Five Steps To Make Your Own Custom Cereal Box

What do you usually take for breakfast? Custom Packaged Cereals are everyone’s favorite. 

They are easy, healthy, and yummy. Moreover, they are available in several flavors so you can select your favorite and finish it right away. People from all walks of life and ages prefer it as their breakfast and even midday snack. 

Due to the increasing requirement from the audience, new cereal manufacturing companies are coming into the market. Their only aim is to make their product excel and get the top rank. However, getting a top rank is not a piece of cake. You have to work day and night, come up with creative marketing ideas, and have an honest implementation of actions. Only then can they make it to the ladder. 

Small Cereal Boxes

Are you one of the aspiring companies? We can help you get that position via our services and cooperative environment. All you have to do is get a quote from us as soon as possible, and we will then get to work right away. 

Let’s make your Custom Cereal Box packaging a success. 

Number One: Decide The Kind Of Package That Suits Your Cereal Boxes!

Before you head to other stages, the first and foremost step in making your cereal box is to decide the type of packaging you would want. Where there are so many options to select one, it may get tough for you to act wisely. When this is the case, you do not have to worry if you hired a competent company’s services. They know exactly what to do and what not to do. 

However, they say cardboard is the most cost-effective material for cereal packaging boxes. It is strong enough to carry and protect the Wheaties. 

Cereal Box Packaging

After the material, you need to select the design. Like material, the design of the custom cereal box has immense importance. After all, it is the outlook that people first notice, and if it’s not properly made to gauge attention, then what is the purpose of having design at all? 

However, with Plus Printers you do not have to worry about anything. We recruit expert designers who are creative beyond average minds and come up with exclusive ideas. You can either consult with them or tell us your creation; it is our job to make your dreams come true. 

Number Two: What Should Be The Size Of Your Custom Cereal Packaging Boxes? Decide Wisely!

Imagine you asked the packaging company to create a large size box for medium-sized cereals. How will be the impression on the consumers? Do you think they will appreciate or laugh out loud at the innovation? Obviously, they will take the fun out of it. 

That is why, after selecting the accurate material and suitable design for the packaging, you need to select the perfect size for the box. 

mini cereal boxes

The best thing about customized cereal boxes is that you are given a choice to dictate all your needs. Since you are the manufacturer of the product, you must know the details better than anyone else. So, it will be the right thing if you carefully examine the prerequisites and pass them to the executing team. 

Number Three: Choose Layout & Printing Your Packaging

The third and most important step is the layout of the box. You need to properly design the packaging on the computer by using different software, such as Adobe Photoshop and others.

When your layout is designed, the next step is printing that layout. The best practice is to print the design through any digital printer on the cardboard sheet. Make sure you are using high-quality ink for printing purposes because high-quality ink will enhance the quality of the box.

There are several printing techniques, such as Flexography, digital, offset, and screening methods. Each technique has its own style, specification, and other features. Choose the one that best suits your product’s packaging.

Number Four: Make The Product Stand Out With Accurate Add-Ons

One of the many things that can make your product stand out in the crowd is using additional features. Custom Cereal boxes have the liberty to add as many add-ons as possible. You will hear no one complain about the extra features because the printing industry demands these services. 

There are numerous features that you can use for their packaging. It depends upon the kind and situation of packaging. For example, if you want to gift somebody, the packaging should include Spot UV and decorative items to make it look appealing. Similarly, if you are using your product for promotion, the use of somehow mature and delicate add-ons will do the work. 

Custom Cereal Packaging

With PlusPrinters, you are given complete freedom to either have your say or let us suggest great ideas. And the good thing is, we provide consultation services free of cost. So, if you have any concerns, you can just say them right away.

Number Five: Hire PlusPrinters And Relax At Home!

When you do not hire a competent company, you have to do all the work and also pay the company that is doing no work. However, when you become part of an authentic entity, you can feel the difference. They are experts in their field; they provide you with maximum ease and minimum worries. 

The same is the case with PlusPrinters; we care for our clients. We want the best to happen to your business. It is one of the mottos to see your business flourish. As in your success, is our success. 

