7 Exciting Coffee Packaging Trends Fit For 2022

The third wave of coffee is well underway. As people recover from the traumatic past couple of years, one thing is clear. People need their coffee. As the shops open slowly but surely, we’re going to see brands fighting tooth and nail to get their blends in the retail stores and in customers’ hands. Many people might be looking to switch the tried and trusted brands. Furthermore, some may be thinking of trying something new. Thus, the time is right to invest in your coffee packaging design to make the most of it. Your coffee packaging design is going to be your weapon in the fierce competition that floods the markets. Espressos will be spilt, and beans will be crushed. The last brand standing will be the one that offers the most exciting and trendy coffee packaging design to pull customers from afar. This post is going to tell you everything about the seven top packaging trends we expect to see brands use this year.

1. Tranquility In Packaging

The past couple of years has been turbulent. This year, many coffee packaging designs are going to be about creating an oasis of serenity in your shop. The modern consumer needs a place where they feel good and relaxed. A new era of tranquillity has dawned, so expect brands to get on board. That doesn’t mean the packaging will look boring or uninspired. We’re going to see some amazing, creative, and captivating designs that’ll make people go wild.

2. Coffee As Art

The Golden Days of coffee are back with a vengeance. The days when coffee was marketed as the opiate of the people slowly distanced itself from the poor and desperate origins. No longer. Coffee manufacturers are bringing it back to where it was in the nineteenth century. Authenticity has not been this popular since the French revolution. In 2022, we expect to see a surge of brands using their coffee packaging design to show off how authentic they are. Whether it’s a vintage-looking logo or a touch of watercolour on the label, showcasing your brand’s fidelity is going to be the key to success.

3. Style & Sophistication

The third wave of coffee is about more than authenticity. It’s also about style and sophistication. We’re going to see elegant coffee packaging designs that are both understated and stunning at the same time. If you think all this means is taking your existing design, giving it a bit of an upgrade by adding some bevels and shadows, you’re wrong. We’re going to see designs that inform, intrigue, and entice the consumer to sample your blend.

4. On The Go or At Home?

As the new year starts and people begin leaving their homes again, you can expect some exciting developments on the packaging front. One of them has to do with where people drink their coffee. Traditionally, people tend to drink coffee at cafes. However, that ritual was stopped due to the pandemic. Now that shops are opening again, many people are starting to go back to the cafes. That is where coffee on the go comes into play. This packaging design will focus on convenience, portability, and ease of use. At the same time, you’ll see people investing in coffee makers to take their favorite blends with them when they go back to work. They will be young professionals who are looking for an upgrade from instant coffee in terms of taste and quality.

5. Y2K Aesthetic

We’re also expecting to see some brands go for a more nostalgic feel. This is not just about pasting old logos on new coffee packaging trends in 2022. It’s about creating something that triggers memories of the good old days, even if they were twenty-two years ago. The important thing here is to look at what people loved about coffee in the past, without falling into clichés. People are tired of seeing the same old things again and again.

6. Perfect Imperfection

The growing concern for ethics is also going to make its mark on coffee packaging designs. Many consumers are interested in learning about the sources of their favorite blends and how they were made. That means brands will need to include more information than just a logo and some jargon-heavy marketing speak. A lot of people are trying to create branding that’s honest, transparent, and trustworthy. That’s why the days of marketing your coffee with broad promises are over. Furthermore, the demand for eco-friendly packaging will translate into more recycled and recyclable boxes, bags, and cups. This is not just about looking green – it’s also about creating products that do good for the environment.

7. Mischief Galore

Much has been said about the growing demand for coffee to have a kick. That means we’re going to see more brands joining this movement by creating bolder, spicier blends. Furthermore, some brands are also trying to make their mark by adding an extra twist to how they package their product. We’ve seen everything from coffee in a can to instant coffee housed in capsule pods with their barcode. We’re sure of one thing: creativity and innovation will take center stage when it comes to packaging design. Brands will begin to have more fun with the packaging by showcasing characters that are a mix of cute and satirical. They will also use these characters to communicate with consumers and tell their stories.

To Sum It All Up

When looking at the various trends that will take over the coffee packaging industry, one can be hopeful that this will be a truly exciting year. The coffee market has remained resilient despite these troubling times, and now brands are finally getting the chance to bring their products back into focus. More than anything else, many people are craving something new. They want change, they want excitement – and most of all, they want coffee to help them feel alive again. Coffee companies should take this opportunity to achieve all three by focusing on creating vibrant, bold packaging that also works towards the greater good. If they manage to do so, then the future of coffee is looking brighter than ever! If you are a coffee manufacturer looking to create exciting packaging, look no farther than Plus Printers. With decades of experience in the printing industry, we are capable of providing you with a wide range of services to make your brand shine. From offset to digital and everything in between, we can work with you to create custom coffee packaging that will move consumers and take your brand’s image to the next level!  

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