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Get instantaneous price quotes for your box idea to place your order. We provide a 3D digital illustration of the box to help you get an idea of the final product.

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Box Construction & Shipment

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We believe in
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We have an excellent quality of personalized Custom Boxes with digital and Off-Set printing services.

We believe in Quality deliverance

Custom Boxes by Industry

Welcome to "®" the Most Tremendous Custom Printed Boxes in the United States:

Plus Printers® is a USA-based custom packaging company providing top-notch qualitative packing cardboard boxes for your products with sprinkling printing processes making your products shine in the marketplace.

Our manufacturing styles and techniques will elaborate on themselves by the naked eye. We are here to present and defend our products with the services we are providing for quite a long time.

If you are looking for a box that can satisfy your product's needs, but the packaging box is never ever seen before in the history of the packaging industry. Therefore, PlusPrinters can help you to manufacture that box style with all the dimensions and your selective printing process regarding the requirement for the products.

However, we strike the best in the market. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and our policies are based on this fact.

To get customer satisfaction and the customers' loyalty, we don't even charge a bit to our clients for any customizations of custom design by the customers themselves.

We don't even charge a bit to our clients for any customizations of custom design by the customers themselves to get customer satisfaction and the customers' loyalty.

Looking for Your Imaginative Packaging Styles! Up for Grabs:

Here at Plus Printers, our digital marketing is totally lenient and helpful with providing a comfortable zone for the new customers and the option to choose us for your business grooming.

We do not just tell you we can do it very well with professional skills and lots of hard work. There are lots of companies that promise and fade away. But not PlusPrinters, this is not the way we came to this stage.

Take an example from our top customer CBDMD. We have been working for CBD Products for three consecutive long years and always get the best feedback. However, we use that technology, which gives you the credibility to dribble out the gold with enormous printing services.

Effects on the Customers with Our Products:

Marketing your brand in marketing is the core value of Plus Printers and staff. The designing and styling which we will provide will impact the "Impulse Purchase." Our crafting techniques will enhance your productivity and make you a better profit in the business world.

We know the way the market runs via packaging services. There are millions of types of packaging styles which gives you profit more than you invested and similar terms like that;

1. ROI (Return Over Investment)
2. ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)
3. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
4. Impulsive Purchase

Return Over Investment:

Our customized packaging boxes will hit the four corners of the market with greatness and their credibility. If you purchase your product's packaging from us at wholesale, you will get amazing styles and fascinating custom packaging boxes at affordable rates with free shipping and using different manufacturing styles and printing styles because we are the packaging suppliers in the United States.

Original Design Manufacturer:

Plus Printers are the pioneers and ODM's of the packing industry. We are the Design manufacturer of the packaging styles, which includes different products such as candles, gifts, pillows, cosmetic goods, etc.

We have built up the states of packaging styles that will turn the products into resting in the womb and reach to you with easy hand and amazing grip.

Original Equipment Manufacturer:

Our own every machinery of making the eco-friendly boxes. It's not the make we have to deal with the production for the process. No sir, it's not that way. We are original equipment manufacturers and can make any kind of packaging style that is yet to target the marketplace.

Impulsive Purchase:

Our design and printing styles will seduce the customers to purchase the product while looking at its packaging styles. The thing is some packaging styles click the customers in its rigid packaging. If the customer doesn't want to buy the product for its good, he/she will buy the products, which will lead the customers to fall into Impulsive Purchase.

So, you just have to go to our product description pages and order the products for unique and attractive packaging styles.

Looking for Fabulous Packaging Styles in the Wholesale Form:

We are hereby to make an effort with your niche. Therefore, it is very mature and common to confront the fact that buying your product packaging boxes at wholesale rates will cost you lesser than retail prices.

With the technology of offset printing using cylindrical processes with a mixture of 4 color schemes, you can get various discounts offers.

We can challenge the potential of your product. Regarding our products, we want your product to tackle ours. Because there is no such way that is using our packaging, your products get ruined or waste.

