefit you in the future. Furthermore, place the logo in a worthy place and systematically write your company name.


Rigid Box Alternatives


While rigid boxes are often view in an association of their own when it comes to presentation, popular substitutes include folding carton boxes and high-end corrugated packaging.

These packaging styles are a great alternative to rigid boxes because of their cost-effectiveness and versatility in high-quality printing and finishing abilities.

The most similar style in the compact carton packaging group is the Double Glued Side Wall Tray & Lid. And the Double Frame Tray & Lid, which function similarly to the telescope rigid box styles.

If you’re selecting a corrugated box alternative, we endorse the popular Tab Lock Roll End Corrugated Box or Roll Ends with Lid styles. These charm styles offer brilliant presentation settings allowing consumers to open the boxes straightforwardly and simply.


Unlimited Rigid Packaging Possibilities


Desire your brand to stand out and make a statement? At, our packaging experts will recommend you the finest possible option for your rigid packaging box to outshine your competition. Whether it’s a rigid magnetic gift box, luxury mailing box, or a setup box with window patching, we can make it!

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