Memorial Day is an American national holiday, generally observed on the third Monday of May, remembering the people who died while serving in the U.S. armed forces. Memorial Day does not have a traditional date, but they have been celebrating it since January 7, 1950.  Originally called Reservation Day, it is known initially to honor the military members who had given their lives in battle. At that time, Memorial Day was just known as a muster day.  The tradition of Memorial Day started after the Second World War, where soldiers were asked to wear red hats instead of white hats on this day to show their respect to the people who lost their lives in combat. Today, on Memorial Day, you can find many parades, ceremonies, and activities around the country in memory of all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and government. Our team at Plusprinters is proud of our fallen heroes and thus, shares some of our significant reasons why our generations need to remember them.

A Celebration of Peace and Remembrance 

While others are very proud of the heroes who have given their lives to protect and maintain American liberty, some are not taken with this as much. This is why people commemorate Memorial Day differently around the country. Some choose to keep the day separate from the holiday of Remembrance, while others participate in both. MEMORIAL DAY - Plus Printers

A Brief History

The history of Memorial Day is shrouded in mystery, but it dates back to the first of the United States’ Independence Day. On that day, they passed a resolution in Congress declaring that on that day, all Americans would work to remember the nation’s troops who were killed in the past and who were still serving today.  They later changed it to a sad occasion, with the only bright spot was the flag hoisted at half-mast on the Statue of Liberty. However, the day has evolved into much more than just an observance of military deaths and accomplishments. Instead, it has become a national moment of remembrance, with millions of people attending parades across the country.

Make Your Memorial Day More Memorable

Memorial Day is not a very easy task to complete for many people. Some may find it hard to even make it through the entire day due to the overwhelming emotions that come with the occasion. That is why there are ways to make it easier to stay focused on what you need to do on Memorial Day.  One way of doing so is by using recipes on a memorial day. Recipes provide a means to share your thoughts and feelings on the day while preparing and cooking it.

A way to share your thought

There is a wide range of recipes on a memorial day, and you will be able to find some that include foods that you usually enjoy eating, such as sandwiches, cornbread, and pizza. You will also have the opportunity to put a personal spin on them by substituting foods or items that may be a bit more difficult to prepare. To make your memorial recipes even more presentable, Plusprinters offer specialized custom boxes for memorial day exclusive. There are numerous different recipes that you can choose from on the Internet when it comes to these recipes on a memorial day. Many of these recipes on the Internet are not only easy to follow, but they also taste great. If you are looking for something that tastes great, you may want to check out recipes on the Internet that feature ground beef, rice, corn, and vegetables.

Fun Facts & Things To Do Memorial Day 

Memorial Day is a popular day for many Americans. Memorial Day is the last day to donate pet cremations and have your pet memorial service performed. This day is essential to many as their pet is with them throughout their lives, and passing away leaves a hole in their heart. As you plan your next Memorial Day, we at PlusPrinters share a list of a few of the top things to do on Memorial Day:

Do outdoor activities

If a long weekend is on your horizon, then you should plan to spend some time in remembrance of your loved one. Here, you will find a great list of what to do on a long weekend. Some great fun outdoor activities can be had right at home, while others may take you out to local museums and donation centers where you can never forget your pet. There are so many things to do on a long weekend; this will give you an excellent reason to get away from the house and just enjoy being outdoors.

Veterans Day

Memorial Day is also known as Veterans Day. There are several ways that we can show our gratitude for those who have given everything to our country over time. Among the things to do on Memorial Day, there are many different veterans’ organizations to visit. Here, you can meet and interact with current and veterans; and many groups offer discounts or free services on this day as a way to recognize those who served and fight for us.

Take Part in nationwide commemorations

One other thing to do on Memorial Day weekend is to take part in the nationwide commemoration of veterans. Many cities around the United States will observe this special national moment of truth with parades, street gatherings, concerts, and special events. Some of these events can occur as early as the afternoon, while others can occur as late as 3 p.m. local time.

Spend time with your family

As you can see, there are many things to do on Memorial Day weekend! The best part is that this whole family-oriented event is completely family-oriented! You may even get to participate in the planning process.

Final words

Some people, especially those in military families, view the holiday as an opportunity to pay their respects to their loved ones who have fallen while serving the country. In addition to government celebrations, individuals often choose to bury their dead family members in cemeteries on Memorial Day. Those who choose to do this are very aware of how memorable and significant the holiday is to the people burying their loved ones and how deeply this gesture affects those family members present at the actual burial.

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