Have The Feelings Of Gratitude On Thanksgiving Day Every Day

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  • Gratitude is unconditional love
  • Thanksgiving spread the message about giving and thanking everyday
  • Date back of Thanksgiving
  • Associated History:
  • But Why they refer to it as Thanksgiving? 
  • Why served with turkey meat?
Now I made my mind to eat.
I feed upon the turkey.
Filling shadows afterward,
Then bury it in a gravy stream
And after about more chicken breast
then I lay down to rest
This is how I celebrate this day
And if I die after this celebration
I would have nay regret
As I have sent my thanks to
All that are equals to me

November is the symbolism of gratitude and love where people say love words and say the words of appreciation to each other, help others, feel appreciated, and remind themselves how fortunate actually they are.

But generosity needs to be promoted, and the Thanksgiving event repertoire that all.

As much as we love it, this holiday season asks to celebrate Thanksgiving, travel a little far, take off from work, and receive love from relatives.

So, you don’t have to do it alone.

Although gratitude is not the thing for oneself alone, it is the powerful emotions, but the fleeting one if we relate that to this event alone.

Thus, it is a scientifically proven fact that when we say thanks, we become motivated to pay back what we have received. Thus, the emotions fade, and giving pops up.

Gratitude is a temporary feeling. Giving is long-lasting

Another social mantra describes this feeling as we should give without remembering and receive without forgetting.

But we should take the time to remember what we have lost and received during the whole year. 

So, Thanksgiving give us the opportunity to remember both. However, don’t count only your blessings but also count your contribution too.

Try it!

Just make a habit of thanking someone for something in any random moment for no other special reason than you should be thankful for things that you possess.

Do you really want to give it?

These are among the things that give you joy.

Thanksgiving spreads the message about giving and thanking every day:

Thanksgiving is celebrated with family and friends to get through. You gather some fruits, foods, and celebrate that in the most simple way to say some words of gratitude.

Gratitude On Thanksgiving Day

The tradition is to eat a copious amount of turkey, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole. You also spend days watching footballs, clean up, and repeat the same thing every day.

So why don’t we do all the same things every day, every weak, or once in a month and learn the same recipe of sauces from grandma so that you may continue the same day while having some essence of her after she is gone?

Gratitude is an unconditional form of love:

 Thanksgiving is the expression of unconditional love.

Do you know why we attribute this day to love and gratitude because the day defines the term when we pass the time with our loved ones?

What precious thing that we can give to our loved ones is: time.

This is not loved like “infatuation.” Not at all; this is the love like the old-time movies where sustaining family love is everything.

If we are not wrong to say that Thanksgiving is actually the revival of history in the most recent modern world. Because where everyone is busy pursuing everyday life and has no time for the family.

After passing some time, the real meaning of this time has sown and makes you more needy for the family love, least of all of you.

The day is actually to say,” you (family) complete me.”

However, more details are effective when to see history.

Date back of Thanksgiving:

The celebration dates back to the pilgrims and their celebrations at Plymouth for three days after their first harvest in 1621.

They were thankful for living through the year, celebrated seasons, and ahead they will enjoy the enjoy winter celebrations.

But this day is only for the people living in the USA and Canada.

Whatever it is for, but Thanksgiving is designated for just once a year by law but giving thanks must be a daily thing that you need to do.

 Associated History:

Thanksgiving is actually the celebration before “Black Friday,” which is based on the colonial pilgrims, 1621 harvest meal. The holiday continues for the Americans to gather for feasts, football, and family. This is the fourth Thursday of November. This year it falls 0n 28 November.

Dating back the history, it has roots from president Abraham Lincoln was the first US president who officially declared the day as the day of festive.

Then, later on, President Franklin D Roosevelt 1939 set the date in stone, and was approved by Congress in 1941.

The day next to Thanksgiving was named “Black Friday” in a 1951 journal.

But Why they refer to it as Thanksgiving? 

These are the blessings of the harvest that people took the opportunity to say thanks to the preceding year. The first Thanksgiving was held after the first harvest in October 1621. The feast lasted for three days.

The other reason is that US people remembered this day as an event that took place where colonists held a feast to thank Native Americans for helping them to start a new life in the USA.

Gratitude On Thanksgiving Day

However, the credit for this official celebration goes to Sarah Joseph Hale, editor of Godey’s Lady Book, a magazine’s magazine. So, in proposed to celebrate this day as the national day, she wrote letters to five presidents of the US. However, her letters convinced Lincoln to support the legislation establishing Thanksgiving as a national holiday in 1863.

Why served with turkey meat?

Eating turkey became the tradition after Lincoln’s declaration of this day as a national day. In the 19th century, founding father Alexander Hamilton announced that no citizen of the USA would refrain from turkey on Thanksgiving day. After that, in 1947, US presidents were gifted with turkeys at Thanksgiving, which were usually eaten. But President Reagan was the first president who “pardoned” a turkey in 1987. After his successors, George HW Bush made the tradition of pardoning on every Thanksgiving celebration in Whitehouse from 1889 and onwards.

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