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At PlusPrinters USA, the beginning of 2022 has been really exciting. A new chapter for us and our plans has begun with the recent introduction of our brand-new website.


Due to this, we want to offer some of our opinions on the subjects we are excited to cover this year. Here, we detail some of the major problems that the sector is now dealing with in the packaging industry, ranging from e-commerce and reusable packaging trends to events that will impact the sustainability agenda for packaging.


A Look At Future Trends!


Two megatrends—global population expansion and the growing middle class—are currently fueling the packaging industry’s growth. By 2040, the population of the world is probable to increase from its current 7.5 billion people to 9.2 billion.


In the meantime, the number of individuals in the middle class worldwide is anticipated to increase by 66% during the course of the following 10 years, from 3 billion to more than 5 billion, as people live longer, healthier, and better lives.


Increase access to automobiles, home appliances and their packaging, and technology will result from higher living standards. This is particularly true in China, where GDP per capita is forecast to triple to over $40,000 by 2040, which is comparable to the purchasing power in the European OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) in 2030.


The packaging industry is gaining popularity day by day all over USA and all other countries. Without packaging, we can’t be able to protect our products and we can’t even ensure their safety, we will be not able to preserve our food properly and germs-free, and lastly, the main point is how do we pack the gifts that we have to send to our love ones?


It’s an interesting question. Right?


Let’s go deep into the details of sustainable packaging!


The Call For Sustainability. Take It As A True Magic


The end outcome, though, can be a tough path. Sustainability is becoming more important in e-commerce, and companies that don’t care may also not care about their potential customers.


For instance, 76 % of USA consumers, according to a DS Smith survey, disapprove of packaging that is manifestly too big for the item. And at least 56% view this type of packaging as a sign that the manufacturer isn’t taking any sustainability commitments seriously.


Onward purchasing selections may be negatively impact by this.


The concept of “rightsizing” is one remedy for this issue. Instead, then selecting from a narrow selection of conventional sizes that may be overly large, contemporary packaging machines are able to cut cardboard strips to size to fit the product being packed.


Reinventing The Box


The convenience of internet shopping will soon extend to food products, even if the majority still prefer to purchase their groceries in person. Brands should therefore start thinking about packaging that complies with e-commerce needs right now.


This includes everything from building packaging that can manage lengthy supply chains and “unboxing” experiences to dividing messaging into the primary and secondary packaging.


The packaging from PlusPrinters USA is perfect for e-commerce. Without refrigeration, food and drinks can be safely and hygienically shield from light and air, preserving their flavor, aroma, color, nutrients, and vitamins for a longer period of time.


Additionally, our packs are lightweight, durable, compact, and simple to stack and transport.


The Market Report Forecasts Packaging Industry Growth Through 2025


A report on the growth of the “eco-friendly packaging market” was released on April 13, 2020, according to market research firm Markets and Markets.


The study offers market information broken down by packaging material, type, technique, and area, along with global projections through 2025. The market for recyclable and “eco-friendly” materials is likely to drive the expansion of the eco-friendly packaging industry, which is presently valued at $174.7 billion and is likely to reach $249.5 billion by 2025.


According to the report, the food and beverage industry prefers paper and paperboard packaging due to its recyclable qualities.


Technavio has announced its latest market research report, titled-Packaging Market by End-user, Type, and Geography – Forecast and Analysis 2021-2025

More and more ready-to-eat, on-the-go, frozen, and fresh meals are pack in paperboard, with rigid paper boxes ideal for transportation and mold paperboards for fresh goods.


Digital Printing Packaging Market To Hit USD 32.6 Billion By 2028


Recent research by Vantage Market Research on the global digital printing packaging market reveals that consumers’ growing preference for convenience and sustainability is accelerating market expansion in the market.


During the forecast period, cost-effectiveness and expanding product shelf lives are also anticipate to have a substantial impact on the market for digitally printing packaging.



In 2021, the revenue from the global digital printing packaging market was estimate to be USD 19.7 billion.


Key Findings & Insights From The Report


  1. The market for digital printing packaging is anticipate to expand at a CAGR of about 8.8% during the period, base on research conduct by our main respondents.
  2. According to primary research, the market for digitally printed packaging is anticipated to value at around USD 19.7 billion in 2021 and USD 32.6 billion by 2028.
  3. Asia is anticipate to rule the global market for digital printing on a regional basis.



“Digital printing can help reduce production complexity and we now offer full-color

digital printing on our carton packages.”


Segmentation Of The Global Digital Printing Packaging Market


  • Printing Inks
  • Solvent- Based
  • UV-Based
  • Aqueous
  • Other Inks (Latex and Dye Sublimation Inks)


  1. Technology


  • Thermal Transfer Printing
  • Inkjet Printing
  • Electrophotography & Electrostatic Printing
  • Other Technologies


  1. Format


  • Full-Color Printing
  • Variable Data Printing
  • Large Format Printing
  • Other Formats


  1. Packaging Type


  • Corrugated
  • Folding Cartons
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Labels
  • Other Types


  1. End-Use


  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
  • Household & Cosmetic Products
  • Other End Uses



There is no doubt that we will continue to see new, exciting packaging industry trends, and we can only imagine what the future will bring!


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