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When promoting products is everything, Plus Printers will provide an attractive showcase of your cannabis products so your customers can gladly identify your brand. We offer colorful and positively memorable custom printed hemp boxes using bright ink and error-free printing techniques to grab the audience’s attention.

In this competitive market, companies are aware of their brands and boxes. Do you care about your hemp brand? Do you have some ideas for making your cannabis box different and unique?

It’s not just about showing off your cannabis materials, it’s also about making your brand famous. You can’t afford to overlook the attractive features of custom cannabis boxes. Everyone needs to buy bright specialty paper boxes for hemp products. We meet the manufacturer’s requirements by printing the necessary information about the product with large dimensions.

Introducing a wide range of custom cannabis boxes to lower the churn rate! 

Our company is one of the most prominent and experienced packaging dealers in the USA. We have been looking after several people for a long time, and everyone is delighted with our services and attractive packaging boxes. Also, our experts offer the best design and add-ons for your bespoke packages.

If you have an idea of ​​your product packaging’s layout and design, please feel free to share it with our highly professional staff. They will do their best to turn your ideas into reality. Our skilled and well-trained staff will help you have a flawless cannabis box at wholesale prices. We will do our best to turn your ideas into reality.

Foremost aim to satisfy the customers to increase customer acquisition! 


In addition, we provide a 3D picture for our customers to assist them before ordering. You can place your order when you are completely satisfied, and then we can start producing your boxes. Also, we have fully trained delivery staff who deliver in a shorter processing time to your doorstep.

We offer versatility in terms of durable material, shape, size, style, and coverings and foils. Our top priority is to keep customers happy by providing them with specialist cannabis boxes. Place your order and get wholesale hemp boxes with all the information you need. We also offer our customers incredible discounts and do our best to keep our prices affordable.

At our platform of excellence, get Numerous Features that Can Give Your Cannabis Boxes a remarkable appearance! 

Undoubtedly, our company knows that to convince customers of their products, a box that can catch the customer’s attention at a glance must be eye-catching. Therefore, we offer various decorations that will give your packaging of cannabis an impressive and attractive appearance and ultimately increase your customers’ purchasing power.

Three kinds of coating we are offering to our beloved customers! 

Coatings help give the surface of the boxes a thinner finish for longer. Likewise, we provide three kinds of coatings. 

  • First, matte finish gives the boxes a matte, not glossy and dense look. Furthermore, it gives the boxes a satin appearance and removes the possibility of fingerprints on them.
  • Secondly, the glossy finish gives the boxes a shiny and sparkly appearance. It provides an eye-catching effect to the boxes as well as helps attract people. 
  • Third, we offer a satin finish consisting of matte and gloss and provides immediate shine on the box surface. Most of the customer’s request this kind of coating.

Offering foiling ranges to give a fantastic look to boxes!

Also, we provide foiling in various colors, such as gold, silver, green, copper, and many more. Foiling gives an extraordinarily stunning look to the box. Also, it can be done in whole or partial boxes according to your requirements.

Likewise, you can use foiling for logos or product information to enhance or highlight a logo or description. Additionally, we provide embossing and debossing that help highlight your products on retail shelves. It gives a dazzling look to the box too. In emboss, images or text are elevated to the background. On the other hand, debugging, text or printed pictures will sink into the custom box. Also, it is easy to apply ink to debossed designs.

Diverse Printing Options to mark your brand identity in the market!

People prefer colorful and sparkling packaging to simple, blunt packaging. It is why we use a two-tone model when printing, which helps add color to the product packaging. CMYK and PMS are the two-color models that we use the most. 

Standout your brand with a brand name!

Cannabis Boxes packaging

The first thing that can differentiate your Cannabis product from other brands is your brand name written on the packaging boxes. For this reason, we offer the latest and most modern printing techniques that guarantee a flawless and durable print for your box. Offset, digital, and flexography are the printing models that we utilize for printing. 

In addition, offset printing needs to be regulated because it works with the help of plates. So it requires a high budget. This type of printing is best when you are printing a large number of boxes. Digital printing also functions for short orders. Additionally, you can print any image or text, even a quote that complements your product in this box.

Cannabis boxes with a die-cut window!

A unique box with a window provides the opportunity to view the product without opening it. This helps the client in making decisions too. We supply cut and PVC window options to give a striking look to your wholesale packaging of cannabis boxes.

This window allows you to touch the product in the box. On the contrary, PVC contains plastic sheet coverage that can protect products from environmental hazards and, at the same time, show them to customers.

Customer’s comfort is our right of way!

We try our best to satisfy our customers by making their box of choice. Moreover, our company has ten years of experience in manufacturing packaging for its products. Likewise, we have satisfied many customers with our services. We do our best to make it easy for customers, so we provide cheap cannabis boxes with durable materials and free shipping in the USA.

We have three integrated ways in which you can check your previous product samples. For example, you can request a 3D video mockup, 2D flat view, or physical sampling. In addition, our delivery staff is well-trained to provide fast and fast delivery in less turnaround time.

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