As we move into 2022, several trends will be emerging in the world of product packaging. Some of these trends include:
  • Tamper-proof packaging
  • Text designs that jump off the box
  • Unique Custom Shapes
  • Custom prints in and on boxes
  • Sustainable materials used in production.
We will look at each of these trends below. By 2022, product boxes will be eye-catching for all the right reasons. In addition to these trends, we will take a brief look at what to expect from product labels design. We will also touch on how to avoid common mistakes packaging designers make. Let’s begin.

Product Packaging Designs Trends For 2022

Tamper-Proof Packaging

Instead of having a seal that breaks when the package is opened, product boxes will feature tamper-proof packaging. That means people can reuse or resell the box as much as they like without any risk to the contents. Some companies are starting to use some form of a hologram on the packaging. That helps prevent counterfeiting.

Text Designs That Jump Off the Box

It is no longer enough to have a nice picture and a logo at the top with product boxes. People want text designs that jump off the box and demand attention. We believe that professional package designers will offer custom text designs in the near future. packaging design

Unique Custom Shapes

The more unusual and unique a product is, the more likely it will be sold. Plus, putting your product in a unique shape is sure to get people’s attention. As the years go by, we see more and more product designs that take on unique shapes. 2022 won’t be any different as companies will be looking for product designs that stand out.

Custom Prints in And on Boxes

Instead of having one design for the entire package, more people are opting to use different print techniques on the top of the box and around it. For example, some companies are using screen printing on the front while offset printing on the sides. That helps create a three-dimensional feel to the package.

Sustainable Raw Materials

Many companies are now moving away from traditional packaging materials like plastic and paper to more sustainable options like renewable resources or recycled materials. More people will be able to spot these changes in Product Packaging Trends in 2022, making them highly valuable to customers who care about the planet. Now that we have taken a brief look at these trends let’s talk about what to expect from product labels and package design.

Product Labels Design Trends For 2022

We expect to see three major trends emerge for product labels and package design. These include:
  • Eccentric text designs
  • Color mists
  • Thermochromic color changes
We will look at each of these trends in more detail below.

Eccentric Text Designs

Rather than sticking to the traditional text box on product labels and package design, expect creative text designs to jump off the label by using unusual fonts, shapes, sizes, and colors. For example, instead of using an elegant serif font, expect companies to use fonts with unusual characters like the ones below. There are no rules about what works or what does not work with product labels and package design. It is largely a matter of personal preference.

Color Mists

Depending on the label’s background color, expect to see color misting on product labels and package design. For example, if the background is red, expect to see violet or pink smeared onto the label. That creates a fluorescent effect that people find attractive.

Thermochromic Color Changes

Finally, expect companies to experiment with thermochromic color changes on product labels and package design. That means that the label will change colors when it is heated up. For example, a person looking at an icy blue package in the store might see a hot pink package after purchasing it. Custom labels and stickers can help take the packaging to another level and beyond. You can expect the above trends to shake the market up a little. Before we close it out, let’s discuss some common mistakes package designers make. Product Labels Design Trends

Common Product Label and Package Design Mistakes

Too Much Text

The most common mistake on product labels and package design is using too much text. It might be clear what the company is trying to say, but it does not work for customers who want a more stylish and attractive label. Expect to see more people experiment with bold images and less text in 2022.

Lack Of Imagination

Another common mistake on product labels and package design is a lack of imagination, especially when it comes to the color schemes used. People want labels that pop off the shelf, not ones that blend into the background because they are too plain.

Lack Of Attention to Detail

Many companies do not put enough effort into package design and product labelling because they are too focused on the bottom line. If a company is going to succeed in an increasingly crowded marketplace, it needs to pay more attention to detail. They can’t just rely on a good idea or concept.

Not Complementary to Product

Finally, another common mistake on product labels and package design is when it does not compliment the product. If the label is too busy or does not match what people expect from the product, customers will have a bad experience. Companies need to find ways to link their product with their packaging so that customers can easily tell what they are buying without much trouble. Now that we have taken a look at product labels and package design in general in 2022 conclude with everything we have learned till now.

What We Can Conclude

Over the past few years, product packaging and label designs have come a long way. Companies are now crafting beautiful packaging that catches consumer attention and increases sales. What we expect to see in 2022 is an even larger emphasis on design excellence. This is especially true for niche brands that sell high-end products. There are no rules about what works and what does not work with the product package design. It all boils down to personal preference in the end. It is largely a matter of trial and error when it comes to product labels and package design. Companies need to experiment with all the latest trends and see what sticks to designing packaging that resonates with customers. If companies can do that, then they will win big in 2022! Let Plus Printers be next to you as you take the next step into exceptional product packaging design; feel free to reach out!

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