Analyzing the Soap Industry in the United States – Big names and Bit-Players

Revenues of various soap brands have mainly been decided by their market and how aggressively they do the marketing and branding. However, even with that, the revenue growth of this market has been very steady, and there has not been any spike in their growth. It is also because of the soap industry’s concentrated market and the fact that people have never given any substantial preference to one brand over others.

The somewhat upward growth in the demand for the soaps is because of the growing sense of hygiene and population growth. In this article, we have piled up the information regarding the global soap industry – How much the global soap industry is worth? What are future trends in the soap industry? And what are some of the world’s most-selling soap brands?

Soap Industry Fact Sheet:

According to a recent statistical analysis of the soap industry by BizVibe ,  the global soap industry is worth 19 billion U.S. dollars. The figure is expected to increase by 24 billion USD in 2022, with a greater surge down to the new pandemic situation.

While we may only have a few names if we go back to 10-15 years in the global soap industry as leaders, we have a dime a dozen in today’s market. Over the past many years, many brands have specialized in different categories – i.e., anti-bacterial soaps, anti-allergic soaps, moisturizing soaps, etc. Similarly, different soap brands can be identified by their flavors that are well-depicted on the respective soap boxes.


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Considering the global concentration of soap industry with a variety of brands, brands’ survival is in the variety, and offering soaps as something more than a soap. It has revolutionized the way soap brands used to think of their product. We can see that this industry is finely categorized and classified with its specialty.

Here is an overview of some of the top brands in the soap industry across the world, and how they will compete in the global market over the coming years

Facts #1: Burt’s Bees :

Burt’s Bees is one of the flagship products of the U.S.’ Clorox and has always dominated the market share in the soap industry in the United States. Burt’s Bees soap is widely acknowledged because it only uses natural ingredients, making it one of the most organic products in the United States.

It can be found in more than 30,000 grocery stores and pharmacies across the United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Its special custom soap boxes  differentiate it from the rest.

The future seems bright for Burt’s Bees soap, especially because it is a Clorox subsidiary. Amid the pandemic situation and increased global awareness about the cleanliness, the sales of Burt’s Bees soap have increased across all the countries where it is available.

Facts #2:  Zest:

Zest was originally a product of Procter and Gamble but was sold to Unilever in 2014. In the USA, it was introduced in 1995, and have a wide range of soap products from cleansing, moisturizing, and revitalizing, etc.

Zest has a very steady market and never seems to go down or up with a great density. Hence, the future of Zest is very predictable to be steady and calm, especially when it is under the umbrella of a giant like Unilever.

Facts #3:  Aveeno:

While you may know it a brand that Jennifer Aniston has advertised for over the years, there is a lot more to it. Even though it is one of the big names in the soap industry, and with a huge variety, many health experts have recently raised voice over the use of Aveeno.

It is mainly because of two reasons – first being that it does not list down its complete ingredients’ list. Secondly, it uses Dimethicone, a human-made silicon-like polymer that gives the product a silky look and helps spread it. However, a prolonged period of using it on the skin creates a barrier on the skin, which reduces the normal activity of the skin.

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The market share of Aveeno, however, is very big. As it is not only limited to soaps, there is very little chance of reduction in its market share. In this context, the only possible way forward is for the company to display its complete ingredients’ list on soapboxes and find an alternative of Dimethicone to ensure public safety.

Facts #4:  Dove:

If there is one name that truly leads the soap industry in the USA, and in all the countries where Unilever is listed, from New Zealand to Spain, it is Dove. Dove has effectively shaped the way the soap industry works, and it is the trend-setter in so many areas of this industry.

Dove’s soap list is as extended as the brand itself, from its anti-oil soap bars to beauty bars, hydrating soap bars, and anti-bacterial bars. Only in the liquid soap segment, Dove has a 12% market share in the USA only. And it is important not to forget that Dove thrived in the times of giants like IVORY and Jergens, and was effectively the main player behind downing them worldwide.

Almost 114.5 million Americans use Dove, and this number only seems to go up, joint-more than Caress, Aveeno, and Zest. The only competition it gets from the market is from Irish Spring and Dial, which don’t even make the half of what Dove has. It is enough to elaborate on the extravagant market share and dominance that Dove has in this industry.

Figure: U.S. population:

Most used brands of bar soap from 2011 to 2019

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Dove has branded itself neatly and smartly, which ensures its survival in years to come. Its unique soap packaging can be easily recognized by almost every ordinary citizen, thus ensuring a brand identity held and spread by people, with very little reliance on marketing and advertising.  conclude that the soap industry has very steady growth or decline, and only big names can survive in this market since it requires sheer persistence. The industry is growing overall, but it is only the volume of existing brands. The entry of new brands in this competitive market is very asking. It requires a lot of investment, patience, and time.

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