Here’s How You Can Use Creativity To Design A Unique Product Package

Creativity is one of the most important life skills one can have. Especially, when we are talking about the packaging industry, creativity is deemed essential. Why? As much as the customer focuses on the quality of the product, proper packaging is of equal importance.

Moreover While, packaging creates the first impression of the product on the customer, hence it is important to ensure a good one. we are talking about the impression, there are some vitals of proper packaging design; type, color, function, design, and, sustainability. Let’s delve into the details.

Why is creativity important?

When was the last time you went to buy a toothbrush for your child? While I agree that the reputation of a brand goes a long way, but a cool design will always make the product stand out.

Hence, we know that creative and interesting product packages are eye-catchers. So, you will likely choose a toothbrush whose package is shaped like an alligator or there is a superhero animation on it.

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Now based on the vitals, here are some of the examples to emphasize the importance of creativity in the packaging industry.

How can one mark the identity of their brand?

  • Using Patterns

A pattern is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool for communicating a brand’s personality. These days we see patterns within the packaging, apparel, decoration, and what not? The bottom line is, it provides a distinction to your product. Furthermore, patterns can be stripes, polka dots, and/or geometric shapes in different colors. They help to invoke a certain mood for consumers.

Here is the epitome of patterns in the form of the Orinoco, a specialty coffee roaster, and Chopstix noodle bar effectively infusing their custom packaging with vibrant and representative patterns.

  • Using Solid colors

Using a solid color is a remarkable technique to grab the customer’s attention. Toscani is a kitchenware company, which uses a visually impressive Pantone color scheme. The packaging shows the color scheme as a simple and creative way to demonstrate the wide range of sizes and capacity traits.

How can we utilize creativity in flexible packaging solutions?

The packaging industry is all about innovation and creativity these days. Generally, some companies claim the uniqueness and durability of their products.

However, the customers get the benefit of the doubt. Brace yourself, here are the two examples of literal claims from Festina and Nike Air.

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Festina offers an engineered waterproof watch. The watch comes in a transparent bag filled with distilled water. It is a little too literal and convincing packaging solution that demonstrates the advantage of the watch without the need for words.

Similarly, Nike Air also went a little too far in terms of innovation for the satisfaction of the customer. The company offers a pair of shoes in a transparent package filled with air.

The package not only serves as a scenic view for the customer but also protects the shoes from getting damaged during shipment or delivery.

Can minimalistic designs be creative?

Minimalism is the new cool! Your product can be wonderful and still have minimalistic design and details in the package. For example, By Evolve was set up by husband and wife Alex and Rute Theodorou, who launched the Evolvia olive oil as the brand’s first product.

The bottle of the oil is minimalistic. He hoped that the consumers would reuse the glass bottle as a pourer even after the initial supply of oil was gone.

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Customers generally like to keep such bottles in order to reuse them, so it’s a win-win situation for the producer as well as the consumer. This point has landed me to my next prompt!

Can a company go sustainable and creative, both at the same time?

Well, the answer is, yes! Issues like climate change and global warming are real. According to some stats;

  • Out of every $10 spent buying things, $1 (10%) goes for packaging that is thrown away.
  • Packaging represents about 65% of household trash. Yikes!

As soon as we will register and acknowledge these problems, we would be able to last longer on mother earth. However, with the horrible increase in these environmental issues, recycling is also becoming common these days. Open your web browser and you will find out, there are companies who are selling their products in sustainable and eco-friendly packages.

For example; These unique flower packages are biodegradable, allowing people to plant the package with the flowers! One doesn’t have to dispose-off and recycle. Howzat?

In addition to this, there is another remarkable innovative product; bottle made up of plastic (ocean plastic) that has been taken out of the ocean. This is a home cleaning supply company that provides its products packed in plastic bottles.

However, the company uses the plastic, that has been taken out of the ocean, as the base material. This is a remarkable example of eco-friendly products. Also, it helps in making the life of marine animals easy as it takes out the accumulated plastic in the ocean.

All these inspirations are evidence of creativity and innovation in the world of packaging. So, go on, gather your crazy ideas, and convert them into your product packaging designs, let your creative juices flow.

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