The back of cereal boxes is more, if not as important, than the front of the packaging. It can be the perfect substrate for adding value to your packaging boxes. Thus, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether designing mini cereal boxes or single-serving cereal boxes, custom prints play a vital role in the design. Custom prints can include designs, photos, artwork, logos, and nutrition facts. With all the different options available in the market today, how do you select which one is right for your cereal box? The back of your cereal box can be utilized to communicate your brand identity with critical messages and contact details. It can also be used to highlight your product and service offerings that will help you meet the expectations of your target market.

Tips For Designing A Great The Back Of Cereal Box


Your mini cereal box designs should convey the theme of your brand identities, such as its messages, style, and design. It is best to make your designs stand out or look bigger because customers tend to appreciate bold packaging. You can achieve this by using a high-contrast color combination with ample borders. For example, if you are using red as one of your dominant colors in your cereal box packaging design, use white space around the design to give it the appearance of being more prominent. It would be best to try using neutral colors as your background to allow your designs to stand out. For example, you can use black or white to contrast against red. Lastly, make sure that your design is visible from at least one foot away. Your small cereal boxes design may be featured on other platforms such as banners, websites, or envelopes. You can also turn the back of cereal boxes back into a poster for display at trade shows and events.


Custom printed photos are one of the most popular options among single-serving cereal boxes designers because it allows you to surprise customers that may not ordinarily be interested in purchasing the product after seeing the front of the packaging. A photo on a cereal box can help you increase brand recognition and engagement because it has a more significant impact on the mind of your customers. The image should be related to your product or service, have a high-quality resolution, and be in a standard size so that it will fit within the dimensions of your design.

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Nutrition Facts

A back-of-the-box design with nutrition facts can help you share important information about your product with buyers. People concerned about their health and want to manage their diet, including those with diabetes and other diseases, check the nutrition facts before buying food products. Since they will be reading the nutrition facts, it would be best to use large fonts and bright colors so that the information will be instantly noticeable.


Make sure that your brand logo is included in the back of the cereal box’s design because it serves as a vital element for recognition purposes. Your customers should immediately know which product they are holding just by seeing the imagery of your logo. It is also recommended that you use your brand logo in your cereal box designs because it helps to reinforce the message on the front of the packaging.

Contact Details

If you are selling online, including essential contact details on the back of cereal boxes can help increase conversions by providing customers with ways to get in touch with you. For instance, include your phone number, mailing address, and social media accounts so that customers can contact you without any issues. The back of the cereal boxes should be well-designed to blend in with all other elements on the packaging. Most importantly, it should contain important content that will entice buyers to purchase the product.

Printing Techniques For Custom Printed Cereal Boxes

Now that you know about the content, you should include it on the back of cereal boxes. It is crucial to consider the printing techniques. Your choice of printing technique will depend on your budget and the amount of customization you want for your personalized cereal box design. You can choose between digital printing and offset printing options. These techniques allow you to print single-serving cereal box designs with high color accuracy, smooth gradients, and a fantastic finish.

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Offset Printing For Custom Printed Cereal Boxes

Offset printing involves transferring the ink from a plate to a rubber blanket before being transferred onto a sheet of paper. This printing method will produce the highest level of color vibrancy, clarity. And consistency compared to other printing techniques because it can deliver several colors at once. Offset printed cereal boxes designs are also scratch-resistant and water-resistant. They have a thicker ink coverage that prevents smudging or fading after washing.

Digital Printing For Custom Printed Cereal Boxes

Digital printing is a popular option for printers because it is fast and cost-effective. This printing technique uses an inkjet printer to print single-serving cereal boxes using water-based or solvent inks. The resulting product has a soft satin texture with vibrant colors that fade quickly after washing.

Cereal Boxes Bulk Suppliers

When selecting individual boxes, bulk suppliers. The first thing you should do is determine your needs and how many boxes you will need. Furthermore, it can help ask about their custom printing and designing services. You can also ask about pricing and shipping rates. You should find out if there is any extra fee for the custom printing and design. Some suppliers charge a little over the market price, while some give it at a slightly higher cost. Also, it would help if you asked how long it would take. Until your order is ready to ship and how they can ensure its quality. While some suppliers will charge extra for customized boxes, others may offer it slightly higher than the market cost. In any case, the supplier must meet your demands and requirements even if you need boxes in bulk quantities. Finally, make sure that the box supplier is fully-licensed and certified to produce packaging and printed carton boxes.


When considering custom printing on cereal boxes, the back of cereal boxes should not be overlooked. Plus Printers offers incredible designers and custom printed boxes with logos options that can help you make your cereal boxes stand out from the competition. What do you think about personalizing cereal boxes to improve conversions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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