Printing Processes that can lead your Products to the Top Shelves:

Striking your products dip in the rainbow will enhance the productivity of your business to the higher grade of them all. Therefore, it is necessary to build up a fusion of paints and color schemes.

Plus Printers introduced two different styles of color schemes:

1. CMYK (four-color printing) Scheme
2. PMS Scheme

These two-color schemes will act together to meet your needs. Therefore, both schemes act equally and turn your products into fascinating new staff.

Custom Packing Boxes are becoming a necessity in our daily life and for your daily life products. These custom printed boxes can be easily found, and these can be customized according to the features and originality of the customer's product.

Accompanied with the originality in the design of the product, these boxes can also be printed in the numerous options of designing and decorating with creative ideas to make these cardboard packaging boxes no minimum and unique from each other and create the values in the market.

These boxes are manufactured from materials that are recyclable to corrugated and cardboard sheets, becoming corrugated boxes and large cardboard boxes. With the instant look, they seem to be simple in manufacturing, but there is a lot of deep analysis of the steps involved in the process that make the product perfect for use.

The steps include assembling, custom printing, die-cutting, lamination, and pasting; all of these require 100% perfection to give a natural look to the box. These printed color schemed services by PlusPrinters are manufactured with the desired design and style of the clients to use all over the world to fulfill different requirements.

Get your Package within Ten Working Days:

Get your packaging candle boxes

with a state-of-the-art design containing coloring techniques chosen by you striving for the best materials to make sure your products will get a comfort zone till they reached your doorsteps.

Just like we elaborated about our packaging printing services above, you can give us an idea of your imaginative printing processes with your favorite colors and designs, and we can get that for you in just 10 working days.

However, we have changed our packaging strategy because of this pandemic (covid-19). By keeping this in mind, we have introduced sanitized lip gloss boxes and their packaging styles, with proper protection and advanced functionalities that will protect your products in their packaging.

The most usual is to make these retail boxes "Fit for the products," "Influencing a strong brand image," storage, shipping, and displaying items of all types that can be decorative or electronic or retail items because we are the top-notch packaging suppliers in the States and delivering the services for over the years.

We offer a competitive range of prices that is the specialty of our products. We manufacture eco-friendly boxes with proper care and attention; so that customers' requirements can be fulfilled in an efficient way. You can also get our services by googling printing services near me, and you can find us at your nearest place.

As these corrugated mailing boxes no minimum are manufactured by the Plus Printers with materials that are 100% recyclable, so it ensures an eco-friendly environment. We offer the design and shipping for almost all of our products free of cost.

Addition of Decorative Features and Coating Styles:

Welcome to the designing section of PlusPrinters, here we will decorate your products for their marketing purposes. Such as window cutting on the boxes also, we deal with the custom stickers printing too, which makes a great impact on the following features of your custom boxes with logo.

There are many different types of addons we feature, which contains massive new innovations and vice versa.

Plus Printers Not Just Here for Custom Boxes Printing But MORE!

We offer multiple products at 20%-40% DISCOUNTS according to your needs, and you can search us by typing printing services near me that includes:

1. Custom Box Printing 2. Stickers (Decals, Clings, etc.)
3. CBD Packaging
4. CD Covers
5. Door Handles
6. Business Cards
7. Display Packaging
8. Magazines
9. Gift Boxes
10. Retail Boxes
11. Flyers

We offer everything that is mentioned above with the latest features and many new categories with high premium quality rolled in hot stamping, leather printing with matte and gloss coatings shipped to you in our shipping boxes.

Visit Our Products!

Plus Printers have achieved its milestone years of ago and still fascinating the United States industry with its services and packaging styles related to Covid-19. Our staff is well aware of the fact that the packaging styles should be sanitized in a way that if you visit our products pages, you will get PVC covered custom packaging services.

We hope that the details we have elaborated on you inspired you, and we will try our services. For your questions and answers, you can email us at or chat with us via chatbot or directly call us at +1-818-476-7382.

Our team will try our best to elaborate on you and satisfy you related to our services and hope you will find what you are looking for.

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