An Unknown History of Candle Packaging That You Must Know!

There was a time when people use candles to get light and it was an essential part of daily lifestyle. Manufacturers use versatile methods to create candles. Even in the early 1900s, people used to make candles at home with a variety of materials. It was important to have a candle at your home, office, or any place where you live or work. Because candles were the only source to get the man-made light. All other sources are natural like sunlight in the morning and moonlight in the evening. Now you are thinking that how the candle box packaging is related to its history? It has an inevitable and direct link. Because at those ancient times people use containers made of different materials to store the wax of candles in their boxes. These containers were usually made of glass and iron of different qualities. The major source of getting candle wax was beeswax as it was readily and easily available. However, that was not that much easy to get wax from bee’s hives. Yet it was the only source in the early era. After that various other methods were introduced to get candle wax. And usage of oil was one of the major sources. Even then at the time of bee’s wax candles, different custom-made candle boxes were used. The material beehives were one of the best materials to use as candle packaging containers.

Versatile Styles of Candles to this Age!

Before going towards the detailed history of candle packaging, let me make you know about some major styles from the timeline of its history. As every field of life sees innovation, likewise candles have gone through massive changes.

1. Pillar Shaped Candles:

The first candles that were made in the past were pillar-shaped. They are the most seen candles even if you have seen them in your life. People use to make them by adding liquid wax to pillar-shaped containers and molding them according to their shape. At the times of Roman and all other empires, these candles were the most used style of candles. A portable stand was used to carry them. Also, these candles were used on fixed stands to get light in the rooms, chambers, and halls. The anatomy of these candles was simple, they have a single string in the middle of a wax pillar stick. After burning the wax gathered in that stand as it was cup-shaped. After that wax was collected and again turned into a new candle.

2. Container Candles:

The second most important and massively used candle style is container candles. These candles are mostly luxurious items even at those times. Different fumes are added to it and when the candles start burning, the fragrance spread all over the place. In addition to that these candles are used while having a bath. In these empires, the kings, queens, and princes, all had huge bath chambers. Those chambers were enlightened with these candles and utilized to add aroma to the bath. The containers were luxury candle boxes considered at that time. Further, these candles were used for meditation as different fumes were added to them. According to the type of meditation, the relevant fragrant candle was used. Cinnamon, Sandalwood, and Rose were the famous scents that were used in the candles.

3. Votive Candles:

Votive candles were simple white candles made of oil and wax. They are small in size and keep in glass cases or containers. The candles are small whereas the containers are large to get the air effect. They are mostly used in airy areas, as these containers keep them burning by controlling the air effect. Another major use of these candles is spiritual. In churches, these candles are used to make prayers and confessions. Not only in the past, but also in the current days these candles are used as prayer candles. Also, these candles were used when someone died, and in their memory, the masses lit up the candles to provide solace to the demised soul.

History of Custom Candle Packaging:

Candle packaging has also seen several changes during the time same as the candles themselves have gone through massive modifications and conversions. Almost all the regions of the world have been entranced with the illumination of candles for ages. And packaging plays a vital role in making them remembered even in present times. As candles have a long history, the story of candle boxes goes along with it. Candle packaging goes back to the Chinese dynasty. And Qin dynasty has a major role in introducing them. They introduced candles made of animal fats turned into candle wax. After introducing these candles, they have candle box packaging brought to the surface. These packaging boxes were not so sophisticated and perfectly designed, however, they are reasonable. The material used to create them was a kind of kraft paper of the current era. It was rough at that time and rugged too. The major purpose of these boxes is to keep the candles safe and stop them from the heat of the weather. Also, the refined boxes were used to pack candles when the emperors had to gift them to other dynasties. Historically, the major use of candles was domestic and even the packaging was just used to keep them protected and no other specific motive was there.

Modern use of Candles and their Packaging:

As you have now got the idea that in the past candles were only used for domestic purposes as they were the only major and easily available source of light. But at present, the use of candles has drastically changed. People not only use them for getting light but the candles are used for gift purposes, yoga uses, aroma providers, meditation, spiritual uses, etc. All these uses of candles have made candle packaging boxes a whole new industry.

Luxury Candle Boxes:

Mostly, candle packaging uses as luxury candle boxes to pack candles as gifts. These boxes are designed specifically to attract the viewer. They are custom-made boxes and can be designed according to the needs of the sender or even receiver. Many candle brands that provide gift candles are getting innovative ideas for the candle boxes in which they will sell their candles. Even modern customer, along with the quality of the candle demands the best packaging for the product he or she is going to buy. Many different packaging materials are utilized in this process to get the desired delightful results. The most expensive material is linen stock which has a textured surface and provides the best results when printed with the gold foiling. Ultimately, provides inexpensive candle boxes. Further, cardboard and kraft boxes both are generally, used as they are less expensive and readily available in the market.

Candle Packaging for Glass Wax Containers:

As candles are used for meditation and getting fumes while taking bath, they are mostly filled in glass containers as when they burn the melted wax remained in it. Therefore, these containers require strong packaging boxes. Cardboard and rigid boxes offer that sturdiness to those glass containers. Also, their inner side is layered with a coating that keeps the wax cool to prevent melting while on the shelf. Kraft packaging is also used as custom candle packaging, but it is not that strong and cannot carry heavy-weight glass containers of candles. However, the small size of containers can be packaged in these boxes.

Special Boxes of Scented Candles:

Scented candles are to be packed in special boxes to keep their aroma intact. A special layer is added to the inner side of the box to keep the scent strong. This layer can be added to any type of box material, no matter, it is cardboard, kraft or Lenin stock. The most used candles in the present market are scented candles. Therefore, luxury candle boxes wholesale are in demand as these boxes are considered luxury candle packaging. Also, access to this type of packaging is hassle-free nowadays. If you are a candle manufacturer you can get whatever amount of candle boxes, you want.

Candle Shipping Boxes:

Due to covid, almost everything is revolutionized, the same is the case with shipping packaging. Many innovations are introduced in candle packaging. Candle shipping boxes are available in the market, in different sizes, shapes, and designs, and with countless customizations too. These boxes are hard in their structure and keep the product safe. Customization is unbound; therefore, you can customize them as you want to.

Final Verdict:

Let me assume then that till now you got a quite clear idea of what candle packaging was in the past and what it looks like now. Also, what are the major purposes for which they were used, and what are the many reasons that they are used now? Along with the uses of candle packaging, you get the idea of modern candle uses. So, whenever, future you order candle boxes for your product keep all these things in mind and get the desired results you are looking for.

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