Cannabis Edibles Packaging Washington Residents Rejoice

Cannabis edibles packaging Washington lovers should be getting excited. The new year has come and has brought some magnificent packaging trends that you’ll be seeing soon enough. Your custom cannabis bags might be getting a revamp in design. Furthermore, keep your wits about you as your favourite brand decides to change up their coloring scheme as they head for a major rebranding. Custom cannabis packaging worldwide is going through a shift for the coming year. Here are the top design trends you’ll probably see take over the marijuana packaging business this year.

Top Packaging Trends for Cannabis Edibles Packaging Washington

Nostalgic Throwback

The color scheme is pretty much straightforward. There’s an equal balance of font and background, with the text being bold enough to read. This trend sticks true with the alignment of text boxes used when it comes to design. Nowadays, there are many cannabis edibles companies popping up left and right. And thanks to investors pushing for more competition, brands are becoming even more daring in their choice of colors and designs. While some trends can be fun and a little annoying, this design will stand the test of time and remain one of the best cannabis edibles packaging trends for some time.

The Clean Slate

Designers are jumping on the minimalistic bandwagon and using it to their advantage with cannabis edibles packaging. Going for a simple and clean style, you can’t go wrong with the design choices that you make. Why not go for a clean slate with your cannabis edibles packaging? After all, it’s the inside products that will shine through. The outside products only need to take care of grabbing attention and holding onto it before someone decides to wander off somewhere else. Minimalistic yet classic, this trend is one of the most creative cannabis edibles packaging Washington design trends that you’ll ever see.

Minimalistic Black and White

Going for the minimalist approach is always a safe bet. And who can ever go wrong with black and white? With some light colors thrown in to make it pop, this trend is perfect for custom cannabis bags of any size. This trend makes sure that your cannabis edibles packaging will always be stylish and on point. It doesn’t matter what the product is. With this simple design, you’ll find a way to pump it up even more.

The Next Big Thing

Sparkling colors are made perfect with the next big thing in cannabis subscription boxes. There’s just something about the big colors that really jumps out at you. It draws your attention and keeps it there for as long as possible. The only issue is that not all cannabis edibles companies have a large budget to work with, so there might be some inconsistency regarding what you see on television and what brands actually use in their marijuana packaging. Read more Experience The New Era with Marijuana Packaging Then again, who wouldn’t go for this trend? It will always be a sure-fire way to grab customers and hold onto them as long as possible. That’s how important color can be for custom cannabis packaging ideas!

Clean Edged Designs

The timeless design has been used in many other industries. And now, you can use it in your cannabis edibles packaging in Washington ideas too. Something clean and simple about these designs makes them an instant classic. It says to customers, “we’re serious about what we do.” Plus, the design choices are so simple that they could work with any type of product that you want to put into custom cannabis packaging.

To Conclude

It’s time to take things up a notch. When you think of cannabis edibles packaging ideas, don’t think outside the box; break through it and go for something new and exciting that people will love! If you need any help with your cannabis edibles packaging Washington design, Plus Printers has you covered!

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