Once You Get Attracted To Customers’ Minds, You Will Find Beauty In Everything You Do. But How To Allure More Customers To Products? The Answer Is By Providing Them with DIY Packaging Ideas. Don’t know what DIY packaging ideas are? Then this blog is for you! Let’s explore some mesmerizing ideas!
Whether wrapping a gift without covering paper or shipping your handmade goods, these DIY packaging ideas are just what you desire. These ideas will flow your imaginative juices, from bright upcycling ideas to out-of-the-box wraps. Sure, you can send out your packages in an envelope with a thank you note, but that’s not close to as personal as a handmade package. A modest way to make your friends and family feel like they’re receiving something exceptional is to include imaginable packaging in your shipments. These packages do not have to be costly by any means; they’re an ideal way to save money. But that’s just one brilliant idea; there are plenty more ways you can artistically wrap up your products. We at PlusPrinters conclude some adorable ideas for DIY packaging that will surely help you in the future. Take My Words For It!

Why DIY Packaging?

Finding and creating functional and quality products to sell could be overwhelming, especially if your budget is tight or if you’re in the initial stages of building your business. That is why it’s an absurd idea to utilize DIY packaging! Apart from the myriad of things you have to plan and study carefully, you also want to find a way to set your business and your products apart from challengers. To be a famous business owner, your priority is to ensure that your goods solve your consumers’ problems and address their pain points without tearing them off. You must think about making people remember your brand or company and how you can provide the ‘wow factor every time they unbox the goods they bought from you.
Tip: Does ordering wholesale custom packaging seem beyond your budget? Consider consuming stickers instead. You don’t have to prepare custom branded boxes.
Just print stickers with your brand logo and put them on regular shipping boxes. And if you are still working on your custom logo design, read our guide: Custom Boxes with Logo Make Your Brand On-The-Go! With just the right amount of imagination and determination, you can develop customized packaging designs that make people want to return to your shop and purchase more products.

Are you ready to explore the list of mesmerizing packaging?

 Put your skates on and look down!

1#: Custom Glittery Boxes for Jewelry and Accessories:

How pretty and simple is this? Just take a familiar jewelry box and coat the lid in gold glitter. Glitters can make everyday boxes shiny and beautiful. This is on top of the list because the packaging materials for this DIY packaging are accessible and inexpensive. “There’s no problem in life that glitter can’t fix!” You can purchase these glittery boxes from us. We will make sure you get what you desire. A handwritten or printed thank you note can also add a ‘personal touch to the product and make your purchasers feel valued. You can even opt to match the theme colors of the glitters with the jewelry or accessory inside the custom box.

2#: Transform Simple Paper with Hand Painting:

As we have seen beyond, the best affordable and imaginative packaging ideas for small businesses are DIY packaging ideas.
Pro tip: No one is you, and that is your power! Make it more potent with hand painting on packaging products.
After all, there is nothing like filling a product with your talent to make it unique. If you are best with watercolors or love sketching, you could consider wrapping your goods in plain or recycled paper and adding a small handmade artwork. This adds a distinctive touch, but it also gives you the chance to put your skills to the test!

3#: Printed Pillow Boxes:

DIY pillow boxes are used in several ways. You can use them to pack your item of any type. Like, you can use it in packaging a special gift. If you desire to send any cosmetics article to your loved ones, you can send it in a custom pillow box. All Pillow boxes are fully personalized, resulting in a remarkable product that will include all information such as phrasings, images, and logos to reflect the philosophy behind your product.

4#: Wooden Frames with Transparent Covers:

This packaging style is outstanding for products that feature complex designs or anything that deserves to be showcased. This includes beauty and cosmetic products, jewelry sets, and delicious chocolates. The price of the materials for this packaging design is not low, but premium products want premium packaging. So it’s essential to select wisely when making custom packaging boxes. But if you don’t know how to design, then contact PlusPrinters. We have all that you need for your packaging products.

5#: Run A Theme Of Colorful Packaging:

Color! What a Deep and Mysterious Language! Running a unique theme is essential to link your product to your brand. When picking a colorful theme, it is crucial to align with your brand’s verbal and visual personality. However, you can confirm that your chosen packaging solution fits the festive theme. Of course, when generating brand awareness, consistency is key. But don’t be anxious to experiment with differently-themed versions of your logo and color pattern.

6#: Nature Boxes:

Nature boxes are simple and profitable, but they can always wow people who love Mother Earth. If you choose to go for this DIY packaging style, you have to choose the right type of leaves that don’t weaken very quickly.

7#: Boxes with Floral Prints and Gold Gilding:

It’s a beautiful way to sparkle and shine! You can make stylish, rustic packaging out of ordinary boxes and gold gilding. Drawing on the box is always an option if you’re an artist, but high-quality printouts of flowers or anything that narrates the product can also do the trick. There are many free patterns and bloomy designs you can download from the internet. Still, it’s always recommended that you design your artwork and reproduce it for your custom product packaging for marketing purposes.

8#: Plain Boxes with Custom Stickers:

Aside from the design aspect, custom stickers can strategically place boxes together. Stickers are affordable, informal to customize, and they can provide an extraordinary unboxing experience if designed and used correctly.
Pro tip: If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal!

9#: Burlaps with Customized Tags:

Many people love to add burlaps because they can add a rustic feel to products. Burlaps are eco-friendly, recyclable, and easy to customize. Your burlap wholesale packaging will surely stand out if partnered with colorful jute strings or intricate laces. Many retailers will attempt to cut costs on the packaging, not understanding its benefits to branding and overall company reputation. With these DIY packaging tips, you can ‘wow’ your purchasers without spending much money.

10#: DIY A Branded Canvas Bag:

Who does not love to have a canvas or tote bag? And, there are never too many of them! Whether your customers will repurpose them, keep the goods they have ordered, or use them as a shopping bag, you have an added tool to put your company logo out there! Especially suitable as other clothing packaging ideas, canvas bags are cool to personalize with small artwork, print, or stamps.

11#: Make It Seasonal:

If you have been running your native or digital shop for a while and have found the ideal type of packaging for your products, you might use the upcoming holiday season to test out other changes. For example, you can add traditional symbols to make your package more festive. If you desire to add natural decorations to it, check for products that can be easily found during the season.

12#: Think Outside The Box For Accessories:

If you craft unique accessories, you might struggle to find a package that defends your creations, fits your specific needs, and elevates your designs without overpowering the finished product. This is where you truly desire to think outside the box!
Remember: “Beauty is who you are. Jewelry is simply the icing on the cake.”
For example, if you are looking for imaginative jewelry packaging ideas, you might consider crafting a person’s outline out of carton material and adding the jewelry.

It’s Time To Decide!

Is it helpful for you? If yes, the next thing is to order your custom packaging, adding more charm to your packaging products. But after reading this, you don’t have any idea about designing, then send them to us. We at PlusPrinters will make sure you get the best. Happy Shopping!

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