We not just provide affordable packages to our clients, you also enjoy free delivery all across the USA, and as far as the quality is concerned, it is matchless. Not to forget, the further discount on bulk discounts. 

If you think we are the right choice for your Cereal box packaging, then feel free to contact us anytime, anywhere. We are available 24/7 to cater to your queries. 

Hope you can read the complete guide of five steps to make your own custom cereal box! So what’s next? 

Let’s read about the benefits of using cereal boxes!

The Benefits of Using Cereal Boxes!

Read on to know how custom cereal packaging can benefit you in several ways

  • Provide Safety

One of the major concerns of food brands about wholesale packaging is protection. Your cereal in food boxes is safe as these are made of durable and strong material. Sometimes a cereal box remains on the retail shelves for days and months. Customized cereal boxes minimize the product’s moisture, heat, and light exposure. It saves the cereal fresh for longer. 

  • Make Your Goods Presentable

The graphic appeal of the packaging is what sells the product. If your packaging is less eye-catching than others, you will see a sales downfall. Personalized cereal boxes increase the product’s aesthetic appeal and influence a customer’s purchase decision. Using different theme colors, images, graphics, and text will increase the trade interest in your product.

cereal packaging boxes

  • Ease Of Use

Hassle-free food packaging is necessary to leave a mark on the customers. Folded custom boxes provide convenience to customers. As these are easy to open, use and re-seal. Custom cereal boxes mostly come in a square and rectangular shape with a firm base. It makes these boxes perfect for retail display. Moreover, cereal packaging also provides easy stacking and shipping.

  • Cost-efficient

Custom cereal packaging will cost you less than plastic containers and glass jars. Material for the packaging boxes is readily available, and the manufacturing cost is also low. We offer affordable printing and designing facilities. To save more, order custom food boxes in bulk. 

What Are Customization Options For Cereal Boxes?


You can personalize custom cereal boxes according to your taste. We have a variety of eye-catching designs, shapes, styles, and sizes.

You can select from them according to the needs of your product. These custom boxes have unlimited customization choices. It can be done as per the requirement given by the customers.

  •     UV Coating
  •     Embossing/Debossing
  •     Spot UV
  •     Lamination

Moreover, we offer these glowing finishing options. In addition, these options, UV Coating, embossing, deposing, and lamination, provide a charming look to the products.

What Type of Printing Techniques Do We Use to Print Your Custom Boxes?

We have various types of printing techniques that you can select according to your product requirement. The most popular are;

How Can You Get Our Prototypes?

Do you need to know how we make our cereal boxes? Would you desire to see a prototype? If yes, then no fears; we got you all covered. 

Following are the means through which you can ask us for the sample:

  • Flat View
  • 3D Inspection 
  • Physical Sampling 

Let your business grow; it is our motto!

What Are the Vibrant Color Options?

If you want to increase your product’s beauty, use vibrant colors. We have various theme color contrast options for your custom packaging boxes. Try dissimilar pattern options to make your boxes exceptional and to make your product more attractive.

cereal boxes with lid

Nowadays, Digital and offset printing are the newest solutions used in the industry. It is never a worthy idea to skip the printing stage. 

Moreover, you may completely transform the presence of boxes by adding beautiful graphical artwork. The two-color versions that you may select:

  • CMYK 
  • PMS

The PMS and CMYK theme color models are two-color forms that look great and draw customers’ attention to your packaging boxes. 

Both color variants support high-quality artwork. If you feel hesitant to choose our artwork, you may send your great artwork to us. Our specialist team will put it into action for you.

The Material Use For  Cereal Packaging Boxes

There are the following materials that use for manufacturing our custom cereal boxes. The most common are the following;


  • Cardboard: Cardboard is a heavier substance than Kraft board but lighter than corrugated. This stock is also reusable.


  • Corrugated: Corrugated stock is a strong material; based on three layers of cardboard or Kraft. In addition, this stock is the greatest for cargo and gives a thorough understanding of the brand.


  • Kraft: The Kraft stock is 100% decomposable. This packaging material may mold into a variety of forms.


Just call us now if you want to know more about our custom printing and packaging services. We are ready to make your designs real. 

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