Good packaging can elevate the gift’s beauty, and the receiver will surely love the extra effort you place in creating a stellar gift packaging.If you want to design custom gift packaging to allure the customers, it is best to invest in luxury curated gift boxes.

What Makes Luxury Curated Gift Boxes Ideal for Businesses?

There are many reasons why luxury curated gift boxes make ideal business gifts and packaging. Firstly, these boxes come in different shapes and sizes and fit any present or product you wish to wrap. You can either choose a box that has pen slots on the sides for your clients to keep their pens or curated gift crates where you can store tiny accessories for use later. There are also boxes with multiple compartments, allowing you to place different items in each section, so the receiver gets an element of surprise as they open up their gift box. You can also opt for custom printed curated gift boxes to make a long-lasting impression on your clients and employees!

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Luxury Curated Gift Boxes?

Apart from the beauty these boxes add to your gifts; they also bring several other benefits.

Can Be Created in Any Shape or Size

You can invest in custom boxes of any shape, size, or design. The possibilities are endless! And with the abundance of ideas on the internet, you can be sure to find something as per your needs and preferences.

Extremely Cost-Effective

Investing in these boxes is highly beneficial as they can fit any present or product you wish to wrap. This means less wastage because you will not need to source custom boxes for every gift that needs packaging!

Can Be Converted into Customized Stationary

The boxes can also be transformed into customized stationery or office accessories. For example, your business logo can be printed on the box so it doubles as a stationery holder, which the receiver will keep!

Multi-Purpose and Multi-Functional

You can use these boxes as storage accessories, wedding gifts, or even gift your customers after the sale. You can use various gift packaging supplies to enhance the beauty of your packaging.

Why working with a professional printer for gift boxes is a win-win!

Before investing in gift boxes for your business, it is crucial to consider working with a professional printer. With the help of professionals familiar with curated holiday gift boxes, you will invest in quality products that can leave an impression on your clients. They have years of experience and are well-versed with the latest ideas to upgrade your presentation. You will also get the right size and type of box for your products by working with professionals. In addition to the variety of options, you will also get faster turnaround times and reliable packaging services.

What Are the Different Types of Boxes Available?

There are a plethora of types of boxes available in the market. Here is a list that can help you choose the right option for your business:

Drawer Boxes

If your business plans to gift pens or small items, drawer boxes are a perfect choice. The slots in the box provide ample space for storage, so you can also stock them up with smaller office supplies. The boxes have different compartments secured by a frame at the front. You can slide open each compartment to check what is inside. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your product, you can choose a box with a compartment for a pen or a place to store documents.

Pen Boxes

If you wish to gift pens as giveaways or promotional products, go for these boxes with slots on the side where your clients can keep them. They are easy to carry and ideal for gifting at trade shows or conferences to promote your brand.

Stationery Boxes

These boxes are perfect accessories for gifters who want to give out stationery items as part of their gifts. The compartments in the box allow people to stay organized while on the move.

Tiered Gift Boxes

Having read this article, you must be planning to invest in custom printed luxury curated gift boxes for your business promotions. If so, tiered custom printed boxes and packaging are a perfect choice. The design of these boxes makes them ideal for gifting sweets or chocolates. They can also be used as a gift hamper.

Ring Boxes

Another popular gift box design doubles as jewellery or ring storage products. The unique cut-out on the box makes it look elegant and unique for gifting rings. These are some of the best jewellery gift boxes you will find on the internet. A few individuals don’t like it when their boxes get too bulky or heavy. In such cases, you can consider going for a flat-pack option which only needs to be assembled after opening the package. The product comes flat, and you can easily fold it into shape while following instructions printed on its exterior.

Gift Boxes for CDs

If you want to gift music CDs, look for these boxes with slots on the side where each CD can be placed. The box is designed with a foldable flap, and once opened, it stands on its own. If you want your clients to keep the CDs after listening to them, go for this option.

Bookmark Boxes

If your business plans to gift stationery items, consider going for this box with a cut-out at the front in the shape of a bookmark.

Folding Magnet Boxes

This option is excellent for gifting magnets or metal items. The design is similar to that of a ring box, and when opened, it will have a flat front and back. You can opt for different sizes of boxes based on your convenience. Some individuals like to choose boxes that don’t take up too much space in the refrigerator when the gift has been opened.

Let’s Create Custom Gift Boxes Together!

Your search for the best luxury curated gift boxes ends with Plus Printers. We use durable materials for creating sturdy packaging for your gifting items. With the help of industry-leading colour models, we create gift boxes with vibrant colours. We use digital and offset printing methods to give the packaging an acceptable print quality. On top of that, we are famous for offering packaging with multiple customizations. You can use embossing, debossing, spot UV, hot stamping, and window patching to elevate the packaging’s beauty. Avail of our prototyping options to double-check the packaging’s design and layout. Give us a call today to place your order!

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