11 Secrets That Make Your Custom Dessert Boxes Amazing!

Have you ever wondered what the secret of successful dessert brands is? It’s not just about the product quality or its unique features. The way you present and pack your product into custom dessert boxes matters a lot too! If you sell desserts, you need to make sure that your custom dessert boxes are top-notch and grab attention at first sight. Whether you are starting a new business or want to take your existing one to the next level, your retail and wholesale dessert boxes must reflect your brand image in the best possible way. However, that is not all. Apart from being a brand ambassador, your dessert packaging boxes must also have certain other features to make them truly amazing. Do you want to know what those secret features are? Keep reading to find out!

1. The Packaging Must Be Strong And Durable

This is one of the most important features of any packaging, let alone dessert boxes. Imagine having your dessert boxes delivered that get damaged or broken in transit. That would be a disaster for your business, not to mention a waste of money. To avoid such mishaps, always make sure to use high-quality and durable materials for your custom dessert boxes. Corrugated cardboard and rigid paperboard are two of the best options as they offer great strength and protect your desserts from bumps and bruises.

2. The Design Must Be Visually Appealing

Your custom dessert box should be not only strong and durable but also visually appealing. After all, the whole point of packaging is to attract customers and get them to buy your product. There are several ways to make your dessert packaging boxes stand out. You can use bright and bold colors or go for a more sophisticated look with subdued hues. You can even design dessert boxes with window cutouts to showcase your product.

3. The Packaging Should Be Easy To Open And Close

This is another important feature to look for in any packaging, especially if you are selling perishable items like desserts. Your custom dessert boxes should be easy to open and close so that customers can easily access your product. The last thing you want is for customers to struggle with opening your boxes and end up damaging the product.

4. The Custom Prints Should Be Of High Quality

When it comes to customizing your dessert boxes, make sure to use high-quality printing techniques. This will ensure that your prints are clear and vibrant and that they last long.

5. The Packaging Should Be Eco-Friendly

One of the major growing concerns among consumers today is the environment. More and more people are looking for eco-friendly packaging options that do not harm the planet. If you want to make your dessert boxes eco-friendly, you can use recycled materials. You can also go for compostable or biodegradable materials that will decompose naturally and will not add to the pollution.

6. Finishing Coats Can Help To Make Your Boxes Look Amazing

If you want to take your dessert packaging boxes to the next level, you can opt for finishing coats. A UV or aqueous coating can give your boxes a high-gloss finish and make them look even more impressive. Coatings are amazing customizations that can help add personalization and value to your custom dessert boxes.

7. The Packaging Should Be Easy To Store And Transport

To give the customers and retailers an easy time, make sure that your dessert packaging boxes are easy to store and transport. This means that the boxes should be of the right size and shape, and they should not be too bulky or fragile. Furthermore, it can also help to use packaging shapes that are easy to stack and store.

8. You Can Use Custom Prints To Fulfill Marketing Goals

Custom prints are not just for decoration; they can also be used to fulfill marketing goals. For instance, you can use your company logo or tagline on the custom dessert boxes to promote your brand. You can also use custom prints to offer discounts or coupons. This is a great way to increase sales and boost your bottom line.

9. A Dessert Box With Window Can Be A Great Marketing Tool

If you want to showcase your product, a dessert box with a window can be a great marketing tool. This type of packaging allows customers to see the product without having to open the box. A window also makes your dessert boxes more attractive and inviting. It is a great way to increase customer interest and boost sales.

10. Distinct Packaging Shapes Will Help Your Product To Stand Out

When it comes to choosing the right packaging for your product, it is important to consider the shape of the box. The right shape can help your product to stand out on the shelves and in the minds of consumers. For instance, you can use a round box for chocolates or a rectangular box for cakes. You can even get creative and use unique shapes that are not commonly used for dessert packaging.

11. The Text On The Packaging Can Help To Promote Your Product

In addition to the visuals, the text on the packaging can also help to promote your product. For instance, you can use catchy phrases or slogans to increase customer interest. You can also use the text to provide information about your product. This is a great way to educate customers and increase sales. The right text can help to make your custom dessert boxes even more amazing.


When it comes to designing custom dessert boxes, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to make sure that your packaging is amazing. These include using high-quality printing techniques, choosing the right size and shape, and using eco-friendly materials. By following these tips, you can create custom dessert boxes that are sure to impress your customers. Plus Printers can help you to create stunning custom dessert boxes that will make your product stand out. We offer a wide range of printing and finishing options to choose from. Contact us today to get started!